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 History Border Movie

In 1971, along the border region of Longewala, a small battalion of Indian soldiers goes up against a large Pakistani strike force....

Hindi   1997   176 min   History   2022-08-27
 History 1942: A Love Story Movie
1942: A Love Story

A young Indian couple, both from wealthy backgrounds, find themselves caught up in the 1940's Indian revolutionary movement against their families whom are under the thumb a sadistic British general....

Hindi, English   1994   157 min   History   2022-08-20
 History Shrinatha Kavi Sarvabhowma Movie
Shrinatha Kavi Sarvabhowma

Telugu   1993   N/A   History   2022-09-22
 History The Master Carpenter Movie
The Master Carpenter

Perumthachan, a legendary carpenter, follows the stringent social norms of his time. However, when Kannan, his son, grows up to rebel against those very norms, Perumthachan must deal with him....

Malayalam   1991   140 min   History   2022-08-14
 History Razia Sultan Movie
Razia Sultan

An account of the reign of Indian empress Razia Sultan and her love for her slave Jamaluddin Yakut....

Urdu   1983   176 min   History   2022-09-19
 History Shankar Parvati Movie
Shankar Parvati

Bhagwan Shri Narad approaches Bhagwan Shri Shivji with a proposal to get married to Devi Maa Sati. Initially Shivji refuses but when he is told that even Bhagwans Brahmaji and Vishnuji have......

Gujarati, Hindi   1979   N/A   History   2022-09-23
 History Kaala Patthar Movie
Kaala Patthar

Inspired by a true mining tragedy the film is about people from all walks of life showing courage and character to fight the forces of nature....

Hindi   1979   176 min   History   2022-07-31
 History Meera Movie

Circa Mughal rule in India, the Rajputs get together to discuss the ouster of Badshah Akbar, who is now the Emperor of Hindustan (India). Prominent amongst the Rajputs are Virendev Rathod, and Rana Vikramjit Singh Sesodia. In orde......

Hindi   1979   155 min   History   2022-08-01
 History 22 June 1897 Movie
22 June 1897

Three brothers from the Chapekar family plan and neutralize a tyrant British Commissioner on a backdrop of elements like Old Pune, the bubonic plague, the animosity between different castes....

Marathi, Hindi   1979   121 min   History   2022-07-30
 History The Chess Players Movie
The Chess Players

Wazed Ali Shah was the ruler of one of the last independent kingdoms of India. The British, intent on controlling this rich country, had sent General Outram on a secret mission to clear the way for an annexation. While pressure wa......

Hindi, Urdu, English   1977   129 min   History   2022-07-29
 History Ghashiram Kotwal Movie
Ghashiram Kotwal

This was the first movie made by this group (see Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan (1978), a collective effort in direction and cinematography. The story tells the tale of Nanasaheb Phadnavis, the prime minister and real power of the ......

Marathi, Hindi   1976   108 min   History   2022-09-09
 History Madhavi Movie

Neighboring counties of Chola Naresh and Chola Chalukya are in a state of war, however, the might of the Chola Naresh overcomes that of Chalukya, captures Maharaja Rajendra Bhupathi, and ......

Hindi   1969   N/A   History   2022-09-23
 History Noorjehan Movie

Noor Jahan, the empress of the Mughal empire, becomes the favourite wife of Emperor Jahangir and steadily begins to exert more influence on the throne through her love for him....

Hindi   1967   130 min   History   2022-09-10
 History Khakaan Movie

Hindi   1965   N/A   History   2022-09-21
 History Chitralekha Movie

When Aryaputra Samant Bijgupt ignores Yashodhara and continues to frequent Rajnartaki Chitralekha, Yashodhara's father, Mrityunjay, approaches celibate Yogi Kumargiri, who reprimands Chitralekha and asks her to free Bijgupt so that h...

Hindi   1964   135 min   History   2022-09-09
 History Taj Mahal Movie
Taj Mahal

It was at the Meena Bazar that Shehzada Khurram first laid eyes on Arjuman Banu. When their eyes met it was love at first sight for both of them. When Queen Noor Jehan, one of the wives of Shahenshah Jehangir, finds out she is enr......

Urdu   1963   145 min   History   2022-07-15
 History Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Movie
Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan

Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan first humbles the Mughals, elopes with a princess who loves him, then faces war and treachery....

Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu   1959   145 min   History   2022-09-22
 History Baghi Sipahi Movie
Baghi Sipahi

A Roman military commander falls in love with Ranjana, a devout Christian. The Roman Empire's atrocities toward the Christians prompt the commander to become a rebel soldier to protect the Christian community from the Roman Emperor....

Hindi   1958   N/A   History   2022-09-07
 History Pardesi Movie

The film is based on travelogues of XV century Russian traveler Afanasy Nikitin called "A journey beyond the three seas"...

Hindi, Russian   1957   152 min   History   2022-07-11
 History Tulsidas Movie

Sage Tulsidas faces challenges when he attempts to translate the Holy Ramayan....

Hindi, Sanskrit   1954   N/A   History   2022-09-23
 History Avvaiyyar Movie

This movie is a biography of the great saint and poetess Avvaiyar of the Sangam period from 100 B.C to 250 A.D....

Tamil   1953   174 min   History   2022-07-07
 History Jhansi Ki Rani Movie
Jhansi Ki Rani

Rajguru (Sohrab Modi) decides that Jhansi should get its proper recognition in history. He comes across a young girl Manu (the young Rani Lakshmibai) played by Baby Shikha. Her father has been hit by a carriage driven by an Englis......

Hindi, English   1953   97 min   History   2022-07-06
 History Anarkali Movie

Misunderstandings arises between Akbar and his son Salim when he disapproves his son's love....

Hindi   1953   175 min   History   2022-07-07
 History Naulakha Haar Movie
Naulakha Haar

Devla is married in a prominent Rajput family located in Mandavgar. Her sister is also married in this family. Their brother, Mahil Rai Podiyal, is bitter about this and plots with Kiriya Rai, which results in Kiriya's vain attempt t...

Hindi   1953   120 min   History   2022-09-10
 History Andolan Movie

Hindi   1951   156 min   History   2022-07-05
 History Dharti Ke Lal Movie
Dharti Ke Lal

The story of a family in Bengala, who is forced to abandoned their land and his journey to Calcutá...

Hindi   1950   125 min   History   2022-07-02
 History 1857 Movie

Hindi   1946   N/A   History   2022-09-06
 History Shahjehan Movie

Circa the Mugal rule in Hindustan, Shahjahan, the present emperor is approached by one of his subjects, whose daughter, Ruhi, is so beautiful, that her suitors have killed her to-be grooms, as well as two of her brothers, who came to...

Hindi, Urdu   1946   121 min   History   2022-07-02
 History Humayun Movie

Badshah Babar arrives in India from Iran, drives out Ibrahim Lodhi, makes peace with the Hindus and rules Delhi. He also adopts Rajkumari as his daughter and treats like his very own child, even though he has two sons, Humayun and Ka...

Urdu, Hindi, Persian   1945   118 min   History   2022-09-12
 History Bharat Milap Movie
Bharat Milap

Chronicling the upheaval created by Maharani Kekaiyi, on the behest of her maid, Manthra, into coercing her husband, Maharaj Dashrath, to grant her two boons. The first, to let her son, Rajkumar Bharat, be crowned as Ayodhya's Mah......

Hindi, Marathi   1942   170 min   History   2022-09-22
 History Bhoja Kalidasa Movie
Bhoja Kalidasa

Kavi Kali has an affair with a low-caste woman, but ends up marrying a princess....

Telugu   1940   N/A   History   2022-09-21
 History Pukar Movie

A love affair and two feuding families who play out a Romeo and Juliet type drama in 17th century India, under the Emperor Jehangir....

Urdu   1939   165 min   History   2022-06-27
 History Joymati Movie

Joymoti, an Ahom princess, is killed by Borphukan, the Ahom King, as she refuses to betray her husband Gadapani....

Assamese   1935   N/A   History   2022-09-18
 History Krishna Arjun Yudh Movie
Krishna Arjun Yudh

After the Kurkshetra, peace and goodwill reign in the region. But this does not last very long as very soon a devastating war will brew between Kuntiputra Arjun and Vishnu-Avtaar, Bhagwan ......

Hindi, Marathi   1934   N/A   History   2022-09-22
 History Shiraz Movie

A historical romance set in the Mughal Empire. Selima (Enakshi) is a princess-foundling raised by a potter and loved by her brother, Shiraz (Rai). She is abducted and sold as a slave to Prince Khurram, later Emperor Shah Jehan (Ro......

None   1928   97 min   History   2022-06-19
 History Karna Movie

Depicting the life and struggles of brave Karna - Kunti's sixth and eldest son....

Hindi   1928   N/A   History   2022-09-24
 History Raja Harishchandra Movie
Raja Harishchandra

The film opens with a Ravi Varma like tableau showing King Harishchandra, his wife Taramati and his young son. The king is teaching his son archery. They go on a hunt. The king enters an area controlled by the Sage Vishwamitra. Th......

None, Marathi   1913   40 min   History   2022-06-11

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