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 Thriller Chanakyan Movie

A man seeks the help of a mimicry artist to take revenge on a politician who has wronged him....

Malayalam   1989   N/A   Thriller   2022-08-12
 Thriller Dharamyudh Movie

Dharamyudh is the story of two friends Thakur Vikram Singh & Pratap Singh who knew well how to be a good friend & a deadly enemy! Pratap's sister Guddi treats Vikram as her own brother. One day she becomes a victim of rape & murde......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Thriller   2022-08-10
 Thriller Anjaam Movie

A family drama highlighting a mother-daughter relationship that evolves and survives the test of time....

Hindi   1987   136 min   Thriller   2022-08-07
 Thriller Watan Ke Rakhwale Movie
Watan Ke Rakhwale

Suraj and Arun are brothers who share a special bond. Suraj, a jail warden and his wife Lakshmi have brought up Arun. Radha is an orphan from a wealthy family. Radha is set to marry Naresh, the son of Raj. Why does Arun interrupt ......

Hindi   1987   149 min   Thriller   2022-08-10
 Thriller Naam Movie

Follows the story of Vicky, who gets entrapped in a criminal plot after he leaves his country for work....

Hindi   1986   177 min   Thriller   2022-08-08
 Thriller Khamosh Movie

When a starlet is murdered on a film location, a detective arrives to investigate the cast and crew....

Hindi, English   1986   101 min   Thriller   2022-08-06
 Thriller Mera Dharam Movie
Mera Dharam

While on a tiger-hunt, two aristocrats, Thakur and Sehgal get into a dispute about who which one of them shot the tiger. This dispute escalates into fisticuffs and a gunfight, with Sehgal getting killed, and Thakur getting serious......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Thriller   2022-08-08
 Thriller Mirch Masala Movie
Mirch Masala

In colonial India, subedars (tax collectors) went from village to village with soldiers, often demanding more than taxes. A subedar commands Sonbai, a beautiful and confident woman whose husband is away in the city, to sleep with ......

Hindi   1986   128 min   Thriller   2022-08-07
 Thriller Aitbaar Movie

Widower Mr. Khanna is a very wealthy businessman in Bombay. He has a daughter named, Neha, of whom he adores. Realizing that he is not young anymore he wanted her to get married before he passes away. Neha loves an upright and pre......

Hindi   1985   133 min   Thriller   2022-08-06
 Thriller Inquilaab Movie

Street-wise and poor, Amar Nath makes a living selling cinema tickets and fast-food snacks (Bhel Puri) outside cinema halls. He is taken under the wing of a politician and Chair of the "Garibon Ki Party', Shankar Narayan, allowed ......

Hindi   1984   152 min   Thriller   2022-08-05
 Thriller Kanoon Kya Karega Movie
Kanoon Kya Karega

Advocate Gautam Mehra lives in Bombay with his wife, Anju, and a daughter, Rakhsa. One day while returning from court he sees a woman being molested. He stops, phones the police, and then tries to stop the molester, in vain, thoug......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Thriller   2022-08-05
 Thriller Andar Baahar Movie
Andar Baahar

Successful in robbing a bank of huge sums of cash; criminal don, Shamsher Singh alias Shera refuses to part the loot with his accomplice, Raja and instead try to shoot him which results in the police apprehending both Raja and She......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Thriller   2022-08-05
 Thriller Haathkadi Movie

Harimohan lives with his wife, Shanta, and a his young son named, Sunil. He works for a lecherous male, who would like to have sex with Shanta. One night while Harimohan is sent on an errand, the boss molests Shanta, but due to bad w...

Hindi   1982   156 min   Thriller   2022-08-02
 Thriller Apradhi Kaun? Movie
Apradhi Kaun?

This is a suspense movie. The character played by Arpana Choudhary is a poor girl who gets run over by an old rich widower played by Madan Puri. feeling sympathy and then love for the poor girl, he then marries her. However she does ...

Hindi   1982   130 min   Thriller   2022-08-02
 Thriller Barsaat Ki Ek Raat Movie
Barsaat Ki Ek Raat

Rajini, a blind woman, marries Abhijit, an inspector, after he puts a violent thug named Kaliram behind bars. However, their married life later turns into a nightmare when Kaaliram is released....

Hindi, Bengali   1981   142 min   Thriller   2022-07-31
 Thriller Ek Gunah Aur Sahi Movie
Ek Gunah Aur Sahi

Hindi   1980   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-31
 Thriller Taxi Chor Movie
Taxi Chor

Rajesh is a small time crook , He changes his name to Rakesh for other crimes. Reetesh lookalike of Rakesh has to face the law....

Hindi   1980   103 min   Thriller   2022-08-01
 Thriller Don Movie

Don, a wanted criminal, dies in a police chase. DSP D'Silva is the only one who knows about his death, and to get hold of the gang he trains Don-lookalike Vijay. But Vijay faces danger from the police and from within the gang....

Hindi   1978   166 min   Thriller   2022-07-29
 Thriller Kaala Aadmi Movie
Kaala Aadmi

Hindi   1978   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-29
 Thriller Darinda Movie

As kid Krishna is in love with Kirti who has a scar on her back considered to be unlucky.Krishna burns his hand and makes similar scar on his body so that they can get married.Thakur Sahab father of Kirti finds them to gather and ......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-28
 Thriller Nagin Movie

While Hunting a group kills a Male Shape Shifting Snake so his lover Snake takes female form to kill each hunter one by one. One of the hunter recognizes this plot he sets out to stop Shape shifting Nagin....

Hindi   1976   180 min   Thriller   2022-07-27
 Thriller Kaala Sona Movie
Kaala Sona

Multi-millionaire businessman, Rakesh gets word from his servant, Ramdas that his father has been killed several years ago by a bandit named Poppy Singh and that Poppy Singh is still alive but is declared dead by the local police.......

Hindi   1975   137 min   Thriller   2022-07-26
 Thriller Umar Qaid Movie
Umar Qaid

Vinod a customs officer, who is sentenced to a life term for the murder of a smuggler, escapes from jail with another convict who had killed the smuggler to avenge the brutal rape and murder of his sister The real killer admits his g...

Hindi   1975   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-27
 Thriller Geetaa Mera Naam Movie
Geetaa Mera Naam

After her husband passes away, Saraswati, who leads of life of near-destitution, takes over the responsibility of looking after their four children, two sons, Suraj and Chandu, and twin-daughters, Kavita and Geeta. She takes them ......

Hindi   1974   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-25
 Thriller Compulsed Movie

A terminally ill man frames himself for murder to allow his family to collect the reward money. After a successful operation, he escapes police custody and searches for the real killer....

Hindi   1974   155 min   Thriller   2022-07-25
 Thriller Benaam Movie

After helping a stabbing victim to the hospital, a man begins to receive anonymous threats. The only way to save his wife and child is to unravel the mystery of the killer's identity....

Hindi   1974   117 min   Thriller   2022-07-25
 Thriller La muerte incierta Movie
La muerte incierta

A planter who lives with his son in a remote area of India has an affair with a native girl. On a trip to England he remarries and the native girl commits suicide. On his return he is seized by a superstitious fear, and his wife and ...

Spanish   1973   89 min   Thriller   2022-07-23
 Thriller Jugnu Movie

A wealthy businessman moonlights as a philanthropist, robbin' the hood as it were....

Hindi   1973   149 min   Thriller   2022-07-24
 Thriller Chhupa Rustam Movie
Chhupa Rustam

The Government of India had granted Rs.50,000/- to Prof. Harbanslal to conduct a study in the mountains bordering Tibet with India, called the Nangla Project. Harbanslal is sure that within these ice-caped mountains lies an entire......

Hindi   1973   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-24
 Thriller Gehri Chaal Movie
Gehri Chaal

Dharamchand is the chairman of Olympic bank which has its audit due, his daughter Hema finds him dead in bedroom and calls her brother Ratan.Ratan finds a suicide note besides him which mentions that he had taken 20 Lakhs from his......

Hindi   1973   147 min   Thriller   2022-07-24
 Thriller Parwana Movie

Kumar Sen is an artist of eminence, a talented painter, and a renowned sculptor; and like the majority of his clan, he has a sensitive introvert. But no artist can achieve any degree of brilliance in his work. Miss Asha Varma is t......

Hindi   1971   93 min   Thriller   2022-07-22
 Thriller Rakhwala Movie

Dharmendra plays Deepak, an honest, hard working son. His family consists of his widowed mother and younger brother Suresh. By luck, he stumbles on a good job, but with the wrong man, Mr. Jwalaprasad. His mother takes his oath to ......

Hindi   1971   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-22
 Thriller Paraya Dhan Movie
Paraya Dhan

Rajjoo lives in a small village in rural India with her father Govindram. The peace in the village is shattered when a notorious thief, Hiralal, breaks out of prison and takes shelter in Govindram's house....

Hindi   1971   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-22
 Thriller Pyasi Sham Movie
Pyasi Sham

Raja lives an upper middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with his sister, Laaj, and runs an audio store 'Musicals'. He is a close friend of Ashok, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in Worli Seaface along with his widower dad, Shankar...

Hindi   1969   N/A   Thriller   2022-07-20
 Thriller Talash Movie

A business man must choose between keeping his promise to marry a poor village belle, or making it big by wedding his boss's daughter: a wealthy Westernized girl who bares a striking resemblance to his first love....

Hindi   1969   175 min   Thriller   2022-07-21
 Thriller Ittefaq Movie

Taking place almost entirely over the course of one stormy night, a woman is terrified when an accused murderer escapes from a mental hospital and seeks refuge in her home....

Hindi   1969   104 min   Thriller   2022-07-20
 Thriller Sadhu Aur Shaitaan Movie
Sadhu Aur Shaitaan

Sher Khan robs a bank and the blame is put on Sadhuram. Sher Khan alias Dilawar Khan gets killed and his body is found in Bajrang's taxi. Both Sadhuram and Bajrang are on the run from the police....

Hindi   1968   155 min   Thriller   2022-07-20
 Thriller Farz Movie

When Criminal Investigating Officer, Amarnath is murdered during the line of duty; Intelligence suspect it is the handiwork of foreign criminals who wants to destroy India with the help of some Indian traitors thus secret agent, G......

Hindi   1967   170 min   Thriller   2022-07-18
 Thriller An Evening in Paris Movie
An Evening in Paris

After being left broken heart several times a wealthy and beautiful Deepa travels to city of love Paris to live in her palatial house she meets Shyam (Sam) an Indian who gets fascinates by her beauty.Deepa tries to ignore Sam many......

Hindi   1967   168 min   Thriller   2022-07-27
 Thriller Hamraaz Movie

A stage actor becomes entangled in a murder mystery after he marries a woman with a secret past....

Hindi   1967   170 min   Thriller   2022-07-18
 Thriller Poonam Ki Raat Movie
Poonam Ki Raat

Prakash and Chandan are enjoying their college trip with with their friends when Sumer Singh arrives with the news that Chandan's father is unwell and his mother has asked him to rush home.Paraksh who wants to slip from flirty Rekha ...

Hindi   1965   136 min   Thriller   2022-07-17
 Thriller Leader Movie

Meet Vijay Khanna, educated law graduate; publisher of "Leader"; mischief monger; trouble-maker; maker of revolutionary and hilarious speeches; contemptuous of politicians; attracted to the princess of Shah Garh, Sunita; masquerad......

Hindi   1964   176 min   Thriller   2022-07-16
 Thriller Bees Saal Baad Movie
Bees Saal Baad

When a young man's family gets haunted by a spirit, he gets warned not to return to his hometown. So he then decides to investigate the issue....

Hindi   1962   158 min   Thriller   2022-07-14
 Thriller Baat Ek Raat Ki Movie
Baat Ek Raat Ki

A lawyer investigates the case of a woman who is adamant about taking the rap for a murder, although the details of the case don't add up....

Hindi   1962   145 min   Thriller   2022-07-14
 Thriller Howrah Bridge Movie
Howrah Bridge

Prem Kumar, a businessman from Rangoon, travels to Calcutta to try and track down his brother's murderer and recover a priceless family heirloom....

Hindi   1958   153 min   Thriller   2022-07-11
 Thriller Solva Saal Movie
Solva Saal

A woman elopes with her boyfriend but finds that he has ditched her and made off with her family heirloom. Now she, alongwith a helpful news reporter, have to retrieve the necklace and get back to her home within the span of a sin......

Hindi   1958   135 min   Thriller   2022-07-12
 Thriller Nau Do Gyarah Movie
Nau Do Gyarah

Runaway wealthy heiress, Raksha, joins a traveller, Madan, in a small truck, heading toward the home of his uncle, Manoharlal. When they reach their destination, they are informed that Manoharlal has passed away, and the estate and a...

Hindi   1957   170 min   Thriller   2022-07-11
 Thriller Aar-Paar Movie

An ex-convict gets a job as a taxi driver to change his girlfriend's prejudiced father's view of him, and becomes embroiled with a criminal gang in the process....

Hindi   1954   146 min   Thriller   2022-07-08
 Thriller Anhonee Movie

An impoverished advocate faces challenges after he falls in love with a wealthy woman who has a look-alike courtesan sister....

Hindi, Urdu, English   1952   155 min   Thriller   2022-07-06
 Thriller Jaal Movie

After losing his vision during a storm, Carlos lives with his sister, Maria, off of the Indian coast in a fishing village. One day a mysterious young woman, Lisa, enters their lives, followed by a mysterious man, Tony Fernandes. Mari...

Hindi   1952   165 min   Thriller   2022-07-06
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