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Khari Ajene
Name: Khari Ajene

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Movies Written by Khari Ajene

Khari Ajene Taming Jessica Lang Movie
Taming Jessica Lang

The World is a crazy place, but so is Jessica. Her life, was a normal life; her mother and father did their best, to give her everything she wanted in life. They never complained because of......

English   2007   80 min   Khari Ajene   2022-01-02
Khari Ajene Still Taboo Movie
Still Taboo

In our World, we like to think of ourselves, as top of the food chain. This movie reminds us, that we aren't as safe, as we might think. There are Worlds and Worlds, beyond our own, and to ......

English   2007   72 min   Khari Ajene   2021-11-06
Khari Ajene Deprived Men Movie
Deprived Men

English   2006   83 min   Khari Ajene   2021-10-18
Khari Ajene Psychedelic Perfume Movie
Psychedelic Perfume

English   2000   85 min   Khari Ajene   2021-10-17
Khari Ajene BI Chance Movie
BI Chance

Hearing that No, when you ask a beautiful woman, or any woman to marry you, is a big blow to the soul for most men. To hear that it's because your girl, now loves another woman, makes a man question his manhood....

English   2006   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-06-30
Khari Ajene Tapwater Movie

This is a story about new friendships, born out of tragic wars within the home and the heart....

English   2006   N/A   Khari Ajene   2021-06-18
Khari Ajene Refuge Movie

English   2003   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-06-12
Khari Ajene Jasmine's Rain Movie
Jasmine's Rain

English   2003   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-06-05
Khari Ajene Rules of an Affair Movie
Rules of an Affair

Someone's not getting it at home, so why not venture out for a taste of life, pleasure and even danger....

English   2006   N/A   Khari Ajene   2021-05-03
Khari Ajene Something Worth Talking About! Movie
Something Worth Talking About!

English   2005   85 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-29
Khari Ajene Killing MaryJane Movie
Killing MaryJane

English   2004   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-29
Khari Ajene Married People Only! Movie
Married People Only!

A romantic comedy about a single man seeking a married woman and a single woman seeking a married man. Somehow, someway, the two are matched up. Needless to say that neither are ready for a......

English   2005   N/A   Khari Ajene   2021-04-29
Khari Ajene Killing Shadows Movie
Killing Shadows

The key to staying alive is to not to go into her home no matter what, and if you do, to not cast your shadow. To do so, will cause Helen to Kill your Shadow, thus killing you!...

English   2006   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-29
Khari Ajene Director's Cut Movie
Director's Cut

English   2004   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-29
Khari Ajene Before and After Movie
Before and After

The question becomes, can this relationship turn into true love before they kill each other?...

English   2004   91 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-25
Khari Ajene Twenty-Two Movie

English   2004   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-17
Khari Ajene Fate Movie

Is their joining just an act of lust or is it FATE?...

English   2004   90 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-17
Khari Ajene Wired Wrong! Movie
Wired Wrong!

As in most relationships, we don't really know our lover from a can of butter biscuits. One thing we do know, is that when it pops, we jump!...

English   2005   95 min   Khari Ajene   2021-04-03
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