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Movies Written by Dan Wilcox

 Dan Wilcox The Last Picture Show: Part 1 Movie
The Last Picture Show: Part 1

Maggie Gets a job offer she can't refuse. But, it will changes her whole families lives....

English   1992   23 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-04-09
 Dan Wilcox Something Foul in Flappieville Movie
Something Foul in Flappieville

Darren's Pound Dog show is threatened with cancellation until he promises a character based on one of Jessica's characters. But as the various people involved want part of the merchandising......

English   1996   60 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-24
 Dan Wilcox Wheelers and Dealers Movie
Wheelers and Dealers

After being cited for reckless Jeep driving, Colonel Potter voluntarily takes driving lessons from Rizzo and B.J. decides he will make all the money he can to pay the second Mortgage, by gambling....

English   1981   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Settling Debts Movie
Settling Debts

Hawkeye receives a letter from Colonel Potters wife where she informs that she has paid the last mortgage on their home and asks Hawkeye and friends to throw a small surprise party for Potter to celebrate....

English   1982   25 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Private Finance Movie
Private Finance

Pierce deals with a dead soldier's ill-gotten gains, while a Korean mama attacks Klinger for dishonoring her daughter....

English, Korean   1979   25 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Nurse Doctor Movie
Nurse Doctor

The senior staff's attempt to help a nurse enter medical school to become a doctor is complicated by her unwanted romantic advances towards Father Mulcahy. Only Charles is unaffected by a drought and water shortage....

English   1979   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Identity Crisis Movie
Identity Crisis

Father Mulcahy counsels a guilt-ridden GI who swapped tags with a dead colleague. B.J. and Charles consider ways of keeping a soldier-salesman quiet, while Hawkeye and Margaret help another GI get even with the woman who jilted him....

English   1981   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Heroes Movie

A famous prizefighter, "Gentleman Joe" Cavanaugh, comes to visit the 4077th and while there, has a stroke. Everyone is irritated as Pierce, serving as his doctor, becomes spokesman to the ......

English   1982   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Goodbye, Cruel World Movie
Goodbye, Cruel World

When Klinger's attempt to redecorate his office is rejected, he decides to desert while Hawkeye has a homebound war hero patient who attempts suicide....

English   1980   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Depressing News Movie
Depressing News

When a supply snafu brings too many tongue depressors to camp, Hawkeye uses the extras to erect a monument to the wounded who have passed through camp. Klinger starts his own camp newspaper....

English   1981   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Death Takes a Holiday Movie
Death Takes a Holiday

While local orphans attend a Christmas party in the mess tent, Hawkeye, B.J., and Margaret try to save the life of a critically injured solider so that his family won't think of Christmas as the day that their father died....

English, Korean   1980   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Captains Outrageous Movie
Captains Outrageous

While the 4077th staff substitute for Rosie after she's injured in a brawl at her bar, Father Mulcahy is at the end of his patience when he is passed over for promotion yet again....

English, Greek, Turkish   1979   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Bottle Fatigue Movie
Bottle Fatigue

Hawkeye goes on the wagon and drives everyone crazy. When Winchester hears that his sister is going to marry an Italian, he goes nuts, doing everything in his power to stop the marriage....

English, Italian   1980   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Bombshells Movie

The whole 4077 are looking forward to a visit from Marilyn Monroe after a rumor starts; while B.J.'s fishing trip doesn't go as planned....

English   1982   25 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Bless You Hawkeye Movie
Bless You Hawkeye

Hawkeye starts inexplicably sneezing uncontrollably until Col. Potter suspects it's psychological in nature and calls in Dr. Freedman....

English   1981   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Back Pay Movie
Back Pay

Pierce is upset by the fact that civilian doctors are making a lot of money off the war, and decides to bill the army for all his work. Meanwhile, Winchester is reluctantly showing 3 Korean......

English, Korean   1980   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox As Time Goes By Movie
As Time Goes By

Margaret seeks contributions for a time capsule....

English, Korean   1983   25 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Are You Now, Margaret? Movie
Are You Now, Margaret?

A visiting Congressional aide accuses Margaret of being a Communist sympathizer and it could ruin her career. This dovetails with Klinger entering the Stars & Stripes photo contest....

English, Korean   1979   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox April Fools Movie
April Fools

Spit and polish Colonel Tucker visits the camp at the worst time during April Fool's Day. Klinger, egged on by Sergeant Rizzo, uses reverse psychology to try to get out of the Army....

English   1980   24 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-13
 Dan Wilcox Sex, Lies and Videotape Movie
Sex, Lies and Videotape

A photograph showing Lois and Superman leads the world to believe she is cheating on her husband. To keep Clark's identity a secret, Lois tries to expose the person behind the scandal....

English   1997   44 min   Dan Wilcox   2021-01-11
 Dan Wilcox Love or Money Movie
Love or Money

English   1989   30 min   Dan Wilcox   2020-11-30
 Dan Wilcox Call Me Incontestable Movie
Call Me Incontestable

Mark is startled his friend Alex Forman doesn't turn up for the dinner he promised Alex for passing his bar exam, then finds him, apparently suicide by hanging. Steve would believe the ......

English   1995   60 min   Dan Wilcox   2020-11-19
 Dan Wilcox One Angry Man Movie
One Angry Man

John fumes twice-once when he can't get out of the jury duty pool, and once when he isn't called to serve. Jake gets a dog....

English   2000   30 min   Dan Wilcox   2020-10-23
 Dan Wilcox Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen Movie
Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

In the closing days of the Korean War, the staff of the 4077 M*A*S*H Unit find themselves facing irrevocable changes in their lives....

English, Korean   1983   120 min   Dan Wilcox   2020-04-08
 Dan Wilcox FM Movie

Ted Costas, the program director for a free-form public radio station in Washington, D.C., has woman problems. The divorced father of a teenaged girl, Ted is still in love with his ex-wife,......

English   1989   30 min   Dan Wilcox   2020-03-30
 Dan Wilcox Run Till You Fall Movie
Run Till You Fall

English   1988   120 min   Dan Wilcox   2020-03-30
 Dan Wilcox

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