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Robert Schaefer
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Movies Written by Robert Schaefer

Robert Schaefer Ghost Town Fury Movie
Ghost Town Fury

The Clantons break out of jail and go on a crime spree. The Lone Range vows to track them down, but first he must learn more about where the gang might be hiding out - "The Badlands"....

English   1957   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2021-01-11
Robert Schaefer Casey and the Clowns Movie
Casey and the Clowns

Earp prepares for trouble when a group known as the Harlequins are expected to return to town. Although they disguise themselves as clowns, they have a deadly serious purpose--they robbed the Bank of Tombstone and want their comrade back....

English   1961   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2021-01-09
Robert Schaefer Three Alarm Movie
Three Alarm

As a result of Washburne showing a fire prevention film at the school, Timmy removes fire hazards from Charlie James' barn creating an unintended disturbance which causes James to petition the city to remove Washburne as chief ....

English   1963   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2021-01-04
Robert Schaefer Starfire Movie

A wild animal is by night stealing poultry and frightening the horse Starfire. The foreman thinks it is a cougar who has done this and wants to shoot it, but Lassie understands that the ......

English   1967   70 min   Robert Schaefer   2021-01-04
Robert Schaefer Last Frontier Movie
Last Frontier

While Scot is taking a tour with a bush pilot of Scot's new assignment in the National Forest of Alaska, a man in distress is spotted and on landing he finds the man has been attacked by a companion delirious following a bear attack....

English   1968   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2021-01-04
Robert Schaefer Lassie's Race for Life Movie
Lassie's Race for Life

When Stuart's truck is blocked by a landslide, Lassie must deliver an injection to counteract mineral poisoning in an important banded Canadian Goose in time for it to be effective to a female employee on assignment at the station....

English   1968   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2021-01-04
Robert Schaefer A Matter of Seconds Movie
A Matter of Seconds

English   1967   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2021-01-04
Robert Schaefer The Jinx Wagon Movie
The Jinx Wagon

Clemons traveling to see his son buys a wagon said by the locals to bring harm to its owners in which bank robbers have hidden their take while it was in the livery but, when they trail, the robbers find the stash missing from the wagon....

English   1953   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-12-21
Robert Schaefer The Mississippi Kid Movie
The Mississippi Kid

A tenderfoot from Mississippi travels to Diablo to visit his sister and loses his watch in a stagecoach robbery. The headstrong youth is soon telling everyone how to do their jobs - ......

English   1956   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-10-18
Robert Schaefer Justice Guns Movie
Justice Guns

English   1954   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-10-18
Robert Schaefer The Runaway Wizard Movie
The Runaway Wizard

English   1958   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-10-14
Robert Schaefer Outlaw Trail Movie
Outlaw Trail

Kit poses as a gunfighter and El Toro as a notorious jewel fence in order to find a jewel-encrusted plaque that has been stolen from a mission....

English   1953   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-10-13
Robert Schaefer The Saddle Tramp Movie
The Saddle Tramp

A down-on-luck prospector and spinner of tall tales helps Ricky capture a gang of rustlers....

English   1955   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-10-13
Robert Schaefer Mystery Mountain Movie
Mystery Mountain

When a naive Easterner is duped into performing gold assays for a swindler, Ricky and Sandy come to the rescue....

English   1956   30 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-10-13
Robert Schaefer Lassie: Well of Love Movie
Lassie: Well of Love

English   1970   76 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-07-12
Robert Schaefer Flight of the Cougar Movie
Flight of the Cougar

Unaware that a wild dog is responsible for preying on their livestock, a group of farmhands blames a cougar and her cubs--forcing Lassie to protect the animals. As if that wasn't enough ......

English   1967   68 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-04-18
Robert Schaefer The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold Movie
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold

Three Indians are murdered. Each was wearing a medallion when he died. Together the medallions form a puzzle whose solution points to gold....

English   1958   81 min   Robert Schaefer   2020-03-28
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