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Movies Written by Meccartin

Meccartin Thilakkam Movie

The master (Nedumudi Venu) and his wife (K. P. A. C. Lalitha) is waiting for Unni, their only son who is missing for many years......

Malayalam   2003   N/A   Meccartin   2020-07-10
Meccartin Puthukottyile Puthu Manavalan Movie
Puthukottyile Puthu Manavalan

Malayalam   1995   130 min   Meccartin   2020-06-24
Meccartin Dilliwala Rajakumaran Movie
Dilliwala Rajakumaran

When his fiancee is elected by the Maharaja to be the adopted to the palace, Appu has to choose between her fortune and his love....

Malayalam   1996   N/A   Meccartin   2020-06-24
Meccartin The Car Movie
The Car

Mahadevan wins a new car as a prize which brings him a lot of bad luck....

Malayalam   1997   N/A   Meccartin   2020-06-24
Meccartin Aadyathe Kanmani Movie
Aadyathe Kanmani

Balachandran Unnithan (Jayaram) is a singer who falls in love with Ambika, a singer from his own troupe. They both end up getting married. Balachandran's family has been longing for a male ......

Malayalam   1995   155 min   Meccartin   2020-06-24
Meccartin Mr & Mrs Movie
Mr & Mrs

Malayalam   1992   N/A   Meccartin   2020-06-23
Meccartin Thenkasipattanam Movie

Two friends think they have set each other with the right women.But things are not as it seems....

Malayalam   2000   N/A   Meccartin   2020-06-09
Meccartin Superman Movie

A young man with a tragic past tries to exact revenge by framing the men responsible....

Malayalam   1997   150 min   Meccartin   2020-06-09
Meccartin One-Man Show Movie
One-Man Show

Malayalam   2001   N/A   Meccartin   2020-05-29
Meccartin Hanuman Junction Movie
Hanuman Junction

A man falls in love with the sister of two thugs. In order to win her heart, he not only joins her brother's company but also tries to sort out their complicated love lives...

Telugu   2001   N/A   Meccartin   2020-05-08
Meccartin Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram Movie
Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram

Malayalam   2000   N/A   Meccartin   2020-05-04
Meccartin Aniyan Bava Chetan Bava Movie
Aniyan Bava Chetan Bava

Two cousins fall in love with the same guy, who is now trapped between their respective fathers, and two weddings at the same time....

Malayalam   1995   N/A   Meccartin   2020-04-29
Meccartin Punjabi House Movie
Punjabi House

Unnikrishnan is presumed dead after falling into an ocean due to financial trouble, but he manages to survive and eventually ends up in a Punjabi house....

Malayalam   1998   146 min   Meccartin   2020-04-28