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Herbert Baker
Name: Herbert Baker

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Herbert Baker

Herbert Baker Once Upon a Tour Movie
Once Upon a Tour

A grandmother saves up her pennies and goes on a tour of TV studio, and her dream of interacting with show business personalities comes true!...

English   1972   60 min   Herbert Baker   2021-11-05
Herbert Baker Keep U.S. Beautiful Movie
Keep U.S. Beautiful

A comedy variety special with an ecological twist....

English   1973   60 min   Herbert Baker   2021-10-20
Herbert Baker Movin' Movie

English   1970   60 min   Herbert Baker   2021-10-20
Herbert Baker Rickles Movie

English   1975   60 min   Herbert Baker   2021-10-20
Herbert Baker The People's Command Performance Movie
The People's Command Performance

Entertainers from all facets of show business, selected by the public in a nationwide survey, perform....

English   1978   120 min   Herbert Baker   2021-05-30
Herbert Baker You're the Top Movie
You're the Top

English   1956   84 min   Herbert Baker   2020-12-04
Herbert Baker Episode #1.4 Movie
Episode #1.4

English   1970   60 min   Herbert Baker   2020-12-04
Herbert Baker Panama Hattie Movie
Panama Hattie

English   1954   60 min   Herbert Baker   2020-10-24
Herbert Baker Fish Movie

A look at Fish's home life results when he decides to go on restricted duty. Steve Landesberg steps in as Arthur Dietrich. Doris Belack substitutes for Florence Stanley as Bernice Fish....

English   1975   25 min   Herbert Baker   2020-10-22
Herbert Baker Kings of Broadway Movie
Kings of Broadway

Pilot for a proposed TV comedy series about a family of Vaudevillians....

English   1962   30 min   Herbert Baker   2020-09-02
Herbert Baker The John Davidson Christmas Special Movie
The John Davidson Christmas Special

The host and his family travel back in time to an early 19th century Christmas in England....

English   1977   60 min   Herbert Baker   2020-06-10
Herbert Baker An Evening with Fred Astaire Movie
An Evening with Fred Astaire

English   1958   60 min   Herbert Baker   2020-06-05
Herbert Baker John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together Movie
John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together

In this beloved holiday classic, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and all the Muppets join the singer for a heart-warming Christmas celebration, with traditional carols as well as lesser-known holiday songs....

English   1979   50 min   Herbert Baker   2020-04-06
Herbert Baker The Jazz Singer Movie
The Jazz Singer

The son of a Jewish Cantor must defy the traditions of his religious father in order to pursue his dream of being a popular singer....

English   1980   115 min   Herbert Baker   2020-03-30
Herbert Baker Sextette Movie

On the day of her wedding to her sixth husband, a glamorous silver screen sex symbol is asked to intervene in a political dispute between nations, which leads to chaos....

English, Italian, Russian   1977   91 min   Herbert Baker   2020-03-29
Herbert Baker Dream Wife Movie
Dream Wife

A business tycoon decides to wed a Middle Eastern princess whose customs dictate the pair must live apart for several months before marrying; even more complications settle in when the tycoon's ex-fiancée is assigned to chaperone the pair....

English   1953   100 min   Herbert Baker   2020-03-28
Herbert Baker Big Leaguer Movie
Big Leaguer

John Lobert runs a training camp in Florida for the New York Giants. Every year, he evaluates the hopefuls to pick the best for a minor league contract. They all have dreams and talent, but......

English   1953   71 min   Herbert Baker   2020-03-28
Herbert Baker

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