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Jeffrey Bell
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Movies Written by Jeffrey Bell

Jeffrey Bell What If It's Him? Movie
What If It's Him?

Hopper's day of reckoning finally is in sight and the answers to his questions are within his reach - but will he live to see the end of his repeating day....

English   2007   43 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-07-01
Jeffrey Bell What If She's the Key? Movie
What If She's the Key?

Hopper finds out that Rita has been keeping a big secret from him....

English   2007   41 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-06-29
Jeffrey Bell What If He's Not Alone? Movie
What If He's Not Alone?

Hopper discovers a fellow traveler who has some valuable information.....

English   2007   60 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-06-25
Jeffrey Bell What If They Find Him? Movie
What If They Find Him?

Hopper tracks down a major player in the conspiracy to frame him for Garza's murder. He also discovers that he must continue to heed the warning of the consequences of his decisions when ......

English   2006   43 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-06-20
Jeffrey Bell The Rain King Movie
The Rain King

When Mulder and Scully investigate a man who claims he can control the rain in a small, drought-stricken Kansas town, they encounter a force more powerful than the weather....

English   1999   45 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-03-18
Jeffrey Bell The Goldberg Variation Movie
The Goldberg Variation

A man is tossed off the top of a 29 story building by gangsters. Amazingly, he gets up and walks away unscathed. Mulder and Scully investigate when Mulder suspects this man may have ......

English   1999   44 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-03-18
Jeffrey Bell Signs & Wonders Movie
Signs & Wonders

Snakes are killing the unrighteous, but Mulder and Scully doubt that this is a case of divine intervention....

English   2000   45 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-03-18
Jeffrey Bell Salvage Movie

A man believed to be dead from Gulf War Syndrome comes back to life and slowly turns into metal while taking revenge on those who made him that way....

English   2001   44 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-03-18
Jeffrey Bell Alpha Movie

A series of murders is blamed on a mythical Asian dog that supposedly escaped from the US cryptozoologist who caught it. Mulder asks a reclusive female dog expert for help which angers Scully. The woman leaves him a special gift....

English, Cantonese   1999   45 min   Jeffrey Bell   2021-03-18
Jeffrey Bell The Magic Bullet Movie
The Magic Bullet

As Jasmine's influence continues to spread, Fred finally tricks Angel into seeing her true nature....

English   2003   41 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco Movie
The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

It turns out that the Wolfram & Hart mail guy is more than he seems. He and his brothers were once demon fighters. But, when he lost his family in battle, he gave up on being a Champion. ......

English   2003   43 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell That Vision Thing Movie
That Vision Thing

Angel is forced to help Wolfram and Hart free a man being held by the Powers That Be after the law firm hires a demon who can cause Cordelia to experience terrifying visions and pain....

English   2001   42 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell Slouching Toward Bethlehem Movie
Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Cordy returns from being a Higher Power and Team Angel is thrilled to see her. Unfortunately, she has amnesia and can't remember anything about her life or the monsters that she deals with ......

English   2002   44 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell Players Movie

Team Angel is stunned to discover that Cordy is pregnant. She insists that her baby will be a blessing, but its rapid growth is worrying the others and they come up with a plan. Meanwhile, ......

English   2003   42 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell Not Fade Away Movie
Not Fade Away

In the series finale, Angel reveals that his questionable moral behavior has been part of a bigger plan: to destroy The Circle of the Black Thorn and show the Senior Partners that the power......

English   2004   44 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell Forgiving Movie

As Fred and Gunn search for Wesley, Angel searches for Sahjhan and casts a spell to make him corporeal so he can be killed....

English   2002   43 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell Couplet Movie

Angel struggles with his jealousy of the Groosalugg and Cordelia's attraction to him, while Gunn and Fred get captured by a tree monster....

English   2002   42 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell Calvary Movie

With Angel's soul stolen from the hotel safe, Team Angel is worried. They have no idea how to get Angel back again before it's too late. When Cordy comes up with a spell that might work, ......

English   2003   44 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell Billy Movie

A guy named Billy is infecting men with primal misogynistic impulses. When he touches men, they attack any women that they come across. Lilah is beaten and several other women wind up dead.......

English   2001   43 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-18
Jeffrey Bell The Orphan Movie
The Orphan

Nadia puts her own life (as well Sydney's and Weiss's) in danger after failing to unveil her past about her involvement with a dangerous criminal, named Ceasar Martinez from her home in ......

English, Spanish, Russian   2005   42 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-15
Jeffrey Bell The Descent Movie
The Descent

After a tactical group infiltrates the DSR and steals all the Rambaldi artifacts, CIA director Hayden Chase discovers that the alarms at the DSR were disabled from Nadia's computer, ......

English, Russian   2005   41 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-15
Jeffrey Bell Solo Movie

After Sydney and the APO team infiltrates a formal party at the Chinese embassy in India to locate a fugitive arms dealer, named Janos Vak, Rachel is chosen to begin very first solo mission......

English, Mandarin   2005   42 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-15
Jeffrey Bell Ice Movie

Sydney and Vaughn go undercover to track down a deadly new bio-weapon. Meanwhile, Sydney is concerned about Vaughn not having yet put Lauren behind, and Nadia turns to a Jack to ask for his......

English   2005   39 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-10-15
Jeffrey Bell Radio Inside Movie
Radio Inside

A year after their pious dad's death, just graduated bright, erudite but distracted Matt Anderson, an angelic dreamer who talks with dad's ghost and phones with his confident God, moves in ......

English   1994   91 min   Jeffrey Bell   2020-03-31
Jeffrey Bell

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