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 Walter Black (teleplay)
Name: Walter Black (teleplay)

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Walter Black (teleplay)

 Walter Black (teleplay) Dragons of Ashida Movie
Dragons of Ashida

The Quests visit an old colleague, an esteemed biologist who now turns out to be an insane breeder of vicious monster lizards....

English   1964   30 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-05-11
 Walter Black (teleplay) Arctic Splashdown Movie
Arctic Splashdown

A rocket malfunctions and crashes in the Arctic. Dr. Benton Quest is dispatched to find the rocket but must contend with operatives of a hostile foreign power who seek the same thing he is....

English   1964   30 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-05-11
 Walter Black (teleplay) They're Off and Running Movie
They're Off and Running

Skipper and Mr Howell set up a turtle race. If the Skipper loses, Gillian must be Mrs Howells servant. Skipper finds a way to make sure his turtle wins. Mr Howell finds out and makes a counter move. Gillian ends up causing problems....

English   1965   30 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-04-05
 Walter Black (teleplay) Vigilante Movie

Paul Julian, a radio repairman and friend to most of the S.W.A.T. team, lost his wife to a brutal killer, and has gone mad obsessing over her death. He keeps a police scanner tuned to ......

English   1975   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-02-19
 Walter Black (teleplay) Pressure Cooker Movie
Pressure Cooker

Meredith Cooper is a freelance writer sent by the PR department to do a piece on S.W.A.T. for a magazine. She is anti-police and thinks they are a necessary evil but more evil than ......

English   1975   50 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-02-19
 Walter Black (teleplay) Blind Man's Bluff Movie
Blind Man's Bluff

Harrelson is shot although he survives, his vision is in question. So until he can be cleared he is assigned to a desk job....

English   1975   50 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-02-19
 Walter Black (teleplay) Hostage for Hanging Movie
Hostage for Hanging

Rowdy makes a deal to buy horses from the Gufflers. When he finds the horses are poor quality and wants his money back, Ma Guffler wants her money. She takes Rowdy hostage threatening to hang him at sundown if she doesn't receive $3,000....

English   1965   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-02-13
 Walter Black (teleplay) The Tyrant Movie
The Tyrant

To foil the plans of a tyrannical gorilla who is trying to overthrow the chimpanzee prefect and gain control over a human farming district, Galen, Virdon and Burke risk an encounter with ......

English   1974   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-02-08
 Walter Black (teleplay) The Sweet Gang Movie
The Sweet Gang

A payroll is to be delivered with only one way to the mine which the Sweet family is watching. Erik scouts for a second pass but is captured by the Sweet family. The rangers decide to use a sick wagon but it is carrying more than money....

English   1966   50 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2021-01-04
 Walter Black (teleplay) Treasure of the Temple Movie
Treasure of the Temple

Tomb raiders give Quest's party a hard time on a South American government-sponsored expedition to assess a remote lost city....

English   1964   30 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-12-29
 Walter Black (teleplay) The Finishing Touch Movie
The Finishing Touch

Norman Cargill, an old friend of McGarrett's who has provided help in authenticating documents, gets tired of walking the straight and narrow for a peanuts salary (he is also going blind). ......

English   1973   50 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-12-16
 Walter Black (teleplay) How to Steal a Submarine Movie
How to Steal a Submarine

Morwood, a high school official, has organized a smuggling ring. His confederates are forced to toss a drug shipment overboard as the Coast Guard is ready to close in. Morwood's group knows......

English   1975   51 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-12-16
 Walter Black (teleplay) Draw Me a Killer Movie
Draw Me a Killer

A psychotic young man is obsessed with the comic strip character "Judy Moon" and as a result of that obsession he murders three men who are dead ringers for villains that threaten "Judy" in......

English   1973   50 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-12-16
 Walter Black (teleplay) The Innocent Movie
The Innocent

A naive missionary woman teacher gets help from Festus in order to get to her rural job. But a group of hillbillies has other plans for the traveling pair....

English   1969   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-12-14
 Walter Black (teleplay) No Place to Go Movie
No Place to Go

English   1974   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-11-21
 Walter Black (teleplay) The Late Ben Cartwright Movie
The Late Ben Cartwright

When an assassin's bullet strikes him down on the Ponderosa, Ben Cartwright decides to stay "dead" until he can find out who's behind the failed attempt...and why....

English   1968   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-10-30
 Walter Black (teleplay) The Bridegroom Movie
The Bridegroom

English   1966   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-10-29
 Walter Black (teleplay) Night of Reckoning Movie
Night of Reckoning

Donnie Buckler has been shot getting away from a holdup. He buries a portion and then is found by Little Joe. They go to the Ponderosa and fetch the doc but by the time he arrives the ......

English   1967   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-10-29
 Walter Black (teleplay) Judgment at Olympus Movie
Judgment at Olympus

Candy is arrested for an outstanding warrant in Olympus for killing A.Z. Wheelock's son. As Hoss investigates, he finds someone else who may have a motive for putting his son out of the way....

English   1967   60 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-10-29
 Walter Black (teleplay) Five Desperate Women Movie
Five Desperate Women

Five young women vacation together at a resort on an isolated island. They are the resort's only customers and, aside from the boat Captain who brought them there and the resort's handyman,......

English   1971   73 min   Walter Black (teleplay)   2020-03-29
 Walter Black (teleplay)

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