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Richard Leder
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Movies Written by Richard Leder

Richard Leder The Bad Son Movie
The Bad Son

Starring Catherine Dent. A resourceful female cop fights a deadline to stop an elusive serial killer and his bizarre mother from claiming their next victim....

English   2007   90 min   Richard Leder   2021-06-25
Richard Leder Christmas on Chestnut Street Movie
Christmas on Chestnut Street

A store decides to start a contest to sell off 60,000 Xmas lights, ordered by accident. The competition soon causes unrest among the locals, but the Store's owner, Diane, wants to keep what......

English   2006   89 min   Richard Leder   2021-06-25
Richard Leder Unthinkable Movie

Starring Michelle Forbes. A cop trying to solve her the murder of daughter-in-law is drawn into a cat-and-mouse game with the killer. Inspired by true events....

English   2007   85 min   Richard Leder   2021-06-10
Richard Leder Amber's Story Movie
Amber's Story

Story about Amber Hagerman who was 9 years old when she was abducted while riding her bicycle, prompting her mother to seek out a system that alerts the nation of abducted children, we know that to be called an Amber Alert today....

English   2006   88 min   Richard Leder   2021-05-14
Richard Leder The Suspect Movie
The Suspect

Fenton, California is shocked when local lawyer Paul James, a model citizen and house-father considering to stand in municipal elections, is shot in his instantly torched car in front of ......

English   2006   88 min   Richard Leder   2020-09-22
Richard Leder Scared Silent Movie
Scared Silent

In Minnesota, the newlywed Kathy Clifson is happily married with Chief of Police Doug Clifson that wants to adopt her son Brian from her first marriage. When she sees Officer John McCrane ......

English   2002   120 min   Richard Leder   2020-05-30
Richard Leder Yesterday's Children Movie
Yesterday's Children

Jenny Cole lives with her husband and son in middle America. She is pregnant and starts to have very vivid dreams about a small city that has a big church. She then starts talking to her ......

English   2000   93 min   Richard Leder   2020-04-22
Richard Leder One True Love Movie
One True Love

A firefighter falls in love with a woman after he rescues her from a car crash....

English   2000   96 min   Richard Leder   2020-04-21
Richard Leder The Last Brickmaker in America Movie
The Last Brickmaker in America

A man must cope with the loss of his wife and the obsolescence of his job before finding redemption by becoming a role model to an equally lost thirteen-year-old....

English   2001   85 min   Richard Leder   2020-04-15
Richard Leder In the Name of the People Movie
In the Name of the People

Scott Bakula plays John Burke, a man on death row for the murder of a teenaged girl. As the father of a 13 year-old, he worries what will happen to his daughter after his execution. Richard......

English   2000   96 min   Richard Leder   2020-04-08
Richard Leder A Father's Choice Movie
A Father's Choice

The fast-paced city life of two sisters is turned upside down when they are sent to live in the country with their father after their mother is killed....

English   2000   96 min   Richard Leder   2020-04-08
Richard Leder God's New Plan Movie
God's New Plan

Weepy fact-based story about a woman facing her impending death and forced to let her baby's nurse become an integral part of her family's life to aid the future care of the child and her husband....

English   1999   120 min   Richard Leder   2020-04-05
Richard Leder A Thousand Men and a Baby Movie
A Thousand Men and a Baby

A baby in a foreign land is adopted by the men on a U.S. Navy ship and brought to America....

English   1997   96 min   Richard Leder   2020-04-01
Richard Leder A Stranger to Love Movie
A Stranger to Love

Alan is a normal middleaged man with a wife and two kids. One night he is attacked and loses his memory. His family believes that he is dead when a dead body is found in the river....

English   1996   96 min   Richard Leder   2020-03-31
Richard Leder Our Son, the Matchmaker Movie
Our Son, the Matchmaker

As seen in flashback, this is the story of 43-year-old Julie a beautician who when 15 was forced by her mother to give up her baby for adoption. Her son, now 28, a minister, with his wife ......

English   1996   95 min   Richard Leder   2020-03-31
Richard Leder A Season of Hope Movie
A Season of Hope

When trees in their only source of income, a lemon grove, start showing signs of disease, a burdened Californian family reaches their breaking point. Is there any hope left for them?...

English   1995   90 min   Richard Leder   2020-03-31
Richard Leder

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