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 Sport Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India Movie
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

The people of a small village in Victorian India stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers....

Hindi, English   2001   2 min   Sport   2022-10-01
 Sport Thammudu Movie

An aimless student is banished from his home by his father. When his brother, a boxing champion, gets injured, the student must step up and take his brother's place....

Telugu   1999   160 min   Sport   2022-11-19
 Sport The Goal Movie
The Goal

This story is about a boy who is not accepted to the club by other people only because his father is a thief. Irfan khan(the coach) wanted him to play so, he transfers him to the rival club in the tournament....

N/A   1999   N/A   Sport   2022-12-22
 Sport First Rank Movie
First Rank

The DGP of Police discovers a terrorist plot hatched by a sacked cricketer to blow up the stadium where an important cricket match is in progress....

Hindi   1990   150 min   Sport   2022-09-20
 Sport Kabhi Ajnabi Thé Movie
Kabhi Ajnabi Thé

Sandeep is a famous cricketer in love with Asha whose the daughter of a industrialist who wants her to marry to Shakti.But agree's to marry Asha to Sandeep,Sandeep tells Asha's father that his father is know more and he is living ......

Hindi   1985   N/A   Sport   2022-12-25
 Sport Boxer Movie

Shanker is jailed for theft and there meets with Tony, who introduces him to professional boxing, after witnessing him fight an inmate. When he gets out of jail, Shanker takes up professional boxing....

Hindi   1984   N/A   Sport   2023-01-10
 Sport Hip Hip Hurray Movie
Hip Hip Hurray

Sports is no for Jamnadas School in Ranchi so the boys out there pass their time by doing rebellious pastimes.Raghu is a smart looking boy on whom many girls have crush. But he is having a crush on a dusky school teacher.Sandeep C......

Hindi   1984   121 min   Sport   2022-11-12
 Sport Kony Movie

Kony is an inspirational story of a coach Khidda and his trainee Kony who fight all odds to achieve their aims....

Bengali   1984   131 min   Sport   2023-01-07
 Sport Dhanyee Meye Movie
Dhanyee Meye

The pride and honour of two clubs are at stake on a coveted shield final. As the characters associated with them search for glory with football, what ensues can only be described as a laugh riot....

Bengali   1971   137 min   Sport   2022-11-22
 Sport Shankar Khan Movie
Shankar Khan

Shankar Khan is story Safdar Khan played by Prithviraj Kapoor who stays with friend Giridharilal played by Jahagirdar, in Bombay and is waiting for his chela Sher-e-Hind Birju played by Randhawa, to win and come back from London Worl...

Hindi   1966   140 min   Sport   2022-09-22
 Sport Wrestling and Athletic Tournaments, Poona 1919 Movie
Wrestling and Athletic Tournaments, Poona 1919

None   1919   N/A   Sport   2022-11-29
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