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I.S. Johar
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Movies Written by I.S. Johar

I.S. Johar Ek Thi Larki Movie
Ek Thi Larki

Hindi   1949   164 min   I.S. Johar   2020-06-07
I.S. Johar Nastik Movie

A hardened and traumatized non-believer travels to all holy places to seek vengeance from the persons who had wronged him....

Hindi   1954   148 min   I.S. Johar   2020-04-09
I.S. Johar Nasbandi Movie

Inder Sen Johar's much publicized comic look at the forcible sterilization program carried out under the orders of former Indian Prime Minsiter, Indira Gandhi, and her son, Sanjay Gandhi, ......

Hindi   1978   N/A   I.S. Johar   2020-04-09
I.S. Johar Johar in Kashmir Movie
Johar in Kashmir

Tensions run high in Kashmir after the partition circa late 1940s. On the Indian side, two waring hoodlums, Ahmed and Aslam, have another reason to fight over with - beautiful Salma, the ......

Hindi   1966   122 min   I.S. Johar   2020-04-09
I.S. Johar Ham Sab Chor Hain Movie
Ham Sab Chor Hain

Hindi   1956   N/A   I.S. Johar   2020-04-09
I.S. Johar 5 Rifles Movie
5 Rifles

Hindi   1974   134 min   I.S. Johar   2020-04-09
I.S. Johar Bewaqoof Movie

In his quest for a heir, Rai Bahadur has an affair with a prostitute Meher. When Meher becomes pregnant he promises to take the child and educate him. But fate has other plans, for his wife......

Hindi   1960   N/A   I.S. Johar   2020-04-09
I.S. Johar Dastaan Movie

Judge Vishnu Sahai was brought up in an orphanage and has no knowledge of his family background nor of his religion. He is married to beautiful Mala, who he loves very much, and he has a ......

Hindi   1972   N/A   I.S. Johar   2020-04-03
I.S. Johar Afsana Movie

Ratan and Chaman are twins brothers who love the same girl, Meera. During a fair, all three are separated. While Chaman and Meera are found, Ratan is untraceable. Years later, Chaman is no ......

Hindi   1951   168 min   I.S. Johar   2020-04-03
I.S. Johar Chandni Chowk Movie
Chandni Chowk

Nawab Safdarjung( Kumar ) lives in Delhi with his family and is a very fun loving person. She has a daughter Zarina ( Meena Kumari ) who is of marriageable age. While there are other ......

Hindi   1954   N/A   I.S. Johar   2020-04-02