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Aluri Chakrapani
Name: Aluri Chakrapani

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Movies Written by Aluri Chakrapani

Aluri Chakrapani Missiamma Movie

A hilarious comedy about two unemployed college graduates from the city, who pretend to be a married couple, in order to find work as school teachers in a small village....

Tamil   1955   179 min   Aluri Chakrapani   2020-04-15
Aluri Chakrapani Missamma Movie

Two unemployed college graduates from Madras, Rao and Mary act as if they are a married couple to get a job as school teachers in a small village called Appapuram. The story unfolds into an......

Telugu   1955   181 min   Aluri Chakrapani   2020-04-13
Aluri Chakrapani Maya Bazaar Movie
Maya Bazaar

Balarama promises Subhadra to get his daughter married to her son. When he loses his kingdom to the Kaurava's, Balarama has no choice but to break his promise....

Telugu, Tamil, Hindi   1957   192 min   Aluri Chakrapani   2020-04-11
Aluri Chakrapani Julie Movie

Julie is an anglo-Indian girl with a loving, but alcoholic father and a domineering mother, a younger brother and sister. She falls in love with her best friend's brother Shashi ......

Hindi   1975   145 min   Aluri Chakrapani   2020-04-06