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 Rob Cohen (story)
Name: Rob Cohen (story)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Rob Cohen (story)

 Rob Cohen (story) Razor Movie

Razor is based on the best selling comic book series "Razor" and "Stryke" created by Everette Hartsoe....

N/A   2018   N/A   Rob Cohen (story)   2021-10-26
 Rob Cohen (story) Episode #1.8 Movie
Episode #1.8

Rosario Dawson is Punk'd when she gets taken for a wild ride by the Punk'd crew in a limousine and gets involved in a hit-and-run. Next, Britney Spears joins Ashton in attempting to Punk'd ......

English   2003   22 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2021-02-12
 Rob Cohen (story) Episode #1.7 Movie
Episode #1.7

A Punk'd team standing in for studio security submits Jackass star Wee Man to absurdly strict metal detector control, and even Jack Osbourne, who fell earlier for a similar scam, actually ......

English   2003   20 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2021-02-12
 Rob Cohen (story) Episode #1.6 Movie
Episode #1.6

Ryan plays a fearless fan who is first unceremoniously abandoned by his father with Jessica Biel and her dinner date Eric Balfour, then 'convinces' daddy her alleged abuse (at least ......

English   2003   20 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2021-02-12
 Rob Cohen (story) Episode #1.5 Movie
Episode #1.5

Ashton's team trick Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and Real World: Las Vegas performer, Trishelle, into entering a security detail outside a building to test their tempers. Next, Seth ......

English   2003   19 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2021-02-12
 Rob Cohen (story) Episode #1.2 Movie
Episode #1.2

Ashton Kutcher and his crew trick Eliza Dushku into thinking she's getting arrested for shoplifting from a local retail store. Next, Mandy Moore is made to believe that she's helping a man ......

English   2003   19 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2021-02-12
 Rob Cohen (story) The Last Ride Movie
The Last Ride

After thirty years in prison, ex-con Ronnie (Dennis Hopper) recruits his grandson to exact revenge on Darryl (Fred Ward), the cop who put him behind bars. Standing in their way is Ronnie's son, whom Darryl raised....

English   2004   84 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-07-27
 Rob Cohen (story) xXx: A Filmmaker's Diary Movie
xXx: A Filmmaker's Diary

A DVD extra about making of the movie xXx (2002)....

English   2002   40 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-06-13
 Rob Cohen (story) The Guardian Movie
The Guardian

Known as "The Guardian," renowned cat burglar and sixth-degree Kenpo Karate black belt Ray Angelotti, emerges from prison a changed man, determined to right wrongs and make up for his past ......

English   1997   95 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-04-28
 Rob Cohen (story) Ritual Movie

Dr. Alice Dodgson (Jennifer Gray) gets her medical license revoked after the death of a patient. She's facing the possibility of not getting any job when she accepts to be the nurse for one......

English   2002   99 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-04-12
 Rob Cohen (story) Vanishing Son Movie
Vanishing Son

13 episodes of this syndicated show were produced in 1994 and 1995 and first aired in January 1995. Jian-Wa comes to America from Beijing with his brother Wago to find freedom. Wago, who is......

English   1995   60 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-03-31
 Rob Cohen (story) Vanishing Son Movie
Vanishing Son

Two students (Jian-Wa and Wago) in the Peoples Republic of China are forced to flee out of China after having taken part in a protest action for freedom (reference is made to the fights at ......

English   1994   91 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-03-31
 Rob Cohen (story) Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Movie
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

A fictionalized account of the life of the martial arts superstar....

English, Cantonese   1993   120 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-03-31
 Rob Cohen (story) Scandalous Movie

An investigative reporter following an espionage story goes to London and gets involved with murder, scam artists and rock concerts....

English   1984   92 min   Rob Cohen (story)   2020-03-30
 Rob Cohen (story)

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