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Robert Sherman (story)
Name: Robert Sherman (story)

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Movies Written by Robert Sherman (story)

Robert Sherman (story) The Twenty-Four Karat Plague Movie
The Twenty-Four Karat Plague

Four men plan to heist radioactive gold over a poker game. Then find out that it is mixed with Uranium.The man smelting and forming the planchets gets radiation poisoning and it goes down hill for them fast....

English   1973   52 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-04-11
Robert Sherman (story) Incident at Jacob's Well Movie
Incident at Jacob's Well

Rowdy is saved from falling down a well by a woman. Later, the woman's family and friends had to manage to steal the drovers' horses....

English   1959   60 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-02-14
Robert Sherman (story) The Kingdom Come Raid Movie
The Kingdom Come Raid

A truck carrying top secret anti aircraft shells is captured by the Germans. The Rat Patrol are tasked with retrieving the vehicle and one of their own also captured by the Germans....

English   1967   30 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-02-13
Robert Sherman (story) The Prometheus Syndrome Movie
The Prometheus Syndrome

There is an arsonist, called Prometheus, loose in MacGyver's neighborhood. Naturally, the Fire Inspector and the police are clueless, and have enlisted MacGyver has to do all the real work to catch the arsonist....

English   1991   48 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-01-13
Robert Sherman (story) The Gun Movie
The Gun

When a cop is shot, a gun used to assassinate a presidential candidate years ago is found, leading investigators to accuse MacGyver's friend from the youth center of the crime....

English   1990   60 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-01-13
Robert Sherman (story) Jerico Games Movie
Jerico Games

MacGyver reunites with his high school sweetheart at an international sports competition, which is being sponsored by the woman's abusive businessman husband....

English   1991   48 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-01-13
Robert Sherman (story) Deep Cover Movie
Deep Cover

A female scientist designs an innovative sonar detection system for the Phoenix Foundation. The shady owner of a submarine company wants to sell her system to a drug-smuggling cartel....

English   1990   48 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-01-13
Robert Sherman (story) Knight of the Chameleon Movie
Knight of the Chameleon

A criminal known as 'The Chameleon' uses his gift as a master of disguise to escape on the way to a court hearing. He contacts Armand Pressler for one last job and plans to take his revenge......

English   1984   60 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2021-01-01
Robert Sherman (story) Random Choices/My Mother, the Swinger Movie
Random Choices/My Mother, the Swinger

A dying millionaire is in search of a deserving recipient of his bequest; and a single mother indulges her fantasy of being a swinger....

English   1983   60 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2020-12-02
Robert Sherman (story) The Set Up Movie
The Set Up

A desperate woman fingers Cannon as her brother to a hit-man who is waiting for him at an airport in order to save her brothers life. Cannon must investigate in order to the life of the woman's brother as well as his own....

English   1975   60 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2020-11-03
Robert Sherman (story) The Avenger Movie
The Avenger

A detective, who was tailing a man as a favor for Frank, is shot when the man meets his drug dealer. Frank must find the man before the detective's brother kills him....

English   1974   60 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2020-11-03
Robert Sherman (story) First Ladies of the Opera Movie
First Ladies of the Opera

English   1967   60 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2020-10-24
Robert Sherman (story) That's My Dog! Movie
That's My Dog!

Two families bring their dogs to compete in various games....

English   1991   N/A   Robert Sherman (story)   2020-09-14
Robert Sherman (story) Murder, a Self Portrait Movie
Murder, a Self Portrait

Columbo investigates the apparent drowning of a famous painter's first wife....

English   1989   98 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2020-03-30
Robert Sherman (story) Trouble in Paradise Movie
Trouble in Paradise

Shipwrecked on an island, a woman finds it difficult to deal with an uncouth beach-combing hermit....

English   1989   100 min   Robert Sherman (story)   2020-03-30
Robert Sherman (story)

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