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Ben Hecht
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Movies Written by Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht The Ten Commandments Movie
The Ten Commandments

English   1959   60 min   Ben Hecht   2020-08-27
Ben Hecht The Front Page Movie
The Front Page

English   1970   90 min   Ben Hecht   2020-06-07
Ben Hecht Light's Diamond Jubilee Movie
Light's Diamond Jubilee

English   1954   120 min   Ben Hecht   2020-05-14
Ben Hecht Le spectre vert Movie
Le spectre vert

A group of people who knew each other years before discover that members of the group are being killed off one by one by someone who calls himself (or herself) The Green Ghost. The ......

French   1930   N/A   Ben Hecht   2020-04-08
Ben Hecht Watchtower Over Tomorrow Movie
Watchtower Over Tomorrow

Short documentary film about the Dumbarton Oaks plan and the proposed formation of the United Nations....

English   1945   15 min   Ben Hecht   2020-04-06
Ben Hecht Kiss of Death Movie
Kiss of Death

A reformed convict goes undercover with the help of an angry detective to ensnare a psychotic mobster....

English   1995   101 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-31
Ben Hecht Notorious Movie

After Alicia Velorus' father is convicted as a communist spy, CIA asks her to prove her loyalty by getting close to her father's friend, who's a suspected arms dealer. In the meantime she and her CIA contact Devlin fall in love....

English   1992   100 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-31
Ben Hecht Switching Channels Movie
Switching Channels

A television news chief courts his anchorwoman ex-wife with an eleventh-hour story....

English   1988   105 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-30
Ben Hecht The Front Page Movie
The Front Page

As a tabloid newspaper editor tries to prevent his top reporter from retiring, an escaped death row convict shows up at the office trying to convey his innocence....

English   1974   105 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-29
Ben Hecht The Fiend Who Walked the West Movie
The Fiend Who Walked the West

In this western remake of Kiss of Death (1947), a convicted bank robber serving his sentence, and wishing nothing more than to finish his time and get back to his family, gets involved with......

English   1958   101 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
Ben Hecht Actors and Sin Movie
Actors and Sin

Two-part story--the first is about a washed-up Broadway actor and his tough daughter, who is a bigger star than he is; the second is about a literary agent whose newest client--a ......

English   1952   82 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
Ben Hecht Notorious Movie

A woman is asked to spy on a group of Nazi friends in South America. How far will she have to go to ingratiate herself with them?...

English, French, Portuguese   1946   102 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
Ben Hecht China Girl Movie
China Girl

In November 1941, American news photographer Johnny 'Bugsy' Williams manages to escape from the Japanese and finds himself back in Burma where he meets the beautiful Miss Haoli Young. ......

English, Mandarin, Japanese   1942   95 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
Ben Hecht Angels Over Broadway Movie
Angels Over Broadway

A cuckolded embezzler on the verge of suicide is helped by a tout, an alcoholic playwright, and a pick-up girl to reimburse the money with a gambling sting....

English   1940   79 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
Ben Hecht Soak the Rich Movie
Soak the Rich

English   1936   87 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
Ben Hecht Once in a Blue Moon Movie
Once in a Blue Moon

A group of Russian nobles fleeing the Bolshevik revolution meet up with a traveling circus. To escape their pursuers, they disguise themselves as members fo the circus troupe....

English   1935   67 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
Ben Hecht Crime Without Passion Movie
Crime Without Passion

Prominent lawyer shoots unfaithful girlfriend during quarrel, has to establish alibi....

English, Spanish   1934   70 min   Ben Hecht   2020-03-28
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