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Mystery Movies from Egypt

Mystery Series from Egypt Ard el ahlam Movie
Ard el ahlam

Nargis is a mother who just got an opportunity to travel to America within 24 hours. Her son and daughter persuaded her and motivated her to immigrate to the Land of dream (America). Tonight is New Year's Eve and Nargis lost her p......

Arabic   1993   118 min   Mystery Series from Egypt   2023-07-06
Mystery Series from Egypt The Choice Movie
The Choice

Mysterious murder occurs in Cairo, the body was founded two months later. In the Pocket a picture of the victim "Mahmoud". The victim is a twin brother to the Highly famous writer "Sayed" whom he didn't get along with. The Police ......

Arabic   1971   103 min   Mystery Series from Egypt   2023-06-08
Mystery Series from Egypt Kindar the Invulnerable Movie
Kindar the Invulnerable

An evil desert bandit kidnaps the son of a sultan and raises him as his own. It turns out that the son has magic powers and is invincible. Years later, as a young man, he falls in love with a woman and is preparing to raid a villa......

Italian   1965   96 min   Mystery Series from Egypt   2023-06-04
Mystery Series from Egypt
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