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David Keith Miller
Name: David Keith Miller

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Movies Written by David Keith Miller

David Keith Miller Shattered Souls Movie
Shattered Souls

Lured to the naked city by her dying sister's siren call, Carrie Cameron assumes her twin's identity to hunt down the vicious killer that only she believes exists....

English   2002   N/A   David Keith Miller   2020-05-31
David Keith Miller Written in Blood Movie
Written in Blood

When the wife of Detective John Traveller and her lover are executed in bed and John takes the blame, his partner and friend, Detective Matthew Ransom, becomes very upset, affecting his ......

English   2003   91 min   David Keith Miller   2020-05-28
David Keith Miller Time Lapse Movie
Time Lapse

Clayton Pierce is an agent working under deep cover. Although he is a top agent, he is questioning his loyalty after twenty years of service. His devotion has already cost him his wife, ......

English   2001   88 min   David Keith Miller   2020-04-27
David Keith Miller I Like to Play Games Too Movie
I Like to Play Games Too

A female advertising agent comes up against a man she can't sexually manipulate....

English   1999   96 min   David Keith Miller   2020-04-08
David Keith Miller Life of a Gigolo Movie
Life of a Gigolo

When Danielle decides to do a story on the life of a sex worker to please her boss and lover Peter, she meets Gage a professional gigolo. She quickly becomes interested in his work and starts to see a change in herself and her life....

English   1998   101 min   David Keith Miller   2020-04-06
David Keith Miller Teach Me Tonight Movie
Teach Me Tonight

Michael and Janie are a pair of young grad students living together on a quiet college campus. One day, Janie discovers that Michael has been cheating on her. She walks out on him, only to ......

English   1997   92 min   David Keith Miller   2020-04-05
David Keith Miller Losing Control Movie
Losing Control

Kim is suffering from writer's block. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger opens her to a world of risky sexual experimentation. However, she becomes worried when he refuses to say anything about himself....

English   1998   93 min   David Keith Miller   2020-04-04
David Keith Miller Nymph Movie

A rundown apartment building in L.A. holds a very special secret. Below the foundation lies a spring that is home to a beautiful nymph. This nymph comes up for air from time to time to cast......

English   1996   83 min   David Keith Miller   2020-04-04
David Keith Miller Sheer Passion Movie
Sheer Passion

A lingerie model has been strangled inside a wealthy fashion designer's house, and the designer is the obvious suspect. When the police appear to be dragging their feet on the investigation......

English   1998   93 min   David Keith Miller   2020-04-03
David Keith Miller Between the Lies Movie
Between the Lies

A private detective who mostly investigates cheating husbands takes on what he believes to be a run-of-the-mill case, little realizing the extent to which he has been misled....

N/A   1997   90 min   David Keith Miller   2020-03-31
David Keith Miller Guarded Secrets Movie
Guarded Secrets

English   1997   91 min   David Keith Miller   2020-03-31
David Keith Miller Allyson Is Watching Movie
Allyson Is Watching

Innocent, sexy Allyson leaves her boyfriend Peter to go to acting classes in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles she rents a room in an apartment building from the grumpy Mr. Merry next to the ......

English   1997   90 min   David Keith Miller   2020-03-31
David Keith Miller Solitaire Movie

English   1996   94 min   David Keith Miller   2020-03-31
David Keith Miller The Glass Cage Movie
The Glass Cage

Swarthy Paul Yeager arrives in New Orleans, and promptly gets a job bartending at La Cage du Verre, a show bar where his former girlfriend Jacqueline is a dancer and the moll of its ......

English   1996   96 min   David Keith Miller   2020-03-31
David Keith Miller Club V.R. Movie
Club V.R.

The Century club VR club virtual reality in Los Angeles. When there is a brutal murder, a beautiful female-investigator begins the investigation. However, she soon realizes that the case might interfere with her sexual fantasies....

English   1996   93 min   David Keith Miller   2020-03-31
David Keith Miller I Like to Play Games Movie
I Like to Play Games

Michael is looking for a woman who likes to play games, but when he finds Suzzanne, she might just be more than he bargained for....

English   1995   95 min   David Keith Miller   2020-03-31
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