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 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)
Name: John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)

 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) K Movie

English   2004   60 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2021-03-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Who's Your Daddy? Movie
Who's Your Daddy?

Boyd keeps working on Amber to make her his accomplice in 'buying the town' and uses his mind-power to make the traffic lights cause Judi having a non-fatal accident, hit by rich prick ......

English   2005   44 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2021-02-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Waking the Dead Movie
Waking the Dead

Father Tomas's funeral allows ma Parker to get back in touch with Jesse, who is the only one capable of stopping Christina from making the celebrating father Matthew work up a rage against ......

English   2005   43 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2021-02-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Secrets and Lies Movie
Secrets and Lies

Amber tries to break up Ben and Meg by suggestion. Sheriff Logan Parker knocks a man down just for offering to settle a minor car collision without even exchanging insurance papers as ......

English   2005   44 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2021-02-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Pilot Movie

The peaceful existence of the small New Jersey town of Point Pleasant dramatically changes forever when 17-year-old Christina Nickson is rescued from the ocean by local lifeguard Jesse ......

English   2005   44 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2021-02-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Mother's Day Movie
Mother's Day

Now Jesse has abandoned her, Christina turns to Boyd, who claims to be the last one who wants to save her life. Shattered now his father is gone, and fearing he's dead by now, Terry tells ......

English   2006   44 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2021-02-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Let the War Commence Movie
Let the War Commence

Feeling betrayed by everyone, Christina finally embraces her dark side as the Antichrist and angrily confronts the Kramers at their home and holds them hostage, torturing them with physical......

English   2006   44 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2021-02-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Outside New Canaan Movie
Outside New Canaan

When Samson announces that the carnival's next stop is the Christian camp of New Canaan, California, both Lila and Stumpy challenge his authority. Jones arrives back with the troupe and ......

English   2005   55 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-11-03
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Ingram, TX Movie
Ingram, TX

When Carnivale sets up show in Ingram, Texas, Ben sets out to find some people who knew Scudder and stumbles into a bizarre moonshiners' camp, which proves both painful and revealing. ......

English, Spanish   2005   51 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-11-03
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Damascus, NE Movie
Damascus, NE

When Carnivale finally arrives in Damascus, Ben gets closer to finding his father when another vision of a man with the shredded face leads him to the town's seedy hotel. Ben then goes to ......

English   2005   45 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-11-03
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Splinter Cell Movie
Splinter Cell

Follows the missions of a special operative spy....

English   2017   N/A   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-08-28
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Point Pleasant Movie
Point Pleasant

A series of supernatural events begins in a small coastal New Jersey town after the arrival of a mysterious teenage girl, who apparently has the ability to influence the people and events around her....

English   2005   60 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-08-25
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Man of the House Movie
Man of the House

A Texas Ranger must protect a group of cheerleaders who have witnessed a murder....

English   2005   100 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-06-08
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) Death Collector Movie
Death Collector

In a future time, when things have reverted back to the days of the Old West, a man goes after the gang that murdered his brother....

English   1988   92 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-04-09
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) The Great Gatsby Movie
The Great Gatsby

Stock broker Nick Carraway consents to play Cupid for his rich married cousin Daisy Buchanan and her former love, nouveau riche Jay Gatsby....

English   2000   90 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-04-08
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) The Last Good Time Movie
The Last Good Time

Joseph, a former professional musician who has withdrawn into a quiet life after the death of his wife. Remaining mostly isolated, he stays at home, playing his violin in the evenings for ......

English   1994   90 min   John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)   2020-03-31
 John J. McLaughlin (screenplay)

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