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Ian Biederman
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Movies Written by Ian Biederman

Ian Biederman The Wrath of Khan Movie
The Wrath of Khan

Stark and Devlin butt heads with the Feds over jurisdiction of an arms dealer's case, but with cops dead and hostages, Stark takes matters into his own hands....

English   2007   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-06-30
Ian Biederman Dial M for Monica Movie
Dial M for Monica

Stark prosecutes an expensive Hollywood madam for ordering a hit on one of her former prostitutes, and she responds by releasing a book of her clients which includes his name....

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-06-24
Ian Biederman Sins of the Mother Movie
Sins of the Mother

An L.A. socialite goes on trial for killing an ex-con, and Stark's investigation reveals some shocking information about the woman's past and true identity....

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-06-22
Ian Biederman Love Triangle Movie
Love Triangle

The office prosecutes a white teenage girl for the hit-and-run death of an African American girl who was involved with her boyfriend....

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-06-14
Ian Biederman Déjà Vu All Over Again Movie
Déjà Vu All Over Again

Stark wants to try a suspect in a child murder for a similar murder from 15 years ago. He lost the original case as a defense attorney, and has always believed his original client was innocent....

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-06-13
Ian Biederman Russo Movie

When the prosecutors' evidence in a murder trial is ruled inadmissible, they are forced to turn to the testimony of an unscrupulous private investigator--a man who has an uneasy past with Stark from his days as a defense attorney....

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-05-22
Ian Biederman Dr. Feelbad Movie
Dr. Feelbad

The office prosecutes a prominent doctor accused of killing his wife. However, the case rides on the testimony of his young son, who may be afraid to tell the truth and convict his dad....

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-05-21
Ian Biederman Influence Movie

In seventh season finale, rock star Derek Lord goes on a national talk show and lectures about the abuse of psychiatric drugs. Meanwhile, an unstable young woman loses her virginity, goes ......

English   2006   43 min   Ian Biederman   2021-04-21
Ian Biederman Shark Movie

Sebastian Stark is a Los Angeles hot-shot lawyer, who leaves his lucrative career as a defender of rich criminals to try public prosecution under the District Attorney. He forms a trial ......

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-04-19
Ian Biederman Pilot Movie

An arrogant big-shot defense attorney is guilt-ridden after the client he just helped get off commits another murder, so he decides to become a prosecutor....

English   2006   60 min   Ian Biederman   2021-03-22
Ian Biederman The Shortest Distance Movie
The Shortest Distance

Cameron's covert kisses confuse Claudia who thinks that getting involved with him may not be right while she deals with a clueless Alexia. Meanwhile, Evan becomes more mindful of Julia who ......

English   1999   45 min   Ian Biederman   2021-02-05
Ian Biederman The Gift of Life Movie
The Gift of Life

Jordan takes a walk down memory lane while investigating the death of a heart surgeon she worked with during rotations in medical school rotations. Bug and Nigel do battle with a cryogenics......

English   2002   43 min   Ian Biederman   2020-11-13
Ian Biederman Prisoner Exchange Movie
Prisoner Exchange

Jordan tries to prove that a housewife murdered her husband; Macy's testimony frees a convicted child killer...

English   2002   42 min   Ian Biederman   2020-11-13
Ian Biederman Bombs Away Movie
Bombs Away

Jordan teams up with the new M.E., Elaine, and finds herself in the middle of an ATF power struggle, when she investigates the death of Wendy Marsh, wife of alleged Unabomber-style ......

English   2002   43 min   Ian Biederman   2020-11-13
Ian Biederman Blue Christmas Movie
Blue Christmas

When a veteran cop is murdered in the line of duty, Jordan leads the police and vengeful Detective Eddy Winslow - Max's former partner - to a possible suspect. But after the shooter dies in......

English   2001   43 min   Ian Biederman   2020-11-13
Ian Biederman Sorority Movie

N/A   1999   N/A   Ian Biederman   2020-04-13
Ian Biederman

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