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Richard Arthur
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Movies Written by Richard Arthur

Richard Arthur Driven Movie

While testing a robotic driverless SUV, a woman Navy lieutenant becomes trapped inside it, and she dies of carbon-monoxide poisoning; Gibbs and company investigate. McGee suggests murder, Abby has trouble, and the gang find the bad guy....

English   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-06-28
Richard Arthur Jeopardy Movie

A suspect collapses and dies while in the custody of Ziva; she becomes a suspect rather than an investigator. The team investigate. Then the director disappears, and her driver dies. Ducky clears Ziva, and Gibbs and his gang rescue Jen....

English   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-04-11
Richard Arthur Hiatus (Part #2) Movie
Hiatus (Part #2)

Gibbs regains consciousness, but he's lost his memory since 1991. He starts to remember a few things; Jen helps, then an old buddy, then Ziva. Gibbs gets back his memory and a solution, gives a severe warning, becomes ignored, then quits....

English, Spanish   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-04-11
Richard Arthur Hiatus (Part #1) Movie
Hiatus (Part #1)

Aboard a Turkish-flag ship an explosion occurs, killing one person and leaving Gibbs comatose with burns, abrasions, and a concussion; the team investigate. Eventually Ducky welcomes Gibbs back, but Gibbs does not remember him. [Continued.]...

English, Turkish   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-04-06
Richard Arthur Iced Movie

A boy at play on a frozen pond sees the body of a man below the surface. Gibbs and company investigate; they find three more bodies. The first was a Marine; the others were gang members. The team figure it out; Gibbs provides a solution....

English, Spanish   2006   45 min   Richard Arthur   2021-04-04
Richard Arthur Untouchable Movie

Tony and Ziva go to the home of a woman Navy lieutenant and cryptologist; they find her dead, apparently by suicide. Gibbs and the gang find evidence of murder instead; after pursuing the wrong clues, they lose a mole but catch the killer....

English   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-04-03
Richard Arthur Bloodbath Movie

A couple enter a room at a Navy Lodge and find bloody human body parts; the Gibbs team investigate. Gibbs and Ducky agree that the scene was a setup. An imbalanced former boyfriend stalks Abby. The gang chase the clues and figure them out....

English   2006   60 min   Richard Arthur   2021-04-02
Richard Arthur Bait Movie

The team must stop a student, holding six classmates hostage, from detonating a bomb....

English   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-03-29
Richard Arthur Ravenous Movie

In the Shenandoah National Park a bear eats a part of the body of a murdered Navy petty officer; Gibbs and company investigate. A woman companion has disappeared; the gang deduce her identity. Ziva finds her, and Gibbs nails the killer....

English   2006   45 min   Richard Arthur   2021-03-28
Richard Arthur Family Secret Movie
Family Secret

An ambulance ignites and explodes after picking up the body said to be that of a Marine lance corporal who died due to a car wreck; Gibbs and company investigate, partly to determine the identity of the body. Gibbs and Jen close the case....

English   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-03-24
Richard Arthur Probie Movie

When McGee shoots an unarmed undercover cop, the team work to clear his name....

English   2005   45 min   Richard Arthur   2021-01-27
Richard Arthur Model Behavior Movie
Model Behavior

Three supermodels take part in a reality show aboard the Marine Corps Base at Quantico; one of them disappears but shows up dead on a fence; the NCIS investigates. The victim's boyfriend shows up dead at a motel. The gang figure out all....

English   2005   60 min   Richard Arthur   2021-01-27
Richard Arthur Light Sleeper Movie
Light Sleeper

Two Korean wives of Marine sergeants die in execution-style shootings; while the NCIS investigates, a third such wife disappears. The team find the wife, then identify the shooter and figure out the shooter and the changes in that person....

English   2006   55 min   Richard Arthur   2021-01-27
Richard Arthur Head Case Movie
Head Case

While busting three Navy enlisted men running an automotive chop shop, Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva find a severed head in a cooler in the trunk of one of the cars. The gang find the rest of the body, the story, the answers, and the bad actors....

N/A   2006   45 min   Richard Arthur   2021-01-27
Richard Arthur Deception Movie

A woman Naval officer becomes abducted, and she calls NCIS on her cellphone; Gibbs and the gang investigate. She's involved with both a movement of nuclear-fuel rods and an anti-pervert group. The team find her, and they solve the case....

English   2006   50 min   Richard Arthur   2021-01-27
Richard Arthur Boxed In Movie
Boxed In

While investigating at a port, Tony and Ziva encounter unexpected criminal activity; they become trapped inside a shipping container. Gibbs and McGee, with the help of Ducky and Abby, find not only their teammates but also the bad guys....

English   2006   44 min   Richard Arthur   2021-01-27
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