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 Kurt Voss
Name: Kurt Voss

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Kurt Voss

 Kurt Voss In the Echo Movie
In the Echo

English   2002   60 min   Kurt Voss   2021-03-31
 Kurt Voss Down and Out with the Dolls Movie
Down and Out with the Dolls

The raunchy, spunky tale of the rise and fall of an all-girl rock band from Portland, Oregon....

English   2001   88 min   Kurt Voss   2020-05-05
 Kurt Voss Things Behind the Sun Movie
Things Behind the Sun

A young music journalist's dark memories are awakened when he goes to interview a female rock singer, and both are forced to confront troubling secrets from their pasts....

English   2001   120 min   Kurt Voss   2020-04-10
 Kurt Voss The Heist Movie
The Heist

Two brothers turn against each other when confronted with the possibility of getting millions of dollars found in a stolen armored car....

English   2000   83 min   Kurt Voss   2020-04-08
 Kurt Voss Sugar Town Movie
Sugar Town

Unimpassioned look at the lives of struggling L.A. scene rock stars follows main character, Gwen, on her quest for the top. Working as an assistant to a film production designer, she tries ......

English   1999   92 min   Kurt Voss   2020-04-05
 Kurt Voss The Pass Movie
The Pass

A businessman with a compulsive gambling problem which has led to his wife leaving him, travels to Reno, Nevada for some gambling therapy which takes a turn when he picks up a psychotic serial killer posing as a hitchhiker....

English   1998   88 min   Kurt Voss   2020-04-02
 Kurt Voss Amnesia Movie

Paul Keller is a married pastor who preaches piety on Sunday, while carrying on a torrid affair with the local school teacher, Veronica Dow, during the week. The lovers concoct a scheme to ......

English   1997   88 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-31
 Kurt Voss Baja Movie

Alex and Bebe are camped out in Baja California, Mexico, after their disastrous first attempt at a drug deal. Impatiently awaiting forged passports, they are unaware that Bebe's father has ......

English   1995   92 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-31
 Kurt Voss Dangerous Touch Movie
Dangerous Touch

An erotic thriller about a promiscuous radio sex therapist who is dragged into blackmail by a young hustler....

English   1994   101 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-31
 Kurt Voss Where the Day Takes You Movie
Where the Day Takes You

A group of teen-age runaways try to survive in the streets of Los Angeles. Drugs, prostitution, violence and bureaucratic indifference all pose threats to the kids, who nevertheless prefer ......

English   1992   105 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-31
 Kurt Voss Delusion Movie

A man who has just embezzled money from his company is driving through the Nevada desert. He picks up a pretty girl and her seemingly goofy boyfriend. The girl is a Las Vegas showgirl and ......

English   1991   100 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-31
 Kurt Voss Horseplayer Movie

Bud is a strange loner who works in a liquor store by day and is addicted to betting on the horses at night. He lives in a low-rent building in an even lower-rent section of town, and one ......

English   1990   89 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-31
 Kurt Voss Genuine Risk Movie
Genuine Risk

English   1990   90 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-31
 Kurt Voss Border Radio Movie
Border Radio

Two musicians and a roadie take money that is owed to them from a job. One flees to Mexico, and everyone has questions....

English   1987   87 min   Kurt Voss   2020-03-30
 Kurt Voss

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