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Larry Brody
Name: Larry Brody

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Movies Written by Larry Brody

Larry Brody The Magicks of Megas-Tu Movie
The Magicks of Megas-Tu

At the centre of the galaxy, a race puts the Enterprise crew on trial for past grievances....

English   1973   23 min   Larry Brody   2021-05-08
Larry Brody Breakfast of Champions Movie
Breakfast of Champions

English   1990   30 min   Larry Brody   2021-04-06
Larry Brody Dead, Like a Lost Dream Movie
Dead, Like a Lost Dream

English   1972   51 min   Larry Brody   2021-02-17
Larry Brody The Cradle Robbers Movie
The Cradle Robbers

English   1974   50 min   Larry Brody   2021-02-09
Larry Brody The Illusion of the Lost Dragon Movie
The Illusion of the Lost Dragon

In order to find a jade dragon which has been stolen from his very old friend in Chinatown, Tony will have to face a horrible death in a lava pit when the floor is literally taken from under him....

English   1974   60 min   Larry Brody   2021-01-14
Larry Brody The Child Stealers Movie
The Child Stealers

A hippie couple kidnaps a baby from in front of a drug store and smuggles him to the mainland to sell the child to an adoption agency in Los Angeles. McGarrett and the rest of the Five-O ......

English   1973   50 min   Larry Brody   2020-12-16
Larry Brody The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold Movie
The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold

When Ozzie Colt's wacky friend is present when a crime is committed, Colt tries to help him. But when the men try to grab him, they strike him in the head and Ozzie changes and adopts a new......

English   1983   60 min   Larry Brody   2020-12-01
Larry Brody Slam Dunk Dead Movie
Slam Dunk Dead

Jesse proudly serves as the LA Mustangs basketball team doctor during filming for a commercial, but starts worrying when the vials from a routine drug test he took are smashed in his new ......

English   1997   60 min   Larry Brody   2020-11-19
Larry Brody Trial by Terror Movie
Trial by Terror

When a criminal on trial, kidnaps the daughter of the judge to get him to dismiss the case. He then calls Frank to find his daughter before he is forced to make that choice....

English   1973   60 min   Larry Brody   2020-11-03
Larry Brody Shadow of Fear Movie
Shadow of Fear

Rich woman, an industrialist's wife, finds her home nearly destroyed and with menacing phrases painted on the walls. Besides calling the police, her husband calls his security manager, an ex-cop who hesitates before accepting the task....

English   1974   72 min   Larry Brody   2020-08-27
Larry Brody The Cut Man Caper Movie
The Cut Man Caper

English   1975   113 min   Larry Brody   2020-05-06
Larry Brody Silver Surfer Movie
Silver Surfer

The adventures of the cosmic wanderer as he seeks his lost home after rebelling from his master....

English   1998   30 min   Larry Brody   2020-04-07
Larry Brody Super Force Movie
Super Force

In the year 2020, an astronaut becomes a vigilante when he returns from a mission to learn his cop brother's been murdered....

English   1990   30 min   Larry Brody   2020-03-31
Larry Brody The Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Movie
The Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer

A young girl is kidnapped and there is an attempt on the daughter of an well-known actress. The kidnapper then turns up dead. Hammer is hired to protect the girl and travels to Los Angeles, where she is then kidnapped....

English   1986   94 min   Larry Brody   2020-03-30
Larry Brody The New Mike Hammer Movie
The New Mike Hammer

The cases of Mickey Spillane's classic private eye character....

English   1984   60 min   Larry Brody   2020-03-30
Larry Brody Farrell for the People Movie
Farrell for the People

Liz Farrell is dedicated and honorable and compassionate assistant district attorney. Presently, she has two cases, one a rape of a young girl, and she is up against an attorney, who is ......

English   1982   120 min   Larry Brody   2020-03-30
Larry Brody The Night the City Screamed Movie
The Night the City Screamed

A big-city blackout brings out looters, an ambitious politician, a police squad, and a young woman stranded after a party. An all-star cast....

English   1980   96 min   Larry Brody   2020-03-30
Larry Brody David Cassidy - Man Undercover Movie
David Cassidy - Man Undercover

Twenty-something officer Dan Shay operates undercover in the Los Angeles youth scene....

English   1978   60 min   Larry Brody   2020-03-29
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