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Paul Gangelin
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Movies Written by Paul Gangelin

Paul Gangelin Smouldering Tires Movie
Smouldering Tires

This two-reel short is actually Chapter 5 of a 12-film series called 'The Fighting Hearts." The series had the same cast but with different non-episodic stories in each short. In this one, ......

N/A   1926   20 min   Paul Gangelin   2021-04-07
Paul Gangelin The Cover Up Movie
The Cover Up

District Attorney Grover calls for Ballinger to help him sort out a potentially embarrassing situation involving the murder of a former business associate....

English   1958   30 min   Paul Gangelin   2021-01-13
Paul Gangelin Blazeaway Movie

Gene is sent by his commanding officer to investigate a series of murders in the town of Blazeaway. The settlers believe the killings were caused by Indians using tomahawks, but the Native ......

English   1952   30 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-12-08
Paul Gangelin Monkeyshines Movie

English   1958   30 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-10-14
Paul Gangelin Clem's Reformation Movie
Clem's Reformation

English   1958   30 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-10-14
Paul Gangelin All's Swell That Ends Swell Movie
All's Swell That Ends Swell

The 12th and last entry in a two-reel series under the series title of "The Fighting Hearts; Sally Tracy and Harry Grayson, reporter and editor on the Oceanville Journal, are sent to pay ......

English   1926   19 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-08-03
Paul Gangelin Married or Single Movie
Married or Single

English   1933   20 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-04-05
Paul Gangelin Fighting Hearts Movie
Fighting Hearts

English   1926   N/A   Paul Gangelin   2020-04-03
Paul Gangelin The No-Gun Man Movie
The No-Gun Man

English   1924   50 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-04-02
Paul Gangelin Bachelor Mother Movie
Bachelor Mother

As punishment for speeding, a young man is forced to "adopt" a mother from a local old-age home in the hopes that she can help change his life....

English   1932   70 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-04-01
Paul Gangelin Is That Nice? Movie
Is That Nice?

Ralph Tanner, a cub reporter on the Morning Standard, writes a highly libelous story about John Gorman, the political boss of the city. Wilbert, the publisher, and Dyke, the managing editor......

N/A   1926   N/A   Paul Gangelin   2020-04-01
Paul Gangelin The Giant Claw Movie
The Giant Claw

Global panic ensues when it is revealed that a mysterious UFO is actually a giant bird that flies at supersonic speed and has no regard for life or architecture....

English   1957   75 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-03-28
Paul Gangelin Sons of New Mexico Movie
Sons of New Mexico

In addition to his duties as executor of an estate Gene must keep a juvenile delinquent from the clutches gambler Feeney who hopes to get at the money through the kid....

English   1949   71 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-03-28
Paul Gangelin Nazi Agent Movie
Nazi Agent

A story of German-born identical twins (both played by Veidt), one a loyal American and the other, a Nazi official. The American is forced to help a group of German spies, but eventually ......

English   1942   83 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-03-28
Paul Gangelin The Jazz Age Movie
The Jazz Age

English   1929   62 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-03-28
Paul Gangelin Ten Modern Commandments Movie
Ten Modern Commandments

N/A   1927   70 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-03-28
Paul Gangelin The Mysterious Rider Movie
The Mysterious Rider

N/A   1927   65 min   Paul Gangelin   2020-03-28
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