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Keith Eisner
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Movies Written by Keith Eisner

Keith Eisner The Wrath of Khan Movie
The Wrath of Khan

Stark and Devlin butt heads with the Feds over jurisdiction of an arms dealer's case, but with cops dead and hostages, Stark takes matters into his own hands....

English   2007   60 min   Keith Eisner   2021-06-30
Keith Eisner Dr. Feelbad Movie
Dr. Feelbad

The office prosecutes a prominent doctor accused of killing his wife. However, the case rides on the testimony of his young son, who may be afraid to tell the truth and convict his dad....

English   2006   60 min   Keith Eisner   2021-05-21
Keith Eisner The Curse of the Klopman Diamonds Movie
The Curse of the Klopman Diamonds

Will tries to stop a man from serving jail time for a bogus possession charge just to spite his unfaithful rabbi father; Kathleen scores an unusual first date, thanks to her dim ......

English   2002   60 min   Keith Eisner   2021-02-08
Keith Eisner Here Comes the Judge Movie
Here Comes the Judge

Dan plays dirty after learning that Kathleen will be defending a madam in Ripley's courtroom; Will and Lisa hash out the ins and outs of their affair while trapped in a City Hall elevator; ......

English   2002   45 min   Keith Eisner   2021-02-08
Keith Eisner Fork You Very Much Movie
Fork You Very Much

Kathleen is forced to defend a rapist whose main evidence can easily be thrown out of court....

English   2001   44 min   Keith Eisner   2021-02-08
Keith Eisner Blown Away Movie
Blown Away

A client threatens Kathleen's son to keep her from revealing his plans to kill the one person who could put him away for assault; drug charges against a mobster's daughter hint at a dirty ......

English   2001   50 min   Keith Eisner   2021-02-08
Keith Eisner The Brothers Grim Movie
The Brothers Grim

Haywood reopens an 18-year-old case that has Andy reliving a major mistake in his career. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Clark investigate the death of a man whose brother was pursued by a bounty ......

English   2004   45 min   Keith Eisner   2021-01-26
Keith Eisner Maybe Baby Movie
Maybe Baby

The murder of a man who frequented a betting parlor leads Sipowicz to an old friend; Jones searches for the man who attacked Haywood; the detectives research the Colahans' background....

English   2003   44 min   Keith Eisner   2021-01-26
Keith Eisner Lenny Scissorhands Movie
Lenny Scissorhands

A squad member is shot while storming an apartment; Clark and Jones investigate the bludgeoning death of a woman whose wealthy husband was going to finance a friend's salon business....

English   2005   45 min   Keith Eisner   2021-01-26
Keith Eisner Arrested Development Movie
Arrested Development

Clark is placed under arrest after police find heroin in his car; detectives search for clues when a woman is beaten to death with a cordless drill; a murder victim's obsession with clean living may have led to his demise....

English   2003   45 min   Keith Eisner   2021-01-26
Keith Eisner Welcome to the Dollhouse Movie
Welcome to the Dollhouse

What's in a name? To boost tourism, Taylor suggests reviving Stars Hollow's original street names. Lorelai thinks that's a charming idea -until she learns what the new Dragonfly Inn address will be....

English   2005   45 min   Keith Eisner   2020-12-09
Keith Eisner

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