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Chetan Anand
Name: Chetan Anand

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Movies Written by Chetan Anand

Chetan Anand Kudrat Movie

The setting is in scenic Simla, summer capital of the British Raj in the 1970's. Chandramukhi from Bombay is on holiday with her parents and so is Naresh, a US educated medical professional......

Hindi   1981   164 min   Chetan Anand   2020-04-03
Chetan Anand Jaaneman Movie

A taxi-driver must unravel the mystery surrounding the woman he loves....

Hindi   1976   N/A   Chetan Anand   2020-04-03
Chetan Anand Haqeeqat Movie

A platoon of Indian soldiers encounters harsh realities while fighting in the Sino-Indian War of 1962....

Hindi   1964   184 min   Chetan Anand   2020-04-03
Chetan Anand Heer Raanjha Movie
Heer Raanjha

Tragic love story. Punjabi "Romeo and Juliet"....

Hindi   1970   142 min   Chetan Anand   2020-04-02
Chetan Anand Aakhri Khat Movie
Aakhri Khat

A wake up call to politicians in the Indian government...

Hindi   1966   153 min   Chetan Anand   2020-04-02
Chetan Anand Kinare Kinare Movie
Kinare Kinare

An ailing woman unknowingly falls for an escaped convict....

Hindi, Urdu, English   1963   N/A   Chetan Anand   2020-04-02