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Edward Gorsuch
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Movies Written by Edward Gorsuch

Edward Gorsuch Forbidden Passions Movie
Forbidden Passions

Maisie Calloway, a beautiful ex-cop, bar owner and now private investigator, takes the case when one of her bar patrons is searching for his missing girlfriend, a call girl trying to leave her pimp....

English   2006   91 min   Edward Gorsuch   2022-01-13
Edward Gorsuch Naked Secrets Movie
Naked Secrets

A man searches for information about his wife's whereabouts when she doesn't return from a girls' night out....

English   2006   85 min   Edward Gorsuch   2022-01-07
Edward Gorsuch Naked Sins Movie
Naked Sins

Two owners of an escort service attempt to untangle the mystery when a man who just signed up for their service turns out to be the husband of a female client who was just murdered....

English   2006   84 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-12-28
Edward Gorsuch The Sex Spa II: Body Work Movie
The Sex Spa II: Body Work

George is a master masseuse working at a spa who wants to open his own but needs the capital in order to do so. His on-again/off-again lover, Kelly, thinks it is a great idea and really ......

English   2005   90 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-10-20
Edward Gorsuch Kinky Pleasures Movie
Kinky Pleasures

Two identical twin sisters, one a glamorous stripper and the other a conservative teacher, end up switching places for a week and just might screw up each other's lives....

English   2006   83 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-10-18
Edward Gorsuch Playboy: Girls of World Soccer Movie
Playboy: Girls of World Soccer

English   2006   60 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-10-17
Edward Gorsuch Sexual Cravings Movie
Sexual Cravings

Lusty beauties in town for a high school reunion play and gossip over past and current liaisons....

English   2006   69 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-05-18
Edward Gorsuch Sexual Revenge Movie
Sexual Revenge

English   2004   71 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-05-10
Edward Gorsuch Naked Passions Movie
Naked Passions

Two editors talk about sexy content for an erotic nude magazine....

English   2003   65 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-05-09
Edward Gorsuch Naked Encounters Movie
Naked Encounters

Have you ever seen that perfect woman who you absolutely have to meet, but you don't know what kind of guy she goes for? Roxanne Chance and Cole are private investigators who can get you ......

English   2005   121 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-05-08
Edward Gorsuch Insatiable Needs Movie
Insatiable Needs

The Manager of the rock band hires a nurse to provide on the eve of the summer tour of a healthy lifestyle rock star, who recently fainted during rehearsals....

English   2005   92 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-04-22
Edward Gorsuch Voyeurs Sex Club Movie
Voyeurs Sex Club

A group of friends get together--and compete against each other--to see who has the best pictures of people they've caught having sex....

English   2003   70 min   Edward Gorsuch   2021-03-24
Edward Gorsuch Naked Ambition Movie
Naked Ambition

Alex investigates the murder of Kim, his sister. She is a gorgeous girl whose murder haunts him. He is out of her jurisdiction, but decides to complete the investigation....

English   2005   91 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-09-10
Edward Gorsuch Illicit Sins Movie
Illicit Sins

English   2006   79 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-09-01
Edward Gorsuch Bare Sex Movie
Bare Sex

2 couples and a single guy really, engage in a naughty game of truth or dare....

English   2003   79 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-08-26
Edward Gorsuch Private Sex Club Movie
Private Sex Club

A detective's (Steven St. Croix) murder investigation leads him to an erotic playground for the rich and famous....

English   2004   94 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-08-25
Edward Gorsuch Sinful Desires Movie
Sinful Desires

English   2002   70 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-07-28
Edward Gorsuch Young and Seductive Movie
Young and Seductive

A pretty sex researcher is writing a book about sexual liaisons arranged online, but some of her lovely interviewees are turning up strangled to death....

English   2004   87 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-07-27
Edward Gorsuch The Secret Cellar Movie
The Secret Cellar

A mansion forms the backdrop to a spate of murders, and when the spirits lurking within are awakened they bring out some erotic, sensual thrills in the new guests....

English   2003   90 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-06-23
Edward Gorsuch Carnal Passion Movie
Carnal Passion

English   2001   N/A   Edward Gorsuch   2020-06-19
Edward Gorsuch Personals II: CasualSex.com Movie
Personals II: CasualSex.com

A writer for a pop culture magazine needs to come up with a "killer" story about online dating to save her job. After catching her shackup partner in bed with a bimbo from the marina she is......

English   2001   95 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-05-28
Edward Gorsuch Erotic Obsessions Movie
Erotic Obsessions

With an eye for excitement, James has a habit of filming the erotic exploits of his neighbors. But when one of his tapes catches more than he anticipated, James winds up the victim of a ......

English   2002   84 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-05-26
Edward Gorsuch Private Call Movie
Private Call

In order to avenge the murder of an old friend, a recently suspended female police officer goes undercover at an illegal gambling den where the winning prize is a night with one of the female staff....

English   2001   84 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-05-26
Edward Gorsuch Embrace the Darkness II Movie
Embrace the Darkness II

A sultry vampire acts as mentor to a reluctant recruit....

English   2002   89 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-05-15
Edward Gorsuch Carnal Sins Movie
Carnal Sins

A young woman tries to find where her real love lies, in her ex, Dylan or a photographer named Jacob?...

N/A   2001   90 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-05-10
Edward Gorsuch Forbidden Highway Movie
Forbidden Highway

Young and attractive Cherry decides to hide in Las Vegas after robbed the employer, the boss of a mafia. But that sends on its traces of bandits which have to deliver it back to Los Angeles......

English   2001   104 min   Edward Gorsuch   2020-04-08
Edward Gorsuch

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