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Movies Written by Jeff Vlaming

Jeff Vlaming Hell Money Movie
Hell Money

Mulder, Scully and a local Chinese American cop investigate a deadly secret lottery run by the Triads in San Francisco's Chinatown district. The game is free to play but losing will cost you more than an arm and a leg....

English, Cantonese   1996   45 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-03-18
Jeff Vlaming 2Shy Movie

Shy, overweight women are being pursued online by a suitor who courts them with Italian poetry. The women are being found dead, their corpses stripped of flesh....

English   1995   45 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-03-18
Jeff Vlaming Love Lies Bleeding Movie
Love Lies Bleeding

English   2004   60 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-03-09
Jeff Vlaming Vector Movie

A deadly virus is spreading through LA and only Charlie's equations can determine how far and where the disease is spreading....

English   2005   43 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-31
Jeff Vlaming The Final Frontier Movie
The Final Frontier

During the Northern Lights, Cicely is infused with Japanese tourists, Holling decides to go in search of Jessie the bear and Maggie and the townsfolk are curious when a package arrives that is covered with foreign stamps....

English   1992   46 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-30
Jeff Vlaming Learning Curve Movie
Learning Curve

Holling decides to finish high school; Marilyn goes to Seattle on vacation....

English   1993   46 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-30
Jeff Vlaming Homesick Movie

Shelley decides to redecorate. Mike is cured and decides to leave Maggie and Cicely to work for Green Peace....

English   1993   46 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-30
Jeff Vlaming Heroes Movie

A rock musician (played by Adam Ant) accidentally arrives in Cicely, creating quite a stir-up among the locals. While Ed makes a documentary about the visit, Chris has trouble deciding how to put an old friend to his final rest....

English   1992   47 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-30
Jeff Vlaming The Curse Movie
The Curse

A hunter finds an aircraft cargo pod containing the mummified body of a Naval disbursing officer who disappeared from his aircraft carrier, as did 1.2 million dollars. The NCIS team correct some old mistakes, and now they make things right....

English   2003   44 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-27
Jeff Vlaming High Seas Movie
High Seas

A chef finds a naked sailor inside a freezer at a restaurant in Rota, Spain, during a port visit by USS Enterprise; shortly afterward at sea another sailor freaks out on the flight deck; soon one of them dies. Gibbs and his team solve it....

English   2003   43 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-27
Jeff Vlaming The Family Hour Movie
The Family Hour

A criminal with telekinetic powers takes Lois and Clark's parents hostage. Clark learns he cannot have children with Lois. However, a baby is left inside their apartment by someone who ......

English   1997   42 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-11
Jeff Vlaming Sex, Lies and Videotape Movie
Sex, Lies and Videotape

A photograph showing Lois and Superman leads the world to believe she is cheating on her husband. To keep Clark's identity a secret, Lois tries to expose the person behind the scandal....

English   1997   44 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-11
Jeff Vlaming I've Got You Under My Skin Movie
I've Got You Under My Skin

Woody Samms, who is trying to get a contract taken off of him by the mob, uses a crystal to transfer himself into the body of an unsuspecting Clark, not knowing until it's too late that he ......

English   1997   42 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-11
Jeff Vlaming Ghosts Movie

A real estate agent's plan to frighten people into selling their homes spirals out of control when he accidentally summons the spirit of a murdered housewife....

English   1996   43 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-11
Jeff Vlaming Faster Than a Speeding Vixen Movie
Faster Than a Speeding Vixen

Superman confronts a sexy and reckless superhero. The Daily Planet's new owner Leslie Luckaby may be hiding a secret identity....

English   1997   46 min   Jeff Vlaming   2021-01-11
Jeff Vlaming Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down Movie
Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

After the interrogated Cylon gave Roslin the idea that Adama might be a Cylon, Roslin becomes suspicious of him. Unexpectedly, Colonel Tigh's estranged wife Ellen turns up alive in the fleet, apparently miraculously, raising the possibility that she might be a Cylon....

English, Italian   2004   43 min   Jeff Vlaming   2020-10-23
Jeff Vlaming The Captain's Hand Movie
The Captain's Hand

Two of Pegasus' raptors go missing after a suspicious distress call. President Roslin must make a decision on abortion that could hurt her political career....

English   2006   60 min   Jeff Vlaming   2020-10-23
Jeff Vlaming Litmus Movie

A humanoid Cylon straps himself with explosives and commits a suicide bombing in a crowded hallway on Galactica. Roslin and Adama are forced to publicly reveal that the Cylons now have models that look like humans, and a wave of paranoia spreads over the fleet as everyone starts being suspected of b...

English   2004   42 min   Jeff Vlaming   2020-10-23
Jeff Vlaming Stagecoach Movie

Brisco is hired by the U.S government to escort a female prisoner by the name of Emma Steed to Mexico in exchange for a political prisoner. Along the way he discovers that Ms. Steed is actually a spy working undercover for the government....

English   1994   45 min   Jeff Vlaming   2020-10-13
Jeff Vlaming

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