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 Lou Morheim
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Movies Written by Lou Morheim

 Lou Morheim The Mountain of the Sun Movie
The Mountain of the Sun

The Virginian helps three women in the southwest he meets make their way to the Yaqui Indians where they want to be missionaries after the Yaqui killed their husbands. Along the way he and the youngest woman become romantically involved....

English   1963   75 min   Lou Morheim   2021-03-13
 Lou Morheim The Pitchwagon Movie
The Pitchwagon

When a drover is killed by Indians saving a pitchman, the drovers try to raise money for the his family. The pitchman suggests a rigged card game but when that fails his idea of a concert with his wife may leave the drovers high and dry....

English   1962   51 min   Lou Morheim   2021-02-14
 Lou Morheim The Chameleon Movie
The Chameleon

To save Earth from invasion, scientists alter a human into a replica of one of the aliens. The human subject Mace is a remorseless killer, who easily adapts to any personality required. ......

English   1964   51 min   Lou Morheim   2021-02-03
 Lou Morheim The Bellero Shield Movie
The Bellero Shield

Richard Bellero, a dedicated scientist, is working on experiments involving sending laser beams into outer space. His father, Richard Bellero Sr., believes the scientist isn't strong enough......

English   1964   51 min   Lou Morheim   2021-02-03
 Lou Morheim Second Chance Movie
Second Chance

Carnival space ride becomes frighteningly real when an alien bird-man secretly rigs it with actual rockets. The ominous bird-man carefully picks his unknowing crew including the carny ride ......

English   1964   51 min   Lou Morheim   2021-02-03
 Lou Morheim Moonstone Movie

A lunar exploration team from Earth encounters alien life, and must make a difficult decision....

English   1964   52 min   Lou Morheim   2021-02-03
 Lou Morheim They Called Her Delilah Movie
They Called Her Delilah

A beautiful singer,once close to Jarrod,comes to Stockton to perform.The fact that she was a Confederate spy during the Civil War causes an uproar....

English   1968   60 min   Lou Morheim   2020-10-26
 Lou Morheim Egypt by Three Movie
Egypt by Three

Three stories of Egyptian locale: 1) Deals with murder and violence, 2) Pilgrimage to Mecca, and 3) Comedy about desert life. First American picture filmed entirely in Egypt....

English   1953   76 min   Lou Morheim   2020-04-07
 Lou Morheim The Hunting Party Movie
The Hunting Party

A ruthless rancher, and his gang, use extremely long range rifles to kill the men who kidnapped his infidel wife....

English   1971   111 min   Lou Morheim   2020-03-29
 Lou Morheim Wild Women Movie
Wild Women

Five female convicts are recruited to secretly transport arms into Mexican-held Texas in 1840....

English, Apache languages   1970   74 min   Lou Morheim   2020-03-29
 Lou Morheim The Last Blitzkrieg Movie
The Last Blitzkrieg

The fanatical son of a Nazi General leads a squad of German commandos, disguised as American Troops, behind the lines in order to sabotage the Allied Forces. Stars Van Johnson, Kerwin Matthews, Dick York and Larry Storch....

English, German   1959   84 min   Lou Morheim   2020-03-28
 Lou Morheim The Tijuana Story Movie
The Tijuana Story

Tijuana is a city ridden with crime, vice and corruption, with the local Mexican mob stopping anyone who attempts to clean up the city. However, the mob meets its match when it is ......

English   1957   73 min   Lou Morheim   2020-03-28
 Lou Morheim Rumble on the Docks Movie
Rumble on the Docks

It's West Side Story, which was common back then....

English   1956   82 min   Lou Morheim   2020-03-28
 Lou Morheim Ma and Pa Kettle Movie
Ma and Pa Kettle

On the verge of being evicted from their run-down farmhouse, the large Kettle family is given a new, modern home after Pa wins a contest, but he is accused of plagiarizing his winning slogan by a jealous local woman....

English   1949   76 min   Lou Morheim   2020-03-28
 Lou Morheim Larceny Movie

A con man sets out to swindle a widow out of the money she's received to build a memorial to her war-hero husband, but winds up falling in love with her instead....

English   1948   89 min   Lou Morheim   2020-03-28
 Lou Morheim

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