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Adventure Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists Movie
Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists

The sailor is "persuaded" by a Princess to help her rescue her kingdom from something fishy....

English   2000   85 min   Adventure   2022-09-14
Adventure Maharaja Movie

Fearing his death, Ranbir Singh (Salim Ghouse) decides to kill Kohinoor when he is a child, in vain though. After 20 years Kohinoor (Govinda) returns to claim his rightful place in the kingdom. He has developed advanced powers ove......

Hindi   1998   164 min   Adventure   2022-08-27
Adventure Daud: Fun on the Run Movie
Daud: Fun on the Run

Nandu, a small-time thief, is assigned to smuggle an unknown packet for a petty amount. With the police pursuing him, Nandu has to elude them and deliver the packet on time....

Hindi   1997   180 min   Adventure   2022-08-27
Adventure Khalnayak Movie

A prison guard goes undercover as a dancer to try and recapture an escaped criminal and restore her police inspector boyfriend's reputation....

Hindi   1993   190 min   Adventure   2022-08-19
Adventure Aasmaan Se Gira Movie
Aasmaan Se Gira

A young prince frustrated with his royal lifestyle encounters a man, Trishanku, who has come from a far away planet. As their friendship blooms, they develop a deep bond with each other. But soon, Trishanku has to return to his home ...

Hindi   1992   88 min   Adventure   2022-08-15
Adventure Mr. Bond Movie
Mr. Bond

Mr. Bond is an honest, dedicated and capable police officer in Bombay's police force. He faces the toughest case of a lifetime when he must rescue some small children abducted and held as hostages by the underworld don Dragon....

Hindi   1992   127 min   Adventure   2022-08-17
Adventure Balwaan Movie

Arjun Singh lives with his mother and sister; he takes it upon himself to fight injustice. This gets notice by the police commissioner who decides to enlist Arjun into the police force and thus his war against injustice continues.......

Hindi   1992   142 min   Adventure   2022-08-16
Adventure Khuda Gawah Movie
Khuda Gawah

Baadshah Khan falls in love with Benazir, a member of a rival clan who has defeated him in a game of buzkashi....

Hindi   1992   193 min   Adventure   2022-08-17
Adventure Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin Movie
Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin

Runaway heiress in search of her beloved falls in love with another man on the way....

Hindi   1991   154 min   Adventure   2022-08-15
Adventure Ajooba Movie

The evil Vizier of Baharistan kills the royal family and takes power himself but the real crown prince, who has survived his machinations, returns to his homeland to avenge his parents as a masked vigilante 'Ajooba'....

Hindi   1991   178 min   Adventure   2022-08-15
Adventure Sachche Ka Bol-Bala Movie
Sachche Ka Bol-Bala

Karan Kaul is the Editor of a daily newspaper called "The Truth". He is respected by his fans and critics alike. He loves Greta Sanders, a Swiss national of Indian origin. Then Karan himself becomes a suspect, and faces loss of cr......

Hindi   1989   N/A   Adventure   2022-09-21
Adventure Main Tera Dushman Movie
Main Tera Dushman

Honest and diligent Forest Officer Kishan Srivastav (Jackie Shroff) and his wife Jaya (Jaya Pradha) come to the rural area of Ramgarh, and upset the criminal activities of Thakur Dayalu (Anupam Kher), a corrupt Police Inspector Ki......

Hindi   1989   N/A   Adventure   2022-08-12
Adventure Bloodstone Movie

An American couple on a business trip to Bangalore, India is dragged into the theft of a ruby called 'Bloodstone'. The wife is kidnapped, and the husband teams up with a resourceful taxi driver to free his wife and retrieve the ruby....

English   1988   91 min   Adventure   2022-08-10
Adventure Mardon Wali Baat Movie
Mardon Wali Baat

Dacoit Sunder Singh kills a brave police officer, Shefali's husband. To avenge his death, Shefali secretly hires two mercenaries....

Hindi   1988   N/A   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure The Deceivers Movie
The Deceivers

Fact-based account of a secret society of murderers, and of the man who exposed them in British India 1825....

English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Rajasthani   1988   102 min   Adventure   2022-08-10
Adventure Shahenshah Movie

Vijay who is a corrupt officer by day, turns a vigilante by night in order to make the city crime free....

Hindi   1988   175 min   Adventure   2022-08-10
Adventure Double Target Movie
Double Target

After several American and British military personnel are killed in suicide attacks throughout southeast Asia, the U.S. begins to suspect a plot by the Vietnam government. To uncover the truth, the U.S. army calls upon a former co......

Italian   1987   102 min   Adventure   2022-08-09
Adventure Avam Movie

A Captain discovers that his assignment to work with a Defence minister is a front for government espionage, and is pulled into a complex tangle of deceit in the struggle to keep his country safe....

Hindi   1987   156 min   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure Shatru Movie

Inspector Ashok Sharma is assigned to take over as Inspector In-Charge of a remote police station, which he does. Upon his arrival there, he comes to the rescue of a blind man and a widow, and has a fist fight with Nishikant Shah ......

Hindi   1986   157 min   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure Karma Movie

The BSO is a British oriented group who wants to take control of India. When senior police inspector Vishwa Pratap Singh arrests there leader Dr. Michael Dang the authorities blast the jail Dang is logged in killing huge numbers o......

Hindi   1986   193 min   Adventure   2022-08-08
Adventure Jagir Movie

Three men attempt to seek vengeance against their oppressors....

Hindi   1984   135 min   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure Phatik Chand Movie
Phatik Chand

Mystery-drama about a botched kidnapping of a Calcutta schoolboy and his relationships and adventures....

Bengali   1983   103 min   Adventure   2022-08-04
Adventure Shaan Movie

Two brothers go after the international mafia kingpin who murdered their cop brother. They are later joined by another man who wants revenge against the gangster....

Hindi   1980   181 min   Adventure   2022-08-01
Adventure Adventures of Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves Movie
Adventures of Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves

Alibaba, (Dharmendra) a native of Guleba is in love with Marjina (Hema Malini). The town has a ruler, Abu Hasan. Guleban is terrorized by dacoits. Ali Baba hears the password to the door of the cave of the dacoits and takes a lot ......

Hindi, Russian   1980   138 min   Adventure   2022-07-31
Adventure Nizhalgal Movie

The travails of three unemployed young men trying to make ends meet and chasing their aspirations....

Tamil   1980   116 min   Adventure   2022-09-22
Adventure Ondanondu Kaladalli Movie
Ondanondu Kaladalli

A mercernary sets out to assist a tribal chieftain to defeat the chieftain's brother who is now an opponent and an enemy....

Kannada   1979   156 min   Adventure   2022-07-30
Adventure Muqabla Movie

Sheru (Shatrughan Sinha) and Vicky (Sunil Dutt) are two gangleaders. After a series of complications and mishaps both realize that they will be better off being friends and helping the poor and needy. They also fall in love with t......

Hindi   1979   127 min   Adventure   2022-07-31
Adventure Joi Baba Felunath: The Elephant God Movie
Joi Baba Felunath: The Elephant God

This is the second film about the detective Feluda (Soumitra Chatterjee) set in the holy city of Benares, where he (along with his cousin, Topshe and friend, Lalmohan Ganguly) goes for a holiday. But the theft of a priceless deity......

Bengali   1979   112 min   Adventure   2022-07-29
Adventure Shankar Parvati Movie
Shankar Parvati

Bhagwan Shri Narad approaches Bhagwan Shri Shivji with a proposal to get married to Devi Maa Sati. Initially Shivji refuses but when he is told that even Bhagwans Brahmaji and Vishnuji have......

Gujarati, Hindi   1979   N/A   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure Shalimar Movie

Sir John Locksley, the greatest jewel thief, decides his most prized possession, the Shalimar Ruby, should be passed on to a worthy successor. He invites the best rival jewel thieves to his island estate to participate in a deadly......

Hindi, English   1978   137 min   Adventure   2022-07-30
Adventure Sita Swayamvar Movie
Sita Swayamvar

Lord Vishnu's avatar, Ram, decides to wed Sita, the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and must face challenges from opponents....

Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam   1976   N/A   Adventure   2022-09-22
Adventure Sholay Movie

After his family is murdered by a notorious and ruthless bandit, a former police officer enlists the services of two outlaws to capture the bandit....

Hindi   1975   162 min   Adventure   2022-07-27
Adventure Himalay Se Ooncha Movie
Himalay Se Ooncha

After losing his two younger brothers on a mountain climbing expedition, Vijay (Sunil Dutt) swears to his sorrowing mother (Achala Sachdev) that he will never undertake any expedition again. When he hears of a plane crash deep in ......

Hindi   1975   N/A   Adventure   2022-07-26
Adventure Sonar Kella Movie
Sonar Kella

A young boy becomes a target for crooks, after he claims to remember his past life and mentions precious jewels in a golden fortress....

Bengali   1974   136 min   Adventure   2022-07-26
Adventure Mahasati Savitri Movie
Mahasati Savitri

Maharaj Ashvapati and his wife, Malvi, are childless. They pray to Devi Maa Gayatri, who appears before them, but tells them to their dismay that they cannot sire a son. She does appease them by blessing them with a daughter. Shortly...

Hindi   1973   N/A   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure Jaanwar Aur Insaan Movie
Jaanwar Aur Insaan

Shekhar lives a wealthy lifestyle with in widowed mother, Gauri, in Jamuna Nagar, India and manages an estate. The region is being terrorized by a tiger which was wounded by him and has since become even more fearless and a man-ea......

Hindi   1972   155 min   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure Seeta Aur Geeta Movie
Seeta Aur Geeta

Long-suffering heiress Seeta is treated worse than a servant by her abusive money-grubbing aunt. Meanwhile, her long-lost twin sister Geeta grows up to be a gutsy street performer. One day, the girls unintentionally swap places....

Hindi   1972   162 min   Adventure   2022-07-30
Adventure Bombay to Goa Movie
Bombay to Goa

College student Mala has dreams of becoming a Bollywood movie actress; her dreams began materializing into reality when she is approached by Mr. Sharma and his assistant Mr. Verma who promises to take her to the way of stardom. Un......

Hindi   1972   132 min   Adventure   2022-07-23
Adventure Mere Jeevan Saathi Movie
Mere Jeevan Saathi

A talented artist (Rajesh Khanna) falls in love with a London-returned doctor, but his past creates problems for him. When that part of his past is resolved and he is to marry the girl he loves, he loses his eyesight in an acciden......

Hindi   1972   142 min   Adventure   2022-07-23
Adventure Tulsi Vivah Movie
Tulsi Vivah

Rajkumari Vrunda lives in a palatial home with her mom and dad. One day while hunting she is molested by thugs, and Samrat Jalandhar comes to her aid. He rescues her and accompanies her to her parents' home and asks them for her h......

Hindi   1971   162 min   Adventure   2022-09-23
Adventure Yaadgaar Movie

An honest and patriotic young man learns that politicians, and the wealthy, are not. Notable songs: "Jish path peh chala, us path peh mujhe pas to aane de, saathi na samaj, koi baat nahin, mujhe saath to aane deh..."; "Ik tara bhole,...

Hindi   1970   N/A   Adventure   2022-07-22
Adventure Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne Movie
Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne

Goopy wants to sing, and Bagha wants to play the dhol. They meet accidentally and are helped by King of Ghosts. With newly endowed abilities, they land in kingdom of Shundi, where their adventure begins....

Bengali   1969   132 min   Adventure   2022-07-19
Adventure Saat Hindustani Movie
Saat Hindustani

A woman awaiting surgery recalls her life as a revolutionary along with seven other countrymen....

Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Konkani   1969   144 min   Adventure   2022-07-20
Adventure Ankhen Movie

Shortly after independence India faces terrorists attacks in Assam, resulting in many deaths and casualties. A group of concerned citizens then decide to do something to stop this carnage....

Hindi   1968   172 min   Adventure   2022-09-16
Adventure Rustom Sohrab Movie
Rustom Sohrab

Powerful and mighty Rustom Zabuli (Prithviraj Kapoor) of Iran while on a visit to India,rescues a horse-drawn carriage of Shehzadi Tehmina (Suraiya). Impressed by his strength, the Shehzadi offers to employ him, but Rustom refuses......

Hindi, Urdu   1967   144 min   Adventure   2022-09-06
Adventure Wahan Ke Log Movie
Wahan Ke Log

Armed with laser guns, three-fingered virtually invincible Martians collude with gangsters to invade Earth....

Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, English   1967   130 min   Adventure   2022-09-21
Adventure Chand Par Chadayee Movie
Chand Par Chadayee

After landing on the moon, an astronaut and his associate face off against a variety of warriors and monsters from another planet....

Hindi   1967   150 min   Adventure   2022-07-18
Adventure Badal Movie

A man who honors his mother's request to go and gift a special amulet to the Maharaja winds up witnessing the man's murder by a royal priest....

Hindi   1966   150 min   Adventure   2022-09-20
Adventure Himalay Ki Godmein Movie
Himalay Ki Godmein

Sunil, son of D.I.G. Shyamlal Mehra, is back in India after successful completion of his medical studies. He gets an offer to work with his fiancée Dr. Neeta Verma, in a private hospital but he joins a municipality hospital, inste......

Hindi   1965   120 min   Adventure   2022-09-22
Adventure Sindbad Alibaba and Aladdin Movie
Sindbad Alibaba and Aladdin

Hindi   1965   N/A   Adventure   2022-09-21
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