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Movies Written by Daniel Knauf

Daniel Knauf Peer Group Movie
Peer Group

17 year old Cary Steckler masterminds a plot to humiliate his high school tormentors (Andre, Chuck and Tina) by kidnapping them and "putting them on trial" live on the web, and Emily and ......

English   2006   50 min   Daniel Knauf   2021-06-14
Daniel Knauf Honey Vicarro Movie
Honey Vicarro

A half-hour dramatic series featuring Honey Vicarro, a brash, sexy, swinging private-eye who works the underbelly of The City of Angels with the help of her chauffeur, Chad, and a streetwise Cockney bartender, Trevor leBon....

English   2001   N/A   Daniel Knauf   2021-03-31
Daniel Knauf Four Feet Under Movie
Four Feet Under

Willard Cates (Bruce McGill), the town's Alpha Male, is murdered, intensifying the clandestine struggle to determine who will be the next leader of the pack...

English   2002   41 min   Daniel Knauf   2021-03-18
Daniel Knauf Tipton Movie

When the authorities of the cash-poor Oklahoma town of Tipton refuses to let the carnival set up show, Samson takes Jones' advice and temporally reinvents the troupe as a religious-revival ......

English   2003   49 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf The Road to Damascus Movie
The Road to Damascus

On the road to Damascus, Nebraska, Samson and the troupe stop to help when they run into a rival troupe that has fallen on hard times. In Mintern, Dolan tries to help Iris and Justin find a......

English   2005   56 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf The River Movie
The River

While Brother Justin rediscovers his "birthright" on the banks of a river, Iris gets some unexpected support from an attentive radio reporter, named Tommy Dolan, whom offers to spread the ......

English, Russian   2003   51 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf The Day That Was the Day Movie
The Day That Was the Day

Faced with a crisis of life-and-death proportions of whether or not to cure Ruthie from a snake bite, Ben turns to Lodz for advice, and he ends up talking with the mysterious and unseen ......

English   2003   55 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Pick a Number Movie
Pick a Number

Thirsty for payback after the murder of Dora Mae Dreifuss, one of the chooch dancers, Samson and the rest of the carnies, including Stumpy Dreifuss and Rita Sue, get caught up in an obscure......

English   2003   56 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Outskirts, Damascus, NE Movie
Outskirts, Damascus, NE

Ben and Samson have a heated argument over some bad news that Ben tells him about the death of Management, and Samson learns from Ruthie about seeing Stroud abduct Scudder. Ben suggests ......

English   2005   53 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Outside New Canaan Movie
Outside New Canaan

When Samson announces that the carnival's next stop is the Christian camp of New Canaan, California, both Lila and Stumpy challenge his authority. Jones arrives back with the troupe and ......

English   2005   55 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Old Cherry Blossom Road Movie
Old Cherry Blossom Road

Still held captive in the moonshiners' camp, Ben meets his blind and elderly grandmother who reveals some family secrets and a mysterious face of death. Meanwhile, Lila confides in the rest......

English   2005   56 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf New Canaan, CA Movie
New Canaan, CA

In the cliff-hanging season finale, Samson devises a grand plan by scheming with Ben, Jones, and the entire troupe to lure Brother Justin to Carnivale for his confrontation with Ben. ......

English   2005   52 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Milfay Movie

Oklahoma Dust Bowl, 1934. 18-year-old Ben Hawkins is a young man who lives with his physically sick, God-fearing mother. After his mother dies from a long illness, Ben unceremoniously ......

English   2003   58 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Los Moscos Movie
Los Moscos

As the spiritual powers of Ben Hawkins evolve, the entity Management reveals its identity (the Russian soldier in Ben's dreams) to Ben, and then exposes him to a vision of the cataclysmic ......

English   2005   50 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Lonnigan, Texas Movie
Lonnigan, Texas

Samson sends Ben on a road trip to enlist a new attraction, where Ben encounters a longtime carnival rival named Phineas Boffo. Back at the carnival, Sofie debates whether to defy her ......

English   2003   58 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Lincoln Highway, UT Movie
Lincoln Highway, UT

While driving down a desolate highway in rural Utah on his trail of Stroud, Ben comes across Jones and Libby, the victims of a vigilante group blaming Jonesy for the Ferris wheel accident, ......

English   2005   52 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Insomnia Movie

Ben tries to stave off the torments of his dreams by staying awake, but the lack of sleep is taking its toll. Meanwhile, Samson looks to drum up new business by resurrecting several ......

English   2003   45 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Ingram, TX Movie
Ingram, TX

When Carnivale sets up show in Ingram, Texas, Ben sets out to find some people who knew Scudder and stumbles into a bizarre moonshiners' camp, which proves both painful and revealing. ......

English, Spanish   2005   51 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Hot and Bothered Movie
Hot and Bothered

Brother Justin returns to Mintern from his stay in the asylum to chart out a new direction for his ministry. At the Carnivale, Samson's loss is Lodz's gain when the blind mystic takes ......

English, Spanish   2003   53 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Day of the Dead Movie
Day of the Dead

With Management's blessing, Lodz hatches a devious plan to "reach" Ben, who is vulnerable after letting his guard down after his night of seduction with Ruthie. Rita Sue upstages Catalina's......

English, Spanish   2003   54 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Damascus, NE Movie
Damascus, NE

When Carnivale finally arrives in Damascus, Ben gets closer to finding his father when another vision of a man with the shredded face leads him to the town's seedy hotel. Ben then goes to ......

English   2005   45 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Creed, OK Movie
Creed, OK

When the Carnivale stops outside Creed, Oklahoma, they receive an uninvited visitor, Varlyn Stroud, who begins asking questions to Jonesy, and later to Samson, about where to find Scudder. ......

English   2005   56 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Cheyenne, WY Movie
Cheyenne, WY

Following another one of Ben's visions, he and Joney set out to find Stroud and they soon arrive in the Wyoming state capital where from a discarded newspaper in a recently vacated hotel ......

English   2005   52 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Black Blizzard Movie
Black Blizzard

On the road to Babylon, Texas, the carnival encounters a horrific dust storm, called a 'black blizzard.' Intrigued with clues about his past, Ben follows Lodz into an abandoned house where ......

English   2003   46 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Babylon Movie

The carnival finally arrives in Babylon, a tapped-out silver mining town in rural Texas with few inhabitants. Samson tries to improve the troupe's spirits with a night of revelry at the ......

English   2003   48 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Alamogordo, N.M. Movie
Alamogordo, N.M.

Ben travels on his own to Alamogordo to seek out Father Kerrigan, a former preacher residing in a lunatic asylum - who knew his father, and who tells him to beware of a mysterious tattooed ......

English   2005   51 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf After the Ball Is Over Movie
After the Ball Is Over

A practical joke which has him clean an old dirty trailer leads Ben to a piece of the puzzle of his past -- a tuxedo-clad man named Henry Scudder who Ben keeps seeing in his dreams and who ......

English   2003   56 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-11-03
Daniel Knauf Carnivàle Movie

During the Great Depression, an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a proxy war being fought between Heaven and Hell....

English, Russian, French, German   2003   55 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-05-30
Daniel Knauf Descent Into Darkness Movie
Descent Into Darkness

Deep in the Mariana Sea Trench, a corporate underwater mining complex has been built - an industrial Atlantis. When an accident in a dry-dock chamber kills several miners an investigator is......

English   2002   96 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-04-27
Daniel Knauf Blind Justice Movie
Blind Justice

Canaan, a mysterious gunfighter left nearly blind from Civil War combat, roams through Mexico with a baby he has sworn to protect. On his way to a town where a family will supposedly adopt ......

English   1994   85 min   Daniel Knauf   2020-03-31
Daniel Knauf

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