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Sport Movies from Israel

Sport Series from Israel The Italians Are Coming Movie
The Italians Are Coming

An Italian water-polo team arrives at Givat Hashlosha Kibbutz for training camp. Amos, the Kibbutz team coach, is an impressive, talented and charming man, undergoing his mid -life crisis. He doesn't know how to connect with peopl......

Italian, English, Hebrew   1996   100 min   Sport Series from Israel   2023-07-13
Sport Series from Israel Underdogs: A War Movie Movie
Underdogs: A War Movie

Soccer mania hits Beit She'an, a small working-class Israeli town near the Jordanian border, when the local team prepares for their last crucial game of the season, against the rich, national champions from Haifa, exacerbating con......

Hebrew   1996   85 min   Sport Series from Israel   2023-08-01
Sport Series from Israel American Citizen Movie
American Citizen

An Israeli sports journalist befriends an American basketball pro playing in Israel. Although from very different backgrounds, their love for the game deepens their friendship. Each learns to value the other's culture....

Hebrew   1992   100 min   Sport Series from Israel   2023-07-05
Sport Series from Israel Magic Samson Movie
Magic Samson

Shimshon is the divorced father of 10-year-old Roni, and the worst player on his pro basketball team. In response to his ex-wife's taunts, he finds within himself the ability to achieve the impossible - both on and off the court....

Hebrew   1988   90 min   Sport Series from Israel   2023-08-07
Sport Series from Israel The Hero Movie
The Hero

Eitan is yesterday's football star waiting for a tomorrow. He is a man who has nothing left but guts consulting the prospects of having to find a new profession and having to face a loving woman who doesn't understand his problems....

English, Hebrew   1970   97 min   Sport Series from Israel   2023-06-10
Sport Series from Israel
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