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L.V. Prasad
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Movies Written by L.V. Prasad

L.V. Prasad Udhar Ka Sindur Movie
Udhar Ka Sindur

Wealthy Dr. Shivnath decides to adopt an injured orphan named Rajkumar, who has been separated from his sister, Munni, much to the chagrin of his wife, Janki, who resents him and reserves ......

Hindi   1976   N/A   L.V. Prasad   2020-05-15
L.V. Prasad Jay-Vejay: Part - II Movie
Jay-Vejay: Part - II

When the rulers of Malwa, Pushpapuri and Paanchal find out that their respective kingdoms are under attack by Jung forces, they consolidate their wealth, hide it underground, surrounded by ......

Hindi   1977   152 min   L.V. Prasad   2020-04-15
L.V. Prasad Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu Movie
Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu

Ramadasu wants his son to marry Manjari to acquire her father's properties. But Manjari and Raja love each other. So they both decide to teach a lesson to Ramadasu and his son....

Telugu   1958   176 min   L.V. Prasad   2020-04-15
L.V. Prasad Bidaai Movie

After his business partner embezzles money and leaves him penniless, Parvati's husband passes away, leaving behind two sons, Prabhakar and Sudhakar, & a dumb daughter, Gauri, virtually on ......

Hindi   1974   144 min   L.V. Prasad   2020-04-10
L.V. Prasad Jeene Ki Raah Movie
Jeene Ki Raah

Desperate to earn money to support his extended family, Mohan becomes entangled in a web of deceit when he tells a lie in order to obtain a secretarial job in the city with the wealthy Mr ......

Hindi   1969   152 min   L.V. Prasad   2020-04-02