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Pandit Indra
Name: Pandit Indra

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Movies Written by Pandit Indra

Pandit Indra Bhakta Dhruva Movie
Bhakta Dhruva

Maharaj Uttanpath decides to re-marry Suruchi after he finds that his first wife, Sunita, is unable to bear any children. Shortly after the marriage, first Sunita and then Suruchi both give......

Hindi   1947   N/A   Pandit Indra   2020-07-09
Pandit Indra Ghar Ki Rani Movie
Ghar Ki Rani

Hindi   1940   161 min   Pandit Indra   2020-04-30
Pandit Indra Brahmachari Movie

This film addresses the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu organization emphasizing celibacy and discipline, which became the power base of the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (......

Hindi   1938   156 min   Pandit Indra   2020-04-28
Pandit Indra Chhaya Movie

A celebrated melodrama. A bank employee who steals money to buy medicine for his dying wife is caught, jailed and dies of shame. His eldest son Prakash (Vinayak) publishes a poem in the ......

Hindi   1936   150 min   Pandit Indra   2020-04-26
Pandit Indra Panihari Movie

Hindi   1946   N/A   Pandit Indra   2020-04-08
Pandit Indra Sant Tulsidas Movie
Sant Tulsidas

Big-budget miracle-laden saint film on Tulsidas (16th C). who rewrote Valmiki's 'Ramayana' in Hindi. To the despair of his teacher Narahari Guru (Sohoni), who hopes that Tulsidas (Pagnis) ......

Hindi, Marathi   1939   154 min   Pandit Indra   2020-04-08
Pandit Indra Bahut Din Huwe... Movie
Bahut Din Huwe...

Hindi   1954   N/A   Pandit Indra   2020-04-01