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Meyer Dolinsky
Name: Meyer Dolinsky

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Movies Written by Meyer Dolinsky

Meyer Dolinsky The Barbara Lindquist Story Movie
The Barbara Lindquist Story

Cooper Smith is on his way to the town of Washburn to pick up long awaited mail for the wagon train when he stumbles upon a stagecoach robbery in progress. The very proper Miss Barbara ......

English   1964   60 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2021-03-14
Meyer Dolinsky Plato's Stepchildren Movie
Plato's Stepchildren

After Dr. McCoy helps the leader of a planet populated by people with powerful psionic abilities, they decide to force him to stay by torturing his comrades until he submits....

English   1968   51 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2021-02-26
Meyer Dolinsky My Son, the Genius Movie
My Son, the Genius

English   1966   30 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2021-02-08
Meyer Dolinsky ZZZZZ Movie

An entomologist is developing a machine to communicate with bees. Unknown to him, a queen bee has taken on human form in order to mate with him to advance her species....

English   1964   51 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2021-02-03
Meyer Dolinsky The Architects of Fear Movie
The Architects of Fear

A secret group of scientists decide to surgically alter one of their members into an 'alien', in order to convince the world that an alien invasion is imminent. They hope that such a threat......

English   1963   51 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2021-02-03
Meyer Dolinsky O.B.I.T. Movie

While operating the Outer Band Individuated Teletracer, or O.B.I.T. machine, in a military base, Captain Harris is strangled. U.S. Senator Orville arrives at the base to investigate his ......

English   1963   51 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2021-02-03
Meyer Dolinsky Loser in a Dead Heat Movie
Loser in a Dead Heat

English   1975   60 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2021-01-16
Meyer Dolinsky The Odd Lot Caper Movie
The Odd Lot Caper

Murdock, an embittered businessman, concocts an elaborate robbery to gain the millions of dollars he needs for a pet business project. Murdock, though, has underestimated the ruthlessness ......

English   1973   50 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-12-16
Meyer Dolinsky The Listener Movie
The Listener

A psychiatrist is tormented by a man calling himself Cerberus. Cerberus says he was turned down for treatment and is determined to gain his revenge by extorting the psychiatrist. Cerberus, ......

English   1973   50 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-12-16
Meyer Dolinsky Six Kilos Movie
Six Kilos

Five-O intercepts a "box man," an expert safe cracker, at the Honolulu airport. The criminal is killed by a shot from Dan Williams, who fired just before the criminal would have shot Chin ......

English   1969   51 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-12-16
Meyer Dolinsky Flash of Color, Flash of Death Movie
Flash of Color, Flash of Death

Hobbs, a miner from the Australian Outback, comes to Hawaii to sell opals he has dug up. Hobbs' secret is that he is actually carrying a much larger and immensely more valuable cache, which......

English   1973   50 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-12-16
Meyer Dolinsky Death of a Hunter Movie
Death of a Hunter

Malcolm Lawrence is killed at his African wildlife park by a lion that was supposedly tranquilized, and his wife hires Cannon to find out if he was murdered....

English   1974   60 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-11-03
Meyer Dolinsky Five into the Wind Movie
Five into the Wind

A stagecoach accident in a windstorm leaves 5 stranded, after which Little Joe is accused when a man is found murdered with Joe's knife....

English   1963   60 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-10-29
Meyer Dolinsky The Bark of a Three-Headed Hound Movie
The Bark of a Three-Headed Hound

English   1964   60 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-10-24
Meyer Dolinsky The Fifth Floor Movie
The Fifth Floor

College disco dancer is wrongly committed to an insane asylum....

English   1978   90 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-03-30
Meyer Dolinsky SST: Death Flight Movie
SST: Death Flight

On its maiden flight, the crew of America's first supersonic transport learns that it may not be able to land, due to an act of sabotage and a deadly flu onboard....

English   1977   89 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-03-29
Meyer Dolinsky The Manhunter Movie
The Manhunter

A professional hunter is brought in to track a bank robbery suspect through a Louisiana swamp, and winds up getting romantically involved with the suspect's wife....

English   1972   120 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-03-29
Meyer Dolinsky Hot Rod Rumble Movie
Hot Rod Rumble

Arny joins a hot rod club, but his eccentric mannerisms (a Marlon Brando rip-off performance from "The Wild One" by look-alike Hartunian) make him unpopular. At a party, Terry rebukes him ......

English   1957   79 min   Meyer Dolinsky   2020-03-28
Meyer Dolinsky

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