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 Berne Giler
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Movies Written by Berne Giler

 Berne Giler Sea Explorers Movie
Sea Explorers

English   1955   30 min   Berne Giler   2021-03-15
 Berne Giler The Les Rand Story Movie
The Les Rand Story

Les Rand, just released from prison for murder, goes back home to kill the man he held responsible; his father, the doctor. Meanwhile, Flint is there to fetch the doctor to help someone injured. Les vows that no one will stand in his way....

English   1957   60 min   Berne Giler   2021-03-14
 Berne Giler Clipper Ship Movie
Clipper Ship

English   1957   90 min   Berne Giler   2021-02-08
 Berne Giler The Take Me to Your Leader Affair Movie
The Take Me to Your Leader Affair

Scientist Dr. Adrian Cool informs UNCLE that his radio telescope is showing a spaceship heading to Earth. At the same time, Dr. Cool's daughter is kidnapped. All of this has been devised by......

English   1966   60 min   Berne Giler   2021-01-15
 Berne Giler The Foreign Legion Affair Movie
The Foreign Legion Affair

Kuryakin, who has photographed Thrush codes needed by UNCLE, is captured by the criminal organization. He parachutes, with a stewardess, from a chartered aircraft over the North African ......

English   1966   60 min   Berne Giler   2021-01-15
 Berne Giler Leviathan Five Movie
Leviathan Five

Five men trapped in an underground Research Center determine that their oxygen will run out before they can be rescued They decide to have a "lottery" to choose who will have to die so the ......

English   1964   60 min   Berne Giler   2021-01-02
 Berne Giler War Party Movie
War Party

Cheyenne on an Army task is chased by the Sioux. He wounds a miner so he stays to help the miner and his wife. Three men wanted for selling faulty guns to the Sioux arrive with eyes for the wife and the gold although the Sioux threaten....

English   1957   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler Vengeance Is Mine Movie
Vengeance Is Mine

After spending five years in prison for a man, Ray Masters is in Gunnison to settle an old score with the man who has other enemies as well. Cheyenne, an old friend, has to stop him as the interim sheriff before he carries out his promise....

English   1962   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler Town of Fear Movie
Town of Fear

Cheyenne brings a bank robber into town to his old friend Sam. A popular rancher's son is "accidentally" killed by Sam when a drunken mob tries to hang him. It's up to Cheyenne to bring to justice the guilty party and free his friend....

English   1957   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler The Trap Movie
The Trap

Cheyenne rides into Stagge City (pop. 407) and is promptly arrested on trumped-up vagrant charges. After a "trial" lasting less then a minute, he's sentenced to 90 days hard-labor at the nearby silver mine - owned by Stagge....

English   1956   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler The Empty Gun Movie
The Empty Gun

Cheyenne is asked by Matt Reardon, a gunfighter, to help him with a mission after he rescues Cheyenne from a fight. Reardon wants to repay a debt to the widow of the first man he killed who was also his partner. Her son gets in the way....

English   1958   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler The Bounty Killers Movie
The Bounty Killers

Cheyenne's life is saved by a marshal who hires him as a deputy. The marshal is headed to the town of South Ford to arrest a man wanted for murder in Kansas. The reception they receive is chilly with Cheyenne questioning his decision....

English   1956   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler Standoff Movie

In Mexico Cheyenne finds a wounded man he takes to a local village which has a female doctor. He quickly learns the town is being held hostage by a vicious bandit who will burn the village if he doesn't find who shot two of his men....

English   1958   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler Hired Gun Movie
Hired Gun

A hit man is hired to kill a potential employer of Cheyenne's. When he tries to kill Cheyenne instead for recognizing him he is killed by the local sheriff. The sheriff then asks Cheyenne ......

English   1957   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler Decision at Gunsight Movie
Decision at Gunsight

Cheyenne is given the deed to a livery stable worth $3000 in Gunsight to repay a $1200 debt which sounds like a good deal. Unbeknownst to Cheyenne a $30 weekly protection payment to the Gerrard gang goes along with the stable....

English   1957   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-06
 Berne Giler Laugh Till I Die Movie
Laugh Till I Die

English   1961   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-11-05
 Berne Giler Borrowed Glory Movie
Borrowed Glory

Bronco finds himself involved in blackmail and murder when he discovers that a friend who won the Congressional Medal of Honor during the war may in fact not deserve it....

English   1959   60 min   Berne Giler   2020-10-31
 Berne Giler Moving Vanities Movie
Moving Vanities

Errol moves out of his apartment when the landlord raises the rent, but encounters the usual headaches and difficulties in finding a new place....

English   1939   17 min   Berne Giler   2020-04-10
 Berne Giler Crime Rave Movie
Crime Rave

When a crime wave hits town, bank robbers find haven in Errol's home....

English   1939   18 min   Berne Giler   2020-04-09
 Berne Giler Two for the Money Movie
Two for the Money

English   1942   17 min   Berne Giler   2020-04-01
 Berne Giler Love Your Landlord Movie
Love Your Landlord

English   1944   18 min   Berne Giler   2020-04-01
 Berne Giler Tarzan's Three Challenges Movie
Tarzan's Three Challenges

The spiritual leader of an oriental country is dying. The leader's evil brother Khan is plotting to prevent Kashi, the youthful heir, from assuming his rightful position. Tarzan is summoned......

English   1963   92 min   Berne Giler   2020-03-28
 Berne Giler

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