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 Fantasy Devi Putrudu Movie
Devi Putrudu

Archeologist balaram doesn't believe in God and tries to find out the mystery of water torque in sea at ancient Dwaraka. Balaram believes that there is a mystery behind that's a strange thing in the sea. With unremitting attention......

Hindi, Telugu   2001   161 min   Fantasy   2022-11-19
 Fantasy Gaja Gamini Movie
Gaja Gamini

Gaja Gamini, the embodiment of the Indian spirit, inspires artists of all kinds, interacts with and influences the West, and exists through the ages....

Hindi   2000   122 min   Fantasy   2022-11-07
 Fantasy Hello Brother Movie
Hello Brother

A police officer receives a heart transplant from a murdered man whose ghost then follows him around insisting that he solve and avenge his murder....

Hindi   1999   139 min   Fantasy   2022-11-15
 Fantasy Daya Movie

The film is set in the middle-East in the pre-Islam period. Daya, a very intelligent and brave slave girl tries to help the son of her master, after he loses all his wealth due to his lavish life....

Malayalam   1998   N/A   Fantasy   2022-11-16
 Fantasy Elavamkodu Desam Movie
Elavamkodu Desam

Jathavedan is invited to Elavamkodu Desam, a princely state in pre-independent India, to treat the king's wife. He comes to know that Unikkoman, the wicked king of Elavamkodu Desam, rose to power in coup and killing the noble king......

Malayalam   1998   N/A   Fantasy   2022-11-24
 Fantasy Guru Movie

Situations turn a man who believes in secularism into an extremist. He plots to bomb a monastery where the survivors of a riot take refuge....

Malayalam   1997   136 min   Fantasy   2022-09-06
 Fantasy Rajkumar Movie

Rani Maa's(Reena Roy) husband is killed by the neighboring kingdom's evil Prime Minister Man Singh (Naseeruddin Shah). The Prime Minister absolves himself from this killing and blames it on the king, the father of Rajkumari Vishak......

Hindi   1996   146 min   Fantasy   2022-08-26
 Fantasy Lucky Man Movie
Lucky Man

A book that belongs to the Hindu god of death, Yamadharman, accidentally drops to earth. Getting Back the Book is the Story....

Tamil   1995   N/A   Fantasy   2022-11-29
 Fantasy Taqdeerwala Movie

A simpleton Suraj stays in a small house with his widowed mother his friend Pandu and a Gopalji when he was a kid his family owned a huge place known as Swarna palace which went into debts.Suraj has no means of income but he wants......

Hindi   1995   162 min   Fantasy   2022-08-24
 Fantasy Karan Arjun Movie
Karan Arjun

Karan and Arjun reincarnate in the different parts of the country. But the faith of their previous mother brings them together in order to avenge their death....

Hindi   1995   175 min   Fantasy   2022-08-23
 Fantasy Paramaatma Movie

A devout priest must face-off against his atheist/trouble-maker brother....

Hindi   1994   152 min   Fantasy   2022-08-21
 Fantasy Chandra Mukhi Movie
Chandra Mukhi

Chandra Mukhi (Sridevi), a princess of a heavenly kingdom reaches earth in search of her lost magical leaf. She meets Raja Rai (Salman Khan), and how she influences his life forms the climax....

Hindi   1993   152 min   Fantasy   2022-08-18
 Fantasy Chamatkar Movie

When Sunder loses everything, he seeks refuge in a graveyard, where he befriends a ghost....

Hindi   1992   171 min   Fantasy   2022-09-01
 Fantasy Suryavanshi Movie

An archaeologist unearths an underground palace at Sangramgarh. The locals are afraid of what will happen if they start digging and would like to leave the past alone. It turns out their fears we confounded....

Hindi   1992   161 min   Fantasy   2022-08-18
 Fantasy Maa Movie

A multi-millionaire, Ram Khanna, is advised by a fake astrologer that he will meet and marry a woman whose name will start with "M". Ram does meet Mamta, and they both fall in love. Ram marries her, despite the fact that she is th......

Hindi   1992   145 min   Fantasy   2022-11-24
 Fantasy Aadmi Aur Apsara Movie
Aadmi Aur Apsara

Raju, a courageous and spirited young man is a caregiver to four young orphans, Shamili, Shalini, Richard and Rishi. He works as a local tour guide in a picturesque hill station. Complications arise when one of the children gets i......

Hindi   1991   142 min   Fantasy   2022-10-07
 Fantasy Njan Gandharvan Movie
Njan Gandharvan

The film is an esoteric fantasy about a girl and her passion for a celestial lover, who keeps appearing from a wooden statue that she found on a beach but is invisible to others....

Malayalam   1991   146 min   Fantasy   2022-11-25
 Fantasy Lekin... Movie

Samir Niyogi lives in India and is assigned by the Government to travel to Rajasthan, evaluate a princely castle that once belonged to Raja Param Singh, take stock of all items, the condition of the building, and report back to th......

Hindi   1990   171 min   Fantasy   2022-08-14
 Fantasy Tum Mere Ho Movie
Tum Mere Ho

Shiva is blessed with magical powers of charming snakes. He falls head-over-heels in love with Paro....

Hindi   1990   129 min   Fantasy   2022-10-04
 Fantasy Haatim Tai Movie
Haatim Tai

Hatim Tai is the legendary chief of a small district. He is Known for his generosity, wisdom and courage. Hatim learns that one of the local girls in his town has a curse put on her - whomever marries her, the husband will die. In......

Hindi   1990   125 min   Fantasy   2022-11-21
 Fantasy Jaadugar Movie

After learning a few magical tricks from his fellow inmate former businessman and ex-jail convict assume the identity of an ascetic named Mahaprabhu Jagatsagar Chintamani so that he can easily use these tricks to con the villagers......

Hindi   1989   173 min   Fantasy   2022-08-12
 Fantasy Nigahen: Nagina Part II Movie
Nigahen: Nagina Part II

After the tragic deaths of his son Ajit and daughter-in-law Rajni, Raja Saheb decides to educate his granddaughter Neelam in the city. Years later, Neelam has grown up and returns temporarily to their rural palatial home. Raja Sah......

Hindi   1989   140 min   Fantasy   2022-10-14
 Fantasy Yamudiki Mogudu Movie
Yamudiki Mogudu

A man, who wrongfully dies before his time, is reincarnated in the body of a lookalike....

Telugu   1988   145 min   Fantasy   2022-11-24
 Fantasy Nagina Movie

The film revolves around Rajni, a shape-shifting cobra who marries a civilian to avenge the death of her spouse at the hands of an evil saint....

Hindi   1986   137 min   Fantasy   2022-08-08
 Fantasy Jadu Nagari Movie
Jadu Nagari

Hindi   1986   N/A   Fantasy   2022-10-13
 Fantasy Krishna-Krishna Movie

Before the epic battle of good versus evil, Mahabharat, as chronicled in the Holy Geeta, Bhagwan Shri Kishan slew his evil maternal uncle Kans during his childhood; studied in a Brahmin ......

Hindi   1986   138 min   Fantasy   2022-09-23
 Fantasy Pataal Bhairavi Movie
Pataal Bhairavi

Ujjain's Raja Vijay Singh presides over his region and rules it with his Maharani Swarnapati, and daughter Rajkumari Indumati. During the annual arena games a challenger by the name of Pitamber from out of this region challenges anyo...

Hindi   1985   148 min   Fantasy   2022-09-21
 Fantasy Mahasati Tulsi Movie
Mahasati Tulsi

Mathura Naresh Kalnemi is unable to get his daughter, Vrunda, married as she was cursed by a yogi. However, Danav-raj, Jahlandar, who was blessed with immortality by Bhagwan Shri Brahmdev, comes forward to marry her. Both live in ......

Hindi   1985   N/A   Fantasy   2022-11-30
 Fantasy Sant Ravidas Ki Amar Kahani Movie
Sant Ravidas Ki Amar Kahani

Saint Ravidas faces several obstacles in his way while spreading the thought of equality through his devotional songs....

Hindi   1983   N/A   Fantasy   2022-11-21
 Fantasy Hari Darshan Movie
Hari Darshan

Hari Bhakt Prahlad is devoted to Bhagwan Vishnu, and nothing will distract him from this devotion. When the kingdom's emperor, Lord HiranyaKashyap, finds out that his subject is engrossed in worshiping someone else, he has him summon...

Hindi   1982   160 min   Fantasy   2022-09-23
 Fantasy Mahabali Hanuman Movie
Mahabali Hanuman

When childless Anjani prayed to Shiva to give her a son, he must have been listening because nine months and a visit from Marut, the God of Wind later, she delivers one -- the young deity Hanuman. As a child Hanuman mischievously ......

Hindi   1981   130 min   Fantasy   2022-11-21
 Fantasy Jal Mahal Movie
Jal Mahal

Ravi (Jeetendra) overhears a beautiful woman, Namrita (Rekha), singing a sad song. He falls in love, and tries to pull her away from the abyss of suicide. As time goes by, he proposes and introduces her to his family, only to find......

Hindi   1980   130 min   Fantasy   2022-11-12
 Fantasy Gopal Krishna Movie
Gopal Krishna

Mathura is ruled by Kansa who claimed the throne by killing off seven of his nephews. The eighth child was whisked away to safety and grows up to become Lord Krishna....

Hindi   1979   132 min   Fantasy   2022-09-29
 Fantasy Har Har Gange Movie
Har Har Gange

Distraught after the death of his wife Sati, Shiva isolates himself and becomes immersed in deep meditation. Prompted by the evil Paap (sin) to capitalize on the opportunity, the demon Taraka who had been granted a boon that he co......

Hindi   1979   135 min   Fantasy   2022-11-21
 Fantasy Shankar Parvati Movie
Shankar Parvati

Bhagwan Shri Narad approaches Bhagwan Shri Shivji with a proposal to get married to Devi Maa Sati. Initially Shivji refuses but when he is told that even Bhagwans Brahmaji and Vishnuji have......

Gujarati, Hindi   1979   N/A   Fantasy   2022-09-23
 Fantasy Neeya Movie

After Kamal's friends accidentally kill a female serpent, another female serpent follows them and kills them one-by-one, before disguising herself into a human being to kill Kamal....

Tamil, Telugu   1979   137 min   Fantasy   2022-11-02
 Fantasy Kummatty Movie

The film is a Pied Piper-like figment of Malabar's folklore about a partly mythic and partly real magician called Kummatty (bogeyman). Kummatty materialises from nature one day to mingle with and weave a spell of carefree abandon ......

Malayalam   1979   90 min   Fantasy   2022-07-31
 Fantasy Ayiram Janmangal Movie
Ayiram Janmangal

Ravi gets married to Savitri and they go to his estate for a vacation. There, Savitri gets possessed by Radha's ghost, Ravi's previous lover....

Tamil   1978   119 min   Fantasy   2022-10-13
 Fantasy Simha Baludu Movie
Simha Baludu

Telugu   1978   N/A   Fantasy   2022-12-02
 Fantasy Naukri Movie

Ranjit was a badminton player and his family once lived a good life.Ranjit now cant feed his family as he has turned handicapped and feels of attempting suicide. One morning Ranjit tires to commit suicide by jumping in front of a ......

Hindi   1978   N/A   Fantasy   2022-11-22
 Fantasy Jaganmohini Movie

Jaganmohini (Jayamalini) commits suicide and becomes a ghost after getting betrayed by a king on the pretext of marriage. Later, the king is reborn as Raja (Narasimha Raju) and is married to a pious woman Gowri (Prabha). Mohini, n......

Telugu, Hindi   1978   163 min   Fantasy   2022-07-29
 Fantasy Gyaniji Movie

Same movie as Sat Sri Akal (1977). The entire movie was also shot simultaneously in Hindi....

Hindi   1977   N/A   Fantasy   2022-07-28
 Fantasy Yamagola Movie

Sathyam and Rudrayya's daughter love each other. So Rudrayya gets Sathyam killed and Sathyam reaches heaven. There he makes Indra (Head of Heaven) angry. So he sends him to the hell. There he tries to get back to the earth and get......

Telugu   1977   149 min   Fantasy   2022-10-27
 Fantasy Gayatri Mahima Movie
Gayatri Mahima

Hindi   1977   N/A   Fantasy   2022-09-22
 Fantasy Dashavatharam Movie

Tamil   1976   179 min   Fantasy   2022-11-02
 Fantasy Bundal Baaz Movie
Bundal Baaz

Daydreamer Rajaram lives a poor lifestyle in a village in India along with his aunt and an unmarried sister, Malti, who has mortgaged their shanty house with Sukhi Lala so that she can educate Rajaram in Bombay. Rajaram pretends t......

Hindi   1976   N/A   Fantasy   2022-11-13
 Fantasy Sita Swayamvar Movie
Sita Swayamvar

Lord Vishnu's avatar, Ram, decides to wed Sita, the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and must face challenges from opponents....

Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam   1976   N/A   Fantasy   2022-09-22
 Fantasy Nagin Movie

While Hunting a group kills a Male Shape Shifting Snake so his lover Snake takes female form to kill each hunter one by one. One of the hunter recognizes this plot he sets out to stop Shape shifting Nagin....

Hindi   1976   180 min   Fantasy   2022-07-27
 Fantasy Bajrangbali Movie

Bajrangbali was born in a Vanar family based in Kishigandha. His father was Pawan (God of air), and his mother Anjani. He had two brothers, Sugreev and Vali (aka Bali), and a nephew, Angadh, Vali's son. As a child Bajrangbali has ......

Hindi   1976   176 min   Fantasy   2022-09-23
 Fantasy Rani Aur Lalpari Movie
Rani Aur Lalpari

Rani is a child who is being brought up by her mother, Kamla, as her dad has gone out of the town on business. Both mother and daughter live with their cruel and selfish relatives. One day Kamla gets the news that her husband is r......

Hindi   1975   135 min   Fantasy   2022-11-23
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