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 Music Marigold Movie

Ali Larter plays an American actress who becomes immersed in the Bollywood film world....

English, Hindi   2007   110 min   Music   2023-01-20
 Music Jhankaar Beats Movie
Jhankaar Beats

This is a story about love, friendship and music. Two copywriter brothers have lost in pop music contest called Jhankaar Beats for the last two years. They take the help of an apprentice to compete in a music contest....

Hindi, English   2003   143 min   Music   2023-02-02
 Music Boys Movie

'Boys' is the story of five boys and a girl from different families They are youthful, vibrant, careless violating all conventions and In the process, they discover their hidden talents....

Tamil   2003   172 min   Music   2023-02-20
 Music Bollywood Sirens: Aishwarya's Greatest Hits Movie
Bollywood Sirens: Aishwarya's Greatest Hits

A collection of 50 music videos by the queen of Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai....

Hindi, Urdu   2003   N/A   Music   2023-03-19
 Music Captured by You Movie
Captured by You

A beautiful, captive young woman name Tina Khanna and her friends Riya, and Coco, based in India, are invited to a wedding in Bangkok, Thailand. All three travel to Bangkok to attend the wedding. On residing there, one day on a mi......

English, Hindi   2003   143 min   Music   2023-01-31
 Music The Roshans: Hrithik Live in Concert Movie
The Roshans: Hrithik Live in Concert

Hindi, English   2001   N/A   Music   2022-12-22
 Music Bollywood Calling Movie
Bollywood Calling

An alcoholic, cancer-ridden American film-maker decides to produce a Bollywood movie....

English   2001   101 min   Music   2023-01-02
 Music Sangamam Movie

After initial disagreements, a classical dancer and a rural folk artist charm each other and fall in love. However, they face issues when the girl's father disapproves of their relationship....

Tamil   1999   153 min   Music   2022-11-01
 Music Qila Movie

When landowner Jagannath Singh (Dilip Kumar) is murdered, his twin brother Amarnath Singh (also Dilip Kumar) decides to investigate, and finds the list of suspects is seemingly endless. From Jagannath's own son Amar (Mukul Dev), t......

Hindi   1998   133 min   Music   2022-12-22
 Music Dance of the Wind Movie
Dance of the Wind

A classical Indian singer (Kitu Gidwani) loses her voice but regains it after copying a child's intonation....

Hindi   1997   85 min   Music   2022-08-27
 Music The Square Circle Movie
The Square Circle

Set on the north eastern coast of India this unusual Indian film mixes the genres of Bollywood (the song) with a toght hard hitting look at Indian society looking at areas of women's place in Indian village society, cross dressing......

Hindi   1996   107 min   Music   2022-08-25
 Music The Best of the Cord: Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Movie
The Best of the Cord: Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

N/A   1996   N/A   Music   2022-11-04
 Music Dance Party Movie
Dance Party

Sweety meets Sanjay and both fall in love with each other. After dating for a while, they attend to a party where Sweety gets to see the true colors of an intoxicated and flirtatious Sanjay, making her wonder if he really is her t......

Hindi   1995   124 min   Music   2023-03-07
 Music Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa Movie
Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

A dreamer falls for a girl who is in love with someone else and tries to create a rift between her and the man she loves....

Hindi   1994   158 min   Music   2022-08-21
 Music Gazal Movie

A Muslim couple fall in love in spite of all the objections by their family. They try to ensure that their love stands the tests of time and society....

Malayalam   1993   N/A   Music   2023-02-06
 Music Sopanam Movie

Looking at Anandan's passion for music, a famous singer decides to teach him. However, their relationship turns sour when Anandan falls in love with the singer's daughter....

Malayalam   1993   145 min   Music   2023-02-06
 Music Tosca: In the Settings and at the Times of Tosca Movie
Tosca: In the Settings and at the Times of Tosca

Performed in the actual Roman settings described in the libretto. Moreover, the scenes take place at the appropriate times of day. Rome, June 1800. Floria Tosca is a celebrated opera singer, better known as La Tosca. Her lover is ......

Italian   1992   120 min   Music   2022-08-18
 Music Santha Shishunala Sharif Movie
Santha Shishunala Sharif

The story is based on the life of acclaimed saint poet Shishunala Sharif who wrote several moral poems striving towards social reformation. A collection of Sharif's poems are set to tunes by C. Ashwath, who also did the major playbac...

Kannada   1990   131 min   Music   2022-11-23
 Music Khayal Gatha Movie
Khayal Gatha

Hindi   1989   103 min   Music   2022-11-24
 Music Rudra Veena Movie
Rudra Veena

A classical singer believes in changing society through his music and will power....

Telugu   1988   170 min   Music   2022-09-21
 Music Karate Girls Movie
Karate Girls

Malayalam   1988   120 min   Music   2023-02-05
 Music Ashwathama Movie

Action film about a hero who is accused of crimes he did not commit and fights for justice....

Telugu   1988   N/A   Music   2023-02-11
 Music Kaamaagni Movie

A young woman is married to an older man, who is unable to satisfy her sexual needs. The frustrated woman does not complain, but she starts having recurring erotically-charged dreams of a muscular young man riding a horse....

Hindi   1987   134 min   Music   2023-01-13
 Music Manaivi Ready Movie
Manaivi Ready

Radha, a young man, visits a village to attend the wedding of his friend's sister. However, the wedding gets stopped as the groom runs away and Radha, unexpectedly is married to his friend's sister....

Tamil   1987   109 min   Music   2023-01-14
 Music Jeeva Movie

Jeevan, who wants to be a police officer, becomes a Dacoit called Jeeva after his parents die....

Hindi   1986   123 min   Music   2023-02-12
 Music Utsav Movie

Based on the circa 2nd century BCE to 2nd Century CE, Sanskrit play "Daridra-Charudatta" by the famous Indian playwright Bhasa, "Utsav" faithfully follows Bhasa's story-line. Vasantasena, a courtesan who dances at the King Palaka'......

Hindi   1984   145 min   Music   2022-08-06
 Music Neengal Kettavai Movie
Neengal Kettavai

Poornima, a widow living in Ooty leads a peaceful life with her two sons. Jaishankar, a tourist who visits the place gets tempted and rapes her. In the act, Poornima dies leaving her two sons who witness the murder. With a turn of......

Tamil   1984   125 min   Music   2022-11-16
 Music Film Hi Film Movie
Film Hi Film

Pran struggles to make a film with newcomers but nobody is willing to finance his flick.Many big stars of 70/80's have special appearances....

Hindi   1983   133 min   Music   2023-02-12
 Music Sagara Sangamam Movie
Sagara Sangamam

A classical dancer, Balakrishna, faces many struggles, but is eventually redeemed....

Tamil, Telugu   1983   160 min   Music   2022-08-04
 Music Pokkuveyil Movie

Malayalam   1982   106 min   Music   2022-08-02
 Music Sankarabharanam Movie

The story of a rare and exceptional bond between the master of classical music Sankara Sastry and his admirer Tulasi, a woman from a family of prostitutes....

Telugu   1980   143 min   Music   2022-07-31
 Music Aakrosh Movie

A public prosecutor discovers the harsh realities about life of the scheduled tribes in India during 1980s while defending a case of a tribesman charged of murdering his wife....

Hindi   1980   144 min   Music   2022-07-31
 Music Upasane Movie

Story of a young girls quest for becoming a good singer....

Kannada   1974   N/A   Music   2022-11-14
 Music Daag: A Poem of Love Movie
Daag: A Poem of Love

Sunil is convicted of murder and is on the run. But the long arm of the law and his past finally catch up with him. Can he outrun his destiny for long?...

Hindi   1973   146 min   Music   2022-09-18
 Music Postmane Kananilla Movie
Postmane Kananilla

Watch the full movie, Postmane Kananilla online, only on Eros Now. Postmane Kananilla is a 1972 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Kunchacko. The film stars Prem Nazir, K.P. Ummer, Vijayasree and K.P.A.C. Lalitha in lead roles. Th......

Malayalam   1972   139 min   Music   2022-11-15
 Music Abid Movie

In pixilation, a moving object is shot frame by frame, and then through clever editing made to appear in motion. By its nature, this movement is agile, energetic and unpredictable just like the pop art movement."...

English   1972   5 min   Music   2022-11-27
 Music Kumara Sambhavam Movie
Kumara Sambhavam

Kumara Sambhavam is based on the epic poem of the poet Kalidasa of the same name....

Malayalam   1969   N/A   Music   2022-10-13
 Music Dulhan Ek Raat Ki Movie
Dulhan Ek Raat Ki

Arrogant son of a wealthy, blind woman, rapes his mother's nurse and abandons her. She gets pregnant but the child does not live, and she continues to live her life and follow up on her love life, only to face the past, and her "r......

Hindi   1967   170 min   Music   2022-10-31
 Music Sangeet Samrat Tansen Movie
Sangeet Samrat Tansen

Tanu was born dumb, and it was through a miracle at a Hindu temple that he got his voice back. His vocal talents did not go unnoticed by Sage Haridas, who decided to make him his disciple, and asked him and his childhood sweethear......

Hindi   1962   N/A   Music   2023-02-16
 Music Issi Ka Naam Dunia Hai Movie
Issi Ka Naam Dunia Hai

Motiram, a textile mill worker, has lost his wife and he marries Radha, despite protest from his children Raja and Asha. Radha starts playing a step mother, as a result both children run away for Mumbai. Raja finds it difficult to......

Hindi   1962   130 min   Music   2022-12-09
 Music Jagachya Pathivar Movie
Jagachya Pathivar

Sakharam wandered for the job. He wanders through the beggars and goes in the beggars. At the same time he encounters a blind young girl. Sankaram supports her. She is the daughter of a rich man. at last She gets her parents finds he...

Marathi   1960   147 min   Music   2022-11-26
 Music Aangan Movie

Hindi   1959   N/A   Music   2022-11-01
 Music The Music Room Movie
The Music Room

Depicts the end days of a decadent zamindar (landlord) in Bengal, and his efforts to uphold his family prestige even when faced with economic adversity....

Bengali   1958   95 min   Music   2022-07-11
 Music Amar Bhoopali Movie
Amar Bhoopali

Veteran director V. Shantaram spins this biopic about poet and musician Honaji Bala - best know for popularizing the lavani dance form and for writing the classic raga Ghanashyam sundara shirdhara, who reached the zenith of his cr......

Marathi   1952   125 min   Music   2023-01-22
 Music Dil Ki Duniya Movie
Dil Ki Duniya

The film revolves around a poor man in a palatial house who allows other newcomers in city of Mumbai to stay in his house as he feels pity on them....

Hindi   1949   N/A   Music   2023-02-28
 Music Parwana Movie

Hindi   1947   N/A   Music   2022-11-24
 Music Street Singer Movie
Street Singer

The film's story tells of two childhood friends, Bhulwa (Saigal) and Manju (Kanan Devi), who grow up to become street singers in Calcutta. Bhulwa dreams of becoming a stage star but it is Manju who succeeds. At the height of her f......

Bengali   1938   144 min   Music   2022-12-13
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