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Horror Movies from Norway

Horror Series from Norway Bloody Angels Movie
Bloody Angels

An Oslo detective visits a hick town to investigate some murders rumored by the locals to have been the work of 'angels'. More likely, given the unsavory types he meets, vengeance and vigilantism are the very human motivations beh......

Norwegian   1998   100 min   Horror Series from Norway   2023-08-11
Horror Series from Norway Isle of Darkness Movie
Isle of Darkness

Fed up with her unfaithful boyfriend and big-city life, Julie, a newly-qualified young teacher from Copenhagen, takes a job as a teacher on an idyllic island in southern Norway. Julie finds being accepted difficult in the close-kn......

Norwegian, Danish   1997   83 min   Horror Series from Norway   2023-07-16
Horror Series from Norway Skuggornas hus Movie
Skuggornas hus

Teacher's Henrik and Gia work at the same school. It's been two years since Maria Wagner, the lady who founded the school, died in an accident. To pay tribute to her, they decide to take the students to Gotland - the island where ......

Swedish   1996   174 min   Horror Series from Norway   2023-07-12
Horror Series from Norway Apprentice to Murder Movie
Apprentice to Murder

The small beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch community is rocked by a series of bizaare events which lead to a web of deception, violence and murder. Apprentice to murder is a story of Infatuation with love, dreams and out-of-world temp......

English   1988   97 min   Horror Series from Norway   2023-06-28
Horror Series from Norway Noe helt annet Movie
Noe helt annet

A dark full moon night the childless Bulls find a crying baby on their stairs, while a dark hose carriage disappears, and decides to adopt him. But later they discover that their young son, christened Buffalo, is not like every ot......

Norwegian   1985   75 min   Horror Series from Norway   2023-06-25
Horror Series from Norway Klokker i måneskinn Movie
Klokker i måneskinn

Four men are gathered to play a game of bridge, and when the conversation turns on to unnatural and occult events, also the fact that all the bells sound different in moonlight....

Norwegian   1964   92 min   Horror Series from Norway   2023-09-20
Horror Series from Norway Lake of the Dead Movie
Lake of the Dead

A group of friends travel to a cabin in the Norwegian forest. It's a rumor that at night a crazy man can be heard screaming at a lake nearby the cabin....

Norwegian   1958   76 min   Horror Series from Norway   2023-05-29
Horror Series from Norway
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