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 Romance Albela Movie

Tony (Govinda), a tour guide, falls in love with one of his clients, Sonia (Aishwarya Rai), and tries to woo her. However, Sonia does not reciprocate his feelings since she is in love with another man....

Hindi   2001   145 min   Romance   2022-08-27
 Romance Karobaar: The Business of Love Movie
Karobaar: The Business of Love

Wealthy Rajiv Sinha and middle-classed Amar Saxena are two childhood friends, with similar likes, and tastes. Their similar habits lead them to being in love with the same woman - Seema, who loves Amar, and is willing to marry him......

Hindi   2000   180 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Earth Movie

It's 1947 and the borderlines between India and Pakistan are being drawn. A young girl witnesses tragedy as her ayah (nanny) is caught between the love of two men and the rising tide of political and religious violence....

Hindi, English   1999   110 min   Romance   2022-09-18
 Romance Taal Movie

Businessman Manav falls for aspiring singer Mansi, but their romance faces an uphill climb when Manav must depart and Mansi's suave manager moves in....

Hindi, Tamil   1999   1 min   Romance   2022-09-20
 Romance Aa Ab Laut Chalen Movie
Aa Ab Laut Chalen

Rohan Khanna leaves India hoping for a better life in America....

Hindi, English   1999   177 min   Romance   2022-09-17
 Romance Paradesi Movie

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Telugu   1998   N/A   Romance   2022-09-09
 Romance Pardesi Babu Movie
Pardesi Babu

Raju Pardesi lives a poor lifestyle in a village with his cruel stepmother and decides to relocate to Mumbai to better his life. Upon arrival he is received by his friend, Happy Singh, who arranges for his accommodation with stern......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Romance   2022-08-28
 Romance Jeans Movie

The father of twin brothers wants to get them married to only twin sisters. But one of the brothers falls in love with a woman does not have a twin sister....

Tamil   1998   175 min   Romance   2022-09-18
 Romance Kabhi Na Kabhi Movie
Kabhi Na Kabhi

Raja replaces Jagga, a criminal's henchman, after he is arrested owing to a witness's testimony. Later, Jagga promises to kill the witness, who is none other than Raja's father....

Hindi   1998   157 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Aunty No. 1 Movie
Aunty No. 1

Sandhya (Raveena Tandon) has always dreamt of meeting her prince charming, a wealthy man, handsome, debonair, and dashing. She meets with Gopi (Govinda), who likes her instantly, and pretends to be the man of her dreams. Sandhya's......

Hindi   1998   160 min   Romance   2022-08-27
 Romance Naseeb Movie

Poor Krishna Prasad and Pooja are in love and would like to marry each other. But Pooja's dad, Din Dayal, wants her to marry a wealthier man, and rejects Krishna. Krishna agrees to acquire wealth, and promises Pooja that he will r......

Hindi   1998   138 min   Romance   2022-08-28
 Romance Himalay Putra Movie
Himalay Putra

Misunderstandings cause ACP Suraj Khanna (Vinod Khanna) to be separated from Seema (Hema Malini) with Suraj unaware she is expecting their child. Seema moves away to the Himalayan Mountains and gives birth to a son named Abhay (Ak......

Hindi   1997   N/A   Romance   2022-08-27
 Romance Deewana Mastana Movie
Deewana Mastana

Chaos ensues when a small time crook and a mental patient tries to win heart of a beautiful woman with comical outcomes....

Hindi   1997   140 min   Romance   2022-08-27
 Romance Pardes Movie

Kishorilal wants an Indian bride for his westernised son. He gets him engaged to Ganga, his friend's daughter, and brings her to USA. But she shares a deeper bond with Arjun, Kishorilal's foster son....

Hindi   1997   191 min   Romance   2022-08-28
 Romance Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi Movie
Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi

A slacker (Akshay Kumar) must impress a wealthy man to marry her daughter (Juhi Chawla)....

Hindi   1997   133 min   Romance   2022-09-26
 Romance Judaai Movie

In order to attain wealth and a luxurious life, a greedy wife sells her husband to a rich woman. However she realizes that with a luxurious life, she has to pay a heavy price for this decision....

Hindi   1997   167 min   Romance   2022-08-27
 Romance Dil Ke Jharoke Main Movie
Dil Ke Jharoke Main

Suman and Vijay Rai are two virtually inseparable school-going children. Both are heart-broken when Suman's dad decides to move out to a new location, both have tattooed a "heart" on their arms and hope to remember each other for the...

Hindi   1997   N/A   Romance   2022-08-27
 Romance Sanam Movie

Yashpal Anand is a wealthy industrialist and lives with his wife, a son, Gaurav and his eldest son, Narendra, who resides abroad. The only bright spot in Yashpal's life is Narendra which often overshadows the love an affections to......

Hindi   1997   152 min   Romance   2022-09-19
 Romance Mere Sapno Ki Rani Movie
Mere Sapno Ki Rani

Unemployed daydreamer, Vijay Kumar (Sanjay Kapoor) has one goal in his life, which is to marry his dream-girl. His dad (Kulbhushand Kharbanda) has other plans, to get him married to Vandana......

Hindi   1997   N/A   Romance   2022-08-29
 Romance The Flight Movie
The Flight

The subject is widows in a traditional Indian community....

Assamese   1997   93 min   Romance   2022-09-12
 Romance Daraar Movie

Rich industrialist Raj meets Priya in Shimla and falls madly in love with her, but she ignores him. Her mother tells her she should marry him as he is a good person, and she should tell him everything about her past. Priya writes ......

Hindi   1996   105 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Bandish Movie

Kanta, a lovely village girl is deeply in love with Ramgulam an honest and simple man. They decide to marry and live a blissful life. Suddenly Ramgulam has to leave on a mission and Kanta feels that he is in danger. She leaves th......

Hindi   1996   146 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Jaan Movie

A police commissioner hires a young man to be his granddaughter's bodyguard but does not know that the man is in fact a killer hired by his cousin in order to kill his granddaughter and inherit the family estate....

Hindi   1996   170 min   Romance   2022-09-18
 Romance Jeet Movie

A hitman working for a crime boss falls for a woman but she is married off to her childhood friend. Later, when the woman's and her husband's life comes under threat from the crime boss, the hitman becomes their protector....

Hindi   1996   180 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Yeh Majhdhaar Movie
Yeh Majhdhaar

Judge Krishna (Rahul Roy) and Radha (Manisha Koirala) are in love. Due to class conflicts, they are unable to marry, but continue with a very intimate relationship, which results in Radha getting pregnant. Then Gopal (Salman Khan)......

Hindi   1996   139 min   Romance   2022-08-24
 Romance Aisi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hai Movie
Aisi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hai

The story is about a single father (Sachin) who is overly protective of her daughter (Srishti Behl) and does not like the idea that his daughter will leave him after marriage and hence tries to create hurdles between his daughter and...

Hindi   1996   132 min   Romance   2022-09-17
 Romance Dastak Movie

A mentally unstable genius and his obsession for the Miss Universe makes him so possessive that he begins to kill people around her in order to come close to her. He succeeds in kidnapping her and keeps her in confinement....

Hindi   1996   141 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Khamoshi the Musical Movie
Khamoshi the Musical

The daughter of deaf-mute parents seeks their understanding when she discovers a love for music....

Hindi   1996   160 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Krishna Movie

A convict freshly out of prison is given an undercover name "Krishna" and the task to bring down a drug kingpin and his cartel....

Hindi   1996   156 min   Romance   2022-09-08
 Romance The Square Circle Movie
The Square Circle

Set on the north eastern coast of India this unusual Indian film mixes the genres of Bollywood (the song) with a toght hard hitting look at Indian society looking at areas of women's place in Indian village society, cross dressing......

Hindi   1996   107 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Kalki Movie

Chellammaa,is a singer by profession. She gets married to a male chauvinist pig who insults and humiliates her, because she can't have a child. Will her fate change?...

Tamil   1996   161 min   Romance   2022-09-11
 Romance Agni Sakshi Movie
Agni Sakshi

Newly married Suraj and Shivangi are on honeymoon where they meet Vishwanath - who claims that Shivangi is his wife....

Hindi   1996   142 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Jaya Ganga Movie
Jaya Ganga

Nishant, a young Indian writer living in Paris, is journeying down the Ganges, from its source in the Himalayas to the sea. Haunted by the fantasy, or the memory, of a beautiful Parisian woman called Jaya, he plans to write a book......

N/A   1996   94 min   Romance   2022-08-25
 Romance Loafer Movie

Ravi, an unemployed man who constantly gets into fights, is framed for the murder of a gangster. With no support from his family, he must now fight to prove his innocence....

Hindi   1996   160 min   Romance   2022-08-26
 Romance Aazmayish Movie

Enmity brews between a company tycoon and one of the labourers when the former refuses to fulfil their demands....

Hindi   1995   147 min   Romance   2022-08-20
 Romance Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Movie
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

When Raj meets Simran in Europe, it isn't love at first sight but when Simran moves to India for an arranged marriage, love makes its presence felt....

Punjabi, Urdu   1995   181 min   Romance   2022-08-23
 Romance Yaraana Movie

Lalita (Madhuri Dixit) catches the eye of J.B. (Raj Babbar) and he immediately falls in love with her and decides he must marry her. He bribes Lalita's uncle Madanlal (Tej Sapru) into convincing Lalita to marry him. However, Lalit......

Hindi   1995   125 min   Romance   2022-08-24
 Romance Bombay Movie

A Hindu man and a Muslim woman fall in love in a small village and move to Mumbai, where they have two children. However, growing religious tensions and erupting riots threaten to tear the family apart....

Tamil   1995   130 min   Romance   2022-08-23
 Romance Prem Movie

Sanjay Verma is an eligible young man, who has been having hallucinations of a past life as Shantanu. He travels to a small community and meets with Sonia Verma, and recognizes her as the girl named Lachi in his hallucinations. Convi...

Hindi, Bengali   1995   167 min   Romance   2022-08-24
 Romance Coolie No. 1 Movie
Coolie No. 1

In order to avenge his insult against wealthy Hoshiarchand Choudhary; Pandit Shaadiram Gharjodhe asks Raju; a coolie by profession to masquerade as a wealthy business tycoon so that he can get marry to Choudhary's daughter Malti....

Hindi   1995   143 min   Romance   2022-08-15
 Romance Dushmani: A Violent Love Story Movie
Dushmani: A Violent Love Story

In order to settle personal scores; two gang leaders, Jai Singh and Oberoi fight for many years in gang-wars. There enmity multiplies when Jai's younger brother, Suraj falls in love with Oberoi's sister, Sapna which forces Suraj a......

Hindi, Urdu   1995   156 min   Romance   2022-08-23
 Romance Saajan Ki Baahon Mein Movie
Saajan Ki Baahon Mein

Sagar is a popular singer, and since he is a bachelor, he is always mobbed by young women wherever he stages his shows. On one such show in Srinagar, he meets with beautiful Sapna Narang, and after a few misunderstandings, both fa......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Romance   2022-08-24
 Romance Barsaat Movie

A naive young man and a rich city girl fall in love. Her stepfather, however, doesn't approve of the match and will stop at nothing to split the pair....

Hindi   1995   166 min   Romance   2022-08-23
 Romance Milan Movie

Raja leads a life of crime; his girlfriend, Priya convinces him to give up his criminal ways to which he agrees to not only earn an honest living but provide the police with the names and information of his partners in crime only ......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Romance   2022-08-23
 Romance Vijaypath Movie

When a notorious criminal is apprehended by an industrious inspector and subsequently convicted by the officer's brother, he seeks the ultimate revenge against the family....

Hindi   1994   163 min   Romance   2022-08-22
 Romance Sangdil Sanam Movie
Sangdil Sanam

Two children are betrothed but the girl's father robs a bank and frames the boy's father for it. Years later, the grown-up boy returns to take his bride back home....

Hindi   1994   156 min   Romance   2022-08-22
 Romance Andaz Apna Apna Movie
Andaz Apna Apna

Two slackers competing for the affections of an heiress inadvertently become her protectors from an evil criminal....

Hindi   1994   160 min   Romance   2022-08-20
 Romance Aao Pyaar Karen Movie
Aao Pyaar Karen

Wealthy Suraj lives in a palatial house with his mom Anjali, and dad. When the time comes for his marriage, his parents find him a suitable match, but he chooses a woman from a poor family, antagonizing her parents, who ask him to......

Hindi   1994   141 min   Romance   2022-08-22
 Romance Imtihaan Movie

A woman's tragic past threatens to break up her marriage....

Hindi   1994   152 min   Romance   2022-08-29
 Romance Kadhalan Movie

Prabhu, a college student, falls in love with Shruthi, a governor's daughter. On knowing about their love affair, her father imprisons Prabhu and forbids him to meet Shruthi....

Tamil   1994   168 min   Romance   2022-08-12
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