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 Karen Harris (teleplay)
Name: Karen Harris (teleplay)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Karen Harris (teleplay)

 Karen Harris (teleplay) The Talisman Movie
The Talisman

Reno teams up with a rather rambunctious teenage girl who is seeking revenge on the man who murdered her father. Reno is reluctant to partner with the girl at first, as he feels this ......

English   1992   45 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2021-02-15
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Forget Me Not Movie
Forget Me Not

Michael Knight is staying at a beach house with the daughter of newly elected president of the South American country of San Marada. His assignment is to protect both her and her father. A ......

English   1982   49 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2021-01-01
 Karen Harris (teleplay) The Quiet Room Movie
The Quiet Room

David 'Balin' is working as an orderly at Valley View Sanatorium. After discovering that a surgeon is using experimental mind control, he unwillingly becomes a patient himself....

English   1979   48 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) The Psychic Movie
The Psychic

After meeting a kindred soul in Annie, a young psychic who learns his secret just by touching him, David is devastated when the creature appears to have caused the death of a young man. He ......

English   1980   48 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Haunted Movie

David helps a young woman move back into her childhood home and stays to work as her gardener when it turns out she is haunted by her past, namely her deceased twin sister....

English   1979   48 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) The Beast Within Movie
The Beast Within

David 'Bradburn' is researching control methods for animal aggression with a female doctor at a zoo. She gets into trouble when new animals keep dying from a mysterious illness....

English   1978   50 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Rainbow's End Movie
Rainbow's End

David 'Bishop' contacts native American Thomas Logan, who has developed a herbal compound to calm down high strung racing horses, hoping it might cure his condition....

English   1978   49 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Proof Positive Movie
Proof Positive

When Patricia Steinhouer takes over her fathers duties at the National Register, she takes Jack McGee off the Hulk story. Jack, who's obsession with the Hulk makes him see the green Goliath everywhere, tries to convince her otherwise....

English   1980   48 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) On the Line Movie
On the Line

David 'Brown' has walked right into a raging forest fire and is both forced to help out and accused of starting it all. McGee also joins the volunteers, looking for the Hulk....

English   1980   48 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) King of the Beach Movie
King of the Beach

David 'Beller' is working at a restaurant with weightlifter Carl Molino, who is talked into entering a bodybuilding contest by small time hustler Mandy....

English   1981   60 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Broken Image Movie
Broken Image

David 'Bowman' is mistaken for criminal Mike Cassidy, who promptly shaves off his mustache to take advantage of the situation....

English   1980   48 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Alice in Disco Land Movie
Alice in Disco Land

David works as a barman at the Pandemonium Disco when he recognizes a teenage girl, Alice, whom he used to know years before. He finds out she has a serious drinking problem....

English   1978   49 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-12-25
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Roseanne: An Unauthorized Biography Movie
Roseanne: An Unauthorized Biography

English   1994   95 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-03-31
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Deadline: Madrid Movie
Deadline: Madrid

In Spain during the civil war. The American journalists Erin Wright and Robert Minelli enjoy their lives in bars. Then the courageous journalist Jonathan Tyler arrives - and shortly after ......

English   1988   90 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-03-30
 Karen Harris (teleplay) Born to Be Sold Movie
Born to Be Sold

A social worker tries to break up a ring of crooks who buy new-born babies from teen-aged mothers and sell them to couples who can't obtain them through legal adoption channels....

English   1981   96 min   Karen Harris (teleplay)   2020-03-30
 Karen Harris (teleplay)

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