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 Harry Clork (screenplay)
Name: Harry Clork (screenplay)

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Gender: Male




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Movies Written by Harry Clork (screenplay)

 Harry Clork (screenplay) Painting the Clouds with Sunshine Movie
Painting the Clouds with Sunshine

When boyfriend Vince Nichols won't give up his gambling, Abby joins vaudeville partners Carol and June in a trek to Las Vegas searching for millionaires, followed by playboy Ted Lansing ......

English   1951   87 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Tea for Two Movie
Tea for Two

A socialite with aspirations of a career in show business bets her wealthy uncle $25,000 that she can say "no" to everything for two days straight, hoping winning will help her fulfill her dreams....

English   1950   98 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Broadway Rhythm Movie
Broadway Rhythm

A reluctantly retired vaudevillian clashes with his producer son who thinks his father's entertainment is passe and audiences need something more sophisticated. Meanwhile the producer's father and sister secretly produce their own show....

English   1944   115 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Ship Ahoy Movie
Ship Ahoy

Miss Winters is a dancer with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and is asked to secretly transport a prototype magnetic mine to Puerto Rico. She thinks that she is working for the US Government, ......

English   1942   95 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Born to Sing Movie
Born to Sing

Show promoter Cartwright has stolen the songs that Frank wrote while he was in the big house. The boys go to Cartwright to get Frank credit for his work, and Cartwright has them arrested ......

English   1942   82 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Whistling in the Dark Movie
Whistling in the Dark

Radio crime show host 'The Fox' along with his fiancée and ex-girlfriend are kidnapped by a larcenous cult who demand that he help them plan a perfect murder....

English   1941   78 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) The Reluctant Dragon Movie
The Reluctant Dragon

Humorist Robert Benchley learns about the animation process at Walt Disney Studios while trying to find the great man himself to pitch him the idea of making a cartoon about a shy dragon....

English   1941   74 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Down in San Diego Movie
Down in San Diego

A group of neighborhood teenagers discover some suspicious goings-on near a naval base in San Diego, and suspect that a foreign espionage ring is at work trying to find out military secrets....

English   1941   70 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) And One Was Beautiful Movie
And One Was Beautiful

A woman lets a family friend take the blame after she accidentally runs over a man with a car....

English   1940   70 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Laugh It Off Movie
Laugh It Off

Four former actresses decide to restart their careers by opening up a nightclub....

English   1939   63 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Flirting with Fate Movie
Flirting with Fate

A show troupe, led by Dan Dixon and traveling in a trailer, is stranded in Paraguay. Dan is all set to be booked in the theatres controlled by Don Luis Garcia until the latter discovers Dan......

English   1938   69 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) When's Your Birthday? Movie
When's Your Birthday?

Some shady characters discover that a sad sack nightclub bus boy has the ability to predict outcomes of races and other events through astrology....

English, Spanish   1937   75 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Oh, Doctor Movie
Oh, Doctor

A hypochondriac is afraid he will die before he gets an inheritance that will "cure" him....

English   1937   72 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Absolute Quiet Movie
Absolute Quiet

Businessman Gerald Axton goes to his ranch to rest, having had a near-heart-attack due to business worries. But while there (with his female assistant who makes his heart flutter as much as......

English   1936   70 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Remember Last Night? Movie
Remember Last Night?

After a night of wild partying at a friend's house, a couple wake up to discover the party's host has been murdered in his bed. A detective is called in to investigate, but his ......

English   1935   81 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Princess O'Hara Movie
Princess O'Hara

King, the driver of a horse-drawn hansom cab, is killed in a turf war between Vic Toledo's cab company and his competitors. Vic sends his goons to get King's daughter Princess a new horse but they steal a prized racing horse....

English   1935   79 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay) Mister Dynamite Movie
Mister Dynamite

A gambler hires a detective to investigate when a murder is committed in his casino....

English   1935   67 min   Harry Clork (screenplay)   2020-03-28
 Harry Clork (screenplay)

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