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 Mystery Tarkieb Movie

A CID inspector tries to crack the murder case of a young woman....

Hindi, Urdu   2000   156 min   Mystery   2022-11-27
 Mystery Crime File Movie
Crime File

A nun is found dead in the well of the convent that she was residing in. The police suspect the death to be a murder. Untimely death of major suspects thickens the plot, and unlikely individuals enter the list of suspects....

Malayalam   1999   N/A   Mystery   2022-11-30
 Mystery Kaun? Movie

While alone in the house, a woman hears news of serial killer on the loose. And then a stranger rings the doorbell......

Hindi   1999   90 min   Mystery   2022-10-19
 Mystery Harikrishnans Movie

Hari and Krishnan, a criminal lawyer duo, investigate the murder of Guptan....

Malayalam   1998   150 min   Mystery   2022-11-24
 Mystery The Truth Movie
The Truth

Bharat, an IRS officer, heads a team to investigate the assassinated of a chief minister. With the help of IPS Meena Nambiar, he uncovers the shocking truth and exposes the mastermind....

Malayalam   1998   N/A   Mystery   2022-10-16
 Mystery Sidhartha Movie

Sidharthan, a young man, resents his father and is not on talking terms with him, which constantly worries his mother. Things take a turn after Hema, a college student, enters Sidharthan's life....

Malayalam   1998   N/A   Mystery   2022-11-24
 Mystery Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha Movie
Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha

Sapna, a Psychiatrist, falls in love with her patient Karan. When Karan gets normal, he asks Sapna to get married. But she disapproves of this relationship. What could be the reason?...

Hindi   1997   130 min   Mystery   2022-10-13
 Mystery Prithvi Movie

A newly-married couple go on their honeymoon to a foreign country, when the wife suddenly disappears....

Hindi   1997   136 min   Mystery   2022-09-04
 Mystery Gupt: The Hidden Truth Movie
Gupt: The Hidden Truth

Governor Jaisingh Sinha is murdered and the needle of suspicion points towards his estranged son, Sahil Sinha who must prove his innocence....

Hindi   1997   173 min   Mystery   2022-08-27
 Mystery The Cloud Door Movie
The Cloud Door

A very clever parrot lives in a Hindu palace, surrounded by many beautiful girls, but the parrot escapes, and is trapped far from the palace. One day, when its new owner is sleeping, the bird convinces a young boy to open the cage......

Hindi   1994   29 min   Mystery   2022-08-23
 Mystery Janam Se Pehle Movie
Janam Se Pehle

Geeta, a criminal lawyer, has to defend a man who is allegedly mentally unstable and has killed three men. As she delves deeper into his case she realizes that things aren't what they seem and another murder might be impending....

Hindi   1994   150 min   Mystery   2022-11-12
 Mystery Brahma Movie

Suraj a painter who is called to paint Asha's adult image who was lost in her childhood but the housemaid requests him not to do as there is motive of killing behind this so to bluff the culprits Suraj paints image of his dead wif......

Hindi   1994   N/A   Mystery   2022-08-20
 Mystery Aa Gale Lag Jaa Movie
Aa Gale Lag Jaa

Preeti, a wealthy woman, is in an intimate relationship with Prem, but her father disapproves and devises a plan that leads to their breakup. Years later, Preeti is reunited with Prem in a completely different situation....

Hindi   1994   158 min   Mystery   2022-11-09
 Mystery Dulaara Movie

Raja's adopted father, James Joyner was once a career-criminal who was gun down by the police; thus when there are killings in and around the city Raja became a suspect by the police - only to learn that he is being framed for som......

Hindi   1994   N/A   Mystery   2022-08-29
 Mystery Manichithrathazhu Movie

When a forbidden room in an old bungalow is unbolted, the spirit of a vengeful dancer is unleashed....

Malayalam   1993   169 min   Mystery   2022-11-02
 Mystery Pehla Nasha Movie
Pehla Nasha

A down and out actor, Deepak Bakshi (Deepak Tijori), who has a phobia and deep fear of enclosed spaces, goes to live as a care-taker in an multi-storied apartment, belonging to his friend Vijay (Jayant Kripalani), while he is away......

Hindi   1993   131 min   Mystery   2022-10-04
 Mystery Maya Movie

A beautiful, wealthy woman's insatiable appetite for romance leads to tragedy and a police investigation....

Hindi   1993   130 min   Mystery   2022-09-09
 Mystery Khiladi Movie

Two friends wage bets for money and fun. There comes a time where they race to win the biggest bet, for they know that their lives depend on it....

Hindi   1992   157 min   Mystery   2022-08-17
 Mystery Sau Crore Movie
Sau Crore

CBI Inspector Kumar is assigned to investigate the case of a mysterious murder....

Hindi   1991   158 min   Mystery   2022-09-21
 Mystery Mane Movie

Kannada   1991   137 min   Mystery   2022-08-16
 Mystery Ee Kannikoodi Movie
Ee Kannikoodi

Investigation story of a prostitutes murder and path leading to it....

Malayalam   1990   138 min   Mystery   2022-11-01
 Mystery Gawaahi Movie

Gawaahi is a 1989 bollywood courtroom drama based on the play 'Night of January 16th'....

Hindi   1989   111 min   Mystery   2022-11-02
 Mystery Naqab Movie

Imran is a professional freelance photographer. He accepts an assignment from wealthy Nawab Dada Sarkar from Alipur, and travels there by train. When he alights at Alipur, he has problems getting a ride, and decides to walk. On the w...

Hindi   1989   N/A   Mystery   2022-11-14
 Mystery Hisaab Khoon Ka Movie
Hisaab Khoon Ka

Suraj and Anupriya are about to get married, but tragedy strikes when Ánu is killed. What was the motive behind this killing?...

Hindi   1989   N/A   Mystery   2022-08-12
 Mystery Bees Saal Baad Movie
Bees Saal Baad

Suraj and Nisha loved each other and were soon to be married but Thakur lusted on Nisha and wont let them be one.Thakur kills Suraj and Nisha also commits suicide.Twenty Years later Thakur's daughter Kiran returns from London and ......

Hindi   1989   141 min   Mystery   2022-08-10
 Mystery Utharam Movie

One fine morning, not any different from every other day, a promising poet shoots herself. Leaving no trace of motive, her husband's best friend and journalist, Balu embarks on a journey to find the truth....

Malayalam   1989   N/A   Mystery   2022-11-29
 Mystery Vetri Vizha Movie
Vetri Vizha

An amnesiac trying to put his life back together is increasingly suspicious of his own past....

Tamil, Hindi   1989   142 min   Mystery   2022-09-11
 Mystery Adikkurippu Movie

A captain of a ship shows kindness to Basheer, a homeless man, and wants to take him to his relatives in Kochi. However, when a stranger tries to kill Basheer, Advocate Bhaskara Pillai investigates...

Malayalam   1989   99 min   Mystery   2022-11-16
 Mystery Namumkin Movie

Canada based Ashok Saxena is the richest Indian he gets married to Shobha a girl half his but on the wedding night he gets fully drunk and falls from his pent house leading to his death.Sunil Kapoor comes across photograph of Shobha ...

Hindi   1988   N/A   Mystery   2022-11-22
 Mystery Aparan Movie

Viswanathan, new in town, soon learns that he is being chased by enemies of his look-alike, who is a con man. Vishwanathan tries to find out Uthaman before its too late, but things don't go as planned....

Malayalam   1988   115 min   Mystery   2022-11-25
 Mystery Dharamyudh Movie

Dharamyudh is the story of two friends Thakur Vikram Singh & Pratap Singh who knew well how to be a good friend & a deadly enemy! Pratap's sister Guddi treats Vikram as her own brother. One day she becomes a victim of rape & murde......

Hindi   1988   N/A   Mystery   2022-08-10
 Mystery Woh Phir Aayegi Movie
Woh Phir Aayegi

Aarti is possessed by the evil spirit of Asha who wants revenge on her killers. Aarti's husband tries everything possible to free her from the evil spirit....

Hindi   1988   N/A   Mystery   2022-11-13
 Mystery Mohre Movie

Abdul is a truck driver with alcohol and depression problems so much so that he would like to end his life. One day another truck driver shows him a newspaper advertisement that offers help for suicide-ridden youth. Abdul decides to ...

Hindi   1987   104 min   Mystery   2022-08-09
 Mystery Avam Movie

A Captain discovers that his assignment to work with a Defence minister is a front for government espionage, and is pulled into a complex tangle of deceit in the struggle to keep his country safe....

Hindi   1987   156 min   Mystery   2022-09-23
 Mystery Chantabbai Movie

A comedy about the famous (Self-proclaimed) detective - James Pond - as he tries to find the lost son of a famous industrialist...

Telugu   1986   134 min   Mystery   2022-11-23
 Mystery Khamosh Movie

When a starlet is murdered on a film location, a detective arrives to investigate the cast and crew....

Hindi, English   1986   101 min   Mystery   2022-08-06
 Mystery Kariyila Kattu Pole Movie
Kariyila Kattu Pole

Deputy Superintendent of Police Achuthankutty tries to solve the mystery of film director Harikrishnan's death. Three women are the main suspects....

Malayalam   1986   137 min   Mystery   2022-11-25
 Mystery New Delhi Times Movie
New Delhi Times

When a politician is killed, a journalist discovers that a member of parliament had the man assassinated. As his editor digs deeper, the complicity of higher-placed politicians comes to the surface, which leads to riots in one tow......

Hindi   1986   123 min   Mystery   2022-08-07
 Mystery Nirakkoottu Movie

Ravi Varma, who is sentenced to life in prison for murder, tells his story to his wife's sister, a news reporter, about the true story of what happened....

Malayalam   1985   134 min   Mystery   2022-11-24
 Mystery Anveshana Movie

The story of an Ornithologist and a Police investigator coming to a forest and trying to solve the mystery of a series of killings allegedly by a man-eating tiger....

Telugu   1985   113 min   Mystery   2022-11-25
 Mystery Cheekh Movie

Thakur (Madan Puri) was a cruel man in the past. Then over the passage of time he changed to normal life and lives with his daughter peacefully, but suddenly a mysteries killer starts to take an avenge, and everyone is puzzled by ......

N/A   1985   131 min   Mystery   2022-10-11
 Mystery Insaaf Main Karoonga Movie
Insaaf Main Karoonga

Ravi makes a second attempt at killing the culprit who drove his wife to suicide. But, he is under army officer's watch in hospital....

Hindi   1985   N/A   Mystery   2022-11-21
 Mystery Aasmaan Movie

When the mother (Mala Sinha) welcomes her son (Rajiv Kapoor) back from war, little does she know that she is welcoming home a look-alike - not her son. But the family pet dog senses something odd about him, and is not fooled. Neit......

Hindi   1984   145 min   Mystery   2022-10-07
 Mystery Anveshane Movie

Kannada   1983   108 min   Mystery   2022-11-23
 Mystery Yavanika Movie

An infamous tabla player of a touring drama group goes missing. Later on, Sub-inspector Jacob Eeraly investigates the case....

Malayalam   1982   147 min   Mystery   2022-11-02
 Mystery Kudrat Movie

Chandramukhi visits Shimla and learns that she is a reincarnation of Paro, a girl who was raped and murdered. Plagued by her dark past, she attempts to bring the culprits to justice....

Hindi   1981   164 min   Mystery   2022-09-21
 Mystery Raaz Movie

A woman traveling on a train witnesses a murder....

Hindi   1981   132 min   Mystery   2022-11-17
 Mystery Tik Tik Tik Movie
Tik Tik Tik

A fashion photographer gets embroiled in a series of grisly murders...

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu   1981   164 min   Mystery   2022-09-22
 Mystery Dhuan Movie

A stranger enters a widow's life claiming to be the brother of her dead husband, but she claims that he is a fraud and that her brother-in-law died three years earlier in a car accident....

Hindi   1981   152 min   Mystery   2022-11-02
 Mystery Aakhri Insaaf Movie
Aakhri Insaaf

Hindi   1980   N/A   Mystery   2022-10-07
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