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Movies Written by Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher Birth of a Song Movie
Birth of a Song

English   1961   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-07-01
Bob Fisher Bentley Swims Upstream Movie
Bentley Swims Upstream

Howard and Kelly try their hand at writing a jingle for the salmon industry....

English   1961   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-07-01
Bob Fisher Trial Separation Movie
Trial Separation

After a disagreement with Mr. Gregg, Peter questions their compatibility and decides that it's best to have a week-long trial separation....

English   1960   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-06-30
Bob Fisher Bentley Meets the Perfect Woman Movie
Bentley Meets the Perfect Woman

Bentley begins dating an efficiency expert....

English   1960   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-06-28
Bob Fisher Spy vs. Guy Movie
Spy vs. Guy

English   2001   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-06-10
Bob Fisher Jefferson vs. Jefferson Movie
Jefferson vs. Jefferson

George and Louise's anniversary bicycle ride leads to a minor collision and a legal summons for George. But Louise insists on telling the truth rather than corroborating George's ethically shaky account of the incident....

English   1975   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-04-11
Bob Fisher Say Cheese Movie
Say Cheese

English   2000   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-03-10
Bob Fisher E.S. Putt Movie
E.S. Putt

English   1970   23 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-26
Bob Fisher Jolly Wally Movie
Jolly Wally

When Binghamton finds out that Parker is an old friend of a famous War Correspondent, he makes Parker the Base PR Officer, in the hope of becoming the subject of the Correspondent's next ......

English   1963   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-18
Bob Fisher Alias Captain Binghamton Movie
Alias Captain Binghamton

McHale and The Boys scheme to get rid of a troublesome new member of the 73 Crew, and, in the process, wind up in big trouble. But, the new Crewman - Who happens to be the spitting-image of......

English   1963   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-18
Bob Fisher Walter's Ethics Movie
Walter's Ethics

When Randolph Cutler is on the verge of a major business deal with Walter's store, Walter uses his secretary to make sure he agrees to the deal....

English   1975   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-17
Bob Fisher T*R*A*S*H Movie

Jefferson has joined the National Guard. He tells Al and Griff of the benefits: for one weekend once every month, one gets to party with a bunch of guys and even get paid for it! Of course,......

English   1997   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher Requiem for a Chevyweight: Part 1 Movie
Requiem for a Chevyweight: Part 1

Al's beloved Dodge is fading away. Through a frantic "emergency operation", Al manages to "stabilize" the Dodge's condition, but it still needs constant "life support". Al is unwilling to ......

English   1996   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher Lez Be Friends Movie
Lez Be Friends

Marcy wants the Bundys to stay indoors because her "identical" cousin Mandy is coming for a visit and Marcy doesn't want her to be repulsed by them. Mandy's flight, however, is early and ......

English   1997   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher How to Marry a Moron Movie
How to Marry a Moron

(Continuation of the previous episode) Lonnie is freed from prison because it was overcrowded. He asks Al's blessing for marrying Kelly. He even has a ring. Turns out that Lonnie is one of ......

English   1997   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher Grime and Punishment Movie
Grime and Punishment

Since Bud is actually earning money, Al starts charging rent for the basement. Bud and Al sign a lease and Bud pays his rent, after which he claims that the "apartment" is in need of repair......

English   1997   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher God Help Ye Merry Bundymen Movie
God Help Ye Merry Bundymen

It's Christmas. Al doesn't want a Christmas tree, the rest of the family do. Marcy is determined to win the neighborhood decorating contest. Gary hires two young guys, Hal and Biff, to help......

English   1996   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher Crimes Against Obesity Movie
Crimes Against Obesity

When Al goes too far with the fat insults, he's put on trial by all the obese women he has insulted over the years....

English   1996   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher Children of the Corns Movie
Children of the Corns

Gary declares a sales contest between Al and Griff - the winner gets a raise. However, an appearance of an immigrant child who works in Gary's illegal sweatshop gives Al a better idea than selling shoes....

English   1996   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher A Bundy Thanksgiving Movie
A Bundy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving. In Al's childhood, it was a tradition to eat aunt Maddie's potato pie on Thanksgiving, so Al takes a trip with Griff to see aunt Maddie in order to buy some pie. ......

English   1996   22 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher A Babe in Toyland Movie
A Babe in Toyland

When Kelly becomes successful on a kid's television show, she becomes a total bitch and control freak. Her manager, Bud, decides Princess Kelly should be taught a lesson she will not forget......

English   1997   21 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-16
Bob Fisher Wonderland Movie

English   1953   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-14
Bob Fisher Teacher's Daughter Movie
Teacher's Daughter

When Wally starts dating Julie Foster, the daughter of a teacher, Lumpy and Eddie tease that Wally is only seeing her to curry favor with her father, especially when Wally is later assigned to Mr. Foster's English class....

English, French   1961   30 min   Bob Fisher   2021-01-08
Bob Fisher What House Across the Street? Movie
What House Across the Street?

Jeannie invites Roger Healey to visit her home that she blinks one onto a nearby vacant lot and creates parents based upon characters she sees on TV....

English   1965   30 min   Bob Fisher   2020-12-24
Bob Fisher Baby Boom Movie
Baby Boom

English   1999   30 min   Bob Fisher   2020-12-04
Bob Fisher Trial by Conscience Movie
Trial by Conscience

Cheyenne, a Deputy U.S. Marshal, is sent to a town to bring law and order after the sheriff there is killed. He finds one man runs the town and is stealing it blind. Due to jealousy he kills a man but Cheyenne needs proof to stop him....

English   1959   60 min   Bob Fisher   2020-11-06
Bob Fisher The Square Peg Movie
The Square Peg

English   1964   60 min   Bob Fisher   2020-10-28
Bob Fisher Pinch That Penny Movie
Pinch That Penny

Bentley Gregg subcontracts the butler services of Rochester, while Jack Benny is away on vacation. He hopes that he can teach Peter to be more economical....

English   1962   30 min   Bob Fisher   2020-10-21
Bob Fisher Bentley Goes to Washington Movie
Bentley Goes to Washington

Bentley is being lured to join a prestigious law firm in Washington, DC. Of course, none of his friends and family want him to move....

English   1959   30 min   Bob Fisher   2020-10-21
Bob Fisher My Cousin, Art Carney Movie
My Cousin, Art Carney

Vera is Art Carney's cousin and she gets him to endorse Mel's chili....

English   1979   30 min   Bob Fisher   2020-10-15
Bob Fisher Wedding Crashers Movie
Wedding Crashers

John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, a pair of committed womanizers who sneak into weddings to take advantage of the romantic tinge in the air, find themselves at odds with one another when John meets and falls for Claire Cleary....

English   2005   119 min   Bob Fisher   2020-07-22
Bob Fisher Groucho: A Life in Revue Movie
Groucho: A Life in Revue

Groucho Marx recounts his life from a young performer to a beloved icon of entertainment....

English   2001   N/A   Bob Fisher   2020-05-15
Bob Fisher American Adventure Movie
American Adventure

two young girls going to massage school; and all they ever did was fool lonely old men into liking them knowing exactly what to do ever time and would receiving money and valuable from these men ....

English   2000   8 min   Bob Fisher   2020-04-13
Bob Fisher Groucho Movie

The life story of Groucho Marx....

English   1982   N/A   Bob Fisher   2020-03-30
Bob Fisher Cancel My Reservation Movie
Cancel My Reservation

Bob Hope is a stressed out talk show host who is sent on a vacation to Arizona on doctor's orders and has to play Sherlock Holmes with his wife, the lovely Eva Marie Saint, to solve a series of murders that has Bob as the prime suspect....

English   1972   99 min   Bob Fisher   2020-03-29
Bob Fisher I'll Take Sweden Movie
I'll Take Sweden

Single father Bob Holcomb, dissatisfied with his daughter JoJo's choice of partner, seizes an unexpected opportunity to bring her on a trip to Sweden in order for her to forget all thoughts......

English, Swedish   1965   97 min   Bob Fisher   2020-03-28
Bob Fisher Mickey Movie

Mickey Grady leaves the Coast Guard to manage a ritzy beach hotel with his wife Nora plus boys Timmy and Buddy. But former supervisor Sammy has left problems that creates crazy situations for the by the book Mickey....

English   1964   30 min   Bob Fisher   2020-03-28
Bob Fisher

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