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Drama Zamaanat: And Justice for All Movie
Zamaanat: And Justice for All

A unfulfilled love story of a prominent lawyer, 'Shiv Shankar' who loses his vision in an accident and is thrown into a life of seclusion. He also loses contact with his beloved (Vijayshanti) a doctor by profession. Shiv starts le......

Hindi   2021   N/A   Drama   2023-02-01
Drama Aamaar Bhuvan Movie
Aamaar Bhuvan

A triangle love story between viz Meher (Kaushik Sen), Noor (Saswato Chaterjee) and Sakina (Nandita Das)....

Bengali, Hindi   2018   102 min   Drama   2023-01-20
Drama Sabse Bada Sukh Movie
Sabse Bada Sukh

Village born Lalloo re-locates to Bombay, and returns a wealthy man. He goes to meet his friend, Shankar alias Bhompu, and together they meet and share tales, mostly about women, sex, and ......

Hindi   2018   N/A   Drama   2022-07-23
Drama Wazir Movie

A grief-stricken cop and an amputee grandmaster are brought together by a peculiar twist of fate as part of a wider conspiracy that has darkened their lives....

Hindi   2016   103 min   Drama   2023-01-11
Drama Sanam Teri Kasam Movie
Sanam Teri Kasam

A love triangle forms after a male finds his best friend has married his sweetheart....

Hindi, English   2009   170 min   Drama   2022-10-26
Drama My Apocalypse Movie
My Apocalypse

In an apocalyptic future, a serial killer holds his family and another family hostage in an attempt to change his life....

English   2008   82 min   Drama   2022-08-28
Drama Partition Movie

During the turmoil and violence of Partition, a Sikh ex-soldier, haunted by war, offers shelter to a young Muslim woman who has been separated from her family....

English, Punjabi   2007   116 min   Drama   2022-11-01
Drama Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai Movie
Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai

A blind woman is taken care by a wealthy nobleman after her fiancee is presumed to be dead. Things takes a turn when her former fiancee comes back to her, which puts her in a dilemma....

Hindi   2006   128 min   Drama   2023-01-10
Drama Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story Movie
Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story

The story of Shah Jahan...the love of his life...the life of his love...and his monument to love, the Taj Mahal....

Hindi, Urdu   2005   164 min   Drama   2023-01-20
Drama Water Movie

Set in colonial India against Gandhi's rise to power, it's the story of 8-year-old Chuyia, who is widowed and sent to a home to live in penitence; once there, Chuyia's feisty presence deeply affects the lives of the other residents....

Hindi, Sanskrit   2005   117 min   Drama   2022-11-19
Drama Mangal Pandey Movie
Mangal Pandey

This is a film about the leader of the 1857 mutiny and his fight against the British rule....

Hindi, Urdu, English   2005   150 min   Drama   2023-02-01
Drama Lakshya Movie

An aimless, jobless, irresponsible grown man joins the army and matures into a battlefield hero....

Hindi   2004   186 min   Drama   2023-01-16
Drama In the Shadow of the Cobra Movie
In the Shadow of the Cobra

In the vein of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), this action-packed thriller takes us on a roller-coaster ride from the bone-chilling cold of Moscow, Russia to the mystical beauty of India. An ancient tablet found by famous British Arc...

English   2004   109 min   Drama   2022-12-24
Drama Vanity Fair Movie
Vanity Fair

Growing up poor in London, Becky Sharp defies her poverty-stricken background and ascends the social ladder alongside her best friend, Amelia Sedley....

English, French, German   2004   141 min   Drama   2022-11-20
Drama Anji Movie

Orphaned Arjun lives a poor lifestyle in an ashram along with his mentor, known simply as Guruji, and several other younger orphans in a forest region, Shivgiri which is accessible via railway station Buddhir Medi. One day while r......

Telugu   2004   148 min   Drama   2022-11-19
Drama Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon Movie
Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

This is the story of Sanjana, a girl of today's generation full of life and vibrant ecstasy. She lives life on her own terms and gets very upset when her mother Susheela, arranges for her to see a boy leading to a marriage prospect....

Hindi, English   2003   197 min   Drama   2022-12-07
Drama Koi... Mil Gaya Movie
Koi... Mil Gaya

A developmentally disabled young man tries to continue the work his father did in communicating with extra-terrestrials from outer space, which leads to something miraculous and wonderful....

Hindi, English   2003   171 min   Drama   2022-11-29
Drama Escape from Taliban Movie
Escape from Taliban

Real life story of Sushmita Bannerjee, a Bengali who married an Afghan Jaahbaaz. She moves into Afghanistan only to realize the fraud her husband was. She is fed with the Sharia life, tries to escape twice to finally come back to ......

Hindi, English, Urdu   2003   133 min   Drama   2023-01-09
Drama Dil Ka Rishta Movie
Dil Ka Rishta

A man faces a dilemma after he accidentally kills his lover's fiancee and hides this secret from her, not knowing that it may create a rift in their lives....

Hindi   2003   150 min   Drama   2023-01-21
Drama Bokshu the Myth Movie
Bokshu the Myth

Two anthropologists (Heather Prete, David Millbern) have a series of strange encounters in the Himalayas as they search for their missing professor (Steven Berkoff)....

English   2003   116 min   Drama   2023-01-09
Drama 3 Deewarein Movie
3 Deewarein

The story of a documentary movie-maker who films the reformation story of three hardened criminals within the prison walls - and in the process, finds redemption in her own life....

Hindi   2003   115 min   Drama   2023-01-27
Drama Dum Movie

When one of his colleagues becomes corrupted by power and goes over to the dark side, a young police officer tries to bring the offender to justice....

Hindi   2003   166 min   Drama   2023-01-10
Drama The Hero: Love Story of a Spy Movie
The Hero: Love Story of a Spy

Arun is an Indian undercover agent enlisted to stop ISI chief Ishaq Khan. The village girl Reshma helps him but endangers her own life....

Hindi   2003   160 min   Drama   2023-02-02
Drama Donga Ramudu & Party Movie
Donga Ramudu & Party

A gang of thieves hide from the cops in a village, their leader poses as the lost heir of a village chieftain....

Telugu   2003   N/A   Drama   2023-01-29
Drama Captured by You Movie
Captured by You

A beautiful, captive young woman name Tina Khanna and her friends Riya, and Coco, based in India, are invited to a wedding in Bangkok, Thailand. All three travel to Bangkok to attend the wedding. On residing there, one day on a mi......

English, Hindi   2003   143 min   Drama   2023-01-31
Drama Love at Times Square Movie
Love at Times Square

A love triangle emerges in America between two Indian men and one Indian woman. The two men fall in love with a young co-ed at an American University--who also happens to be the daughter of an Indian billionaire....

Hindi   2003   120 min   Drama   2023-01-31
Drama Gangotri Movie

Neelakantha Naidu (Prakash Raj) had a daughter Gangotri (Aditi Agarwal) after a long time. But as per her horoscope the infant child has a threat from water. So Neelakantha always takes extra care of her. From childhood Simhadri (......

Telugu   2003   N/A   Drama   2023-01-28
Drama Satta Movie

Delhi-based, liberal-thinking, politician-hating Anuradha Sehgal re-locates to Mumbai, finds employment, meets and weds the state's aspiring Chief Minister, Vivek Chauhan. She soon finds out that the Chauhan family is two-faced, w......

Hindi   2003   153 min   Drama   2023-01-29
Drama Meghana Productions No. 1 Movie
Meghana Productions No. 1

Telugu   2003   N/A   Drama   2023-01-30
Drama Johnny Movie

A martial arts coach struggles to earn money through fights in order to save his wife suffering from blood cancer....

Telugu   2003   180 min   Drama   2023-01-11
Drama Armaan Movie

Dr. Siddharth Sinha is a dedicated selfless doctor who dreams of building a state-of-the-art hospital with all the modern instruments and amenities for patient care . His foster son Akash shares his dream . Akash falls in love wit......

Hindi   2003   158 min   Drama   2023-01-22
Drama Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye Movie
Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye

Aman Joshi (Aman Verma) is on a research assignment. His subject is the chawl dwellers in Bombay City. He rents a small tenement there and talks to the people living there. He soon gets involved in their lives, and even gets attra......

Hindi   2003   137 min   Drama   2023-01-21
Drama Baghban Movie

An elderly couple wish their children to care for them in their old age. But their children see and treat them as a burden, and they must struggle to regain their worth and dignity to themselves and others....

Hindi, Awadhi   2003   181 min   Drama   2023-01-26
Drama Andaaz Movie

Loyalty, Respect, commitment and love. What is Love? Loyalty, respect, commitment and friendship. Friendship and Love... Love and Friendship... So much in common, yet so different in emotion!...

Hindi   2003   145 min   Drama   2023-02-01
Drama Talaash: The Hunt Begins... Movie
Talaash: The Hunt Begins...

-The Hunt Begins- For them it was revenge. For him it was a challenge. A timeless ride on a ferocious mission....

Hindi   2003   153 min   Drama   2023-01-27
Drama Kabaddi Kabaddi Movie
Kabaddi Kabaddi

Rambabu spends his time doing unfruitful things, but his life changes when he falls in love with Kaveri, a girl from the neighbouring village. However, Kaveri's brother objects to their relationship. He challenges Rambabu to win an e...

Telugu   2003   137 min   Drama   2023-01-29
Drama Fools Movie

Telugu   2003   N/A   Drama   2023-01-27
Drama Pellam Oorelithe Movie
Pellam Oorelithe

Two men pretend to be married to a prostitute to protect each other's marriages....

Telugu   2003   149 min   Drama   2023-01-27
Drama Jaal: The Trap Movie
Jaal: The Trap

When his girlfriend is kidnapped by Kashmiri terrorists, a commando is tasked with kidnapping the Home Minister's daughter in order to secure his lady love's release....

Hindi   2003   142 min   Drama   2023-01-28
Drama Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar Movie
Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar

An egoistic and overprotective father, tests his soon-to-be son in law whether he is suitable for his daughter or not. Mayhem ensues after he learns that his future son in law is not that what he imagined....

Hindi, English   2002   119 min   Drama   2023-01-16
Drama Pyar Ki Dhun Movie
Pyar Ki Dhun

Hindi   2002   N/A   Drama   2022-12-11
Drama Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein Movie
Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein

A man and woman are in love with each other but cannot pursue their relationship due to the feud between their families. In order to save his love, he decides to reunite the families....

Hindi   2002   171 min   Drama   2023-01-19
Drama Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai Movie
Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai

A villager pretends to be disabled in order to be near an NRI (Non-Resident Indian)....

Hindi   2002   148 min   Drama   2022-12-13
Drama Hathyar: Face to Face with Reality Movie
Hathyar: Face to Face with Reality

Following in his father's footsteps, a man grows up to be a dreaded gangster and faces professional and personal trauma in his life....

Hindi   2002   140 min   Drama   2023-01-26
Drama Nishad Movie

A mistaken call from a young boy who is trying to reach his mother disrupts the peace of a couple, Gopi and Sati....

Hindi   2002   118 min   Drama   2023-01-16
Drama Kondaveeti Simhasanam Movie
Kondaveeti Simhasanam

Telugu   2002   180 min   Drama   2022-12-17
Drama Chhal Movie

Secret Service Agent, Karan Menon (Kay Kay) has been assigned the task of penetrating the gang and winning the confidence of underworld don, Shastri (Vallabh Vyas). Karan does so with ease, however, problems arise when he falls fo......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Drama   2023-01-22
Drama Soch Movie

Raj Matthews has been selected the best actor in the Bollywood Cine Awards. He dedicates this award to his pretty co-star, Preeti Sardesai. Raj has everything going for him. He is rich, famous, handsome, and popular. Preeti thinks......

Hindi   2002   145 min   Drama   2023-01-20
Drama Let's Talk Movie
Let's Talk

A woman and her sister imagine various scenarios as they discuss revealing one's marital infidelity....

English   2002   98 min   Drama   2023-01-27
Drama Saathiya Movie

A couple elopes to get married and set up home hoping that just love will do the trick - but that's just the beginning of their story....

Hindi   2002   138 min   Drama   2023-01-21

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