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Alvin Boretz
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Movies Written by Alvin Boretz

Alvin Boretz Heat of Anger Movie
Heat of Anger

An uncontrolled temper outburst causes a cadet is confined to quarters for the weekend his girlfriend comes to the Point unannounced. Enlisting his roommate to show her around exposes his jealousy and damages the cadets' friendship....

English   1956   30 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-03-15
Alvin Boretz Show Me a Hero Movie
Show Me a Hero

While returning to Shiloh Trampas injures his horse saving a man with a runaway team. He is forced to stay a few days in a small town with the man as an old friend arrives to force the town to sign over its gambling rights to him....

English   1965   75 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-03-13
Alvin Boretz Death Watch Movie
Death Watch

Officers Danko and Webster must find an escaped convict infected with spiral meningitis before he spreads the disease to the general population. But they must also find his ex-wife because he is bent on killing her....

English   1974   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-02-17
Alvin Boretz The Seeing Heart Movie
The Seeing Heart

A blind priest is hospitalized with an ulcer. He is then asked to help a blind Jewish boy prepare for his bar mitzvah....

English   1964   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-31
Alvin Boretz The Politician Movie
The Politician

English   1965   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-31
Alvin Boretz A Dangerous Silence Movie
A Dangerous Silence

English   1965   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-31
Alvin Boretz The Private Eye Puzzle Movie
The Private Eye Puzzle

English   1968   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-26
Alvin Boretz The Daughter of Mata Hari Movie
The Daughter of Mata Hari

English   1957   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-17
Alvin Boretz The Seventh Day Movie
The Seventh Day

When a convict turned minister is run out of town by Clay Morgan and his gang, he turns to Parmalee for help. Parmalee decides to send Chad and Erik to the town posing as ministers to uncover the truth and take down the gang....

English   1967   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-04
Alvin Boretz On the Edge Movie
On the Edge

An aging detective with a troubled home life is hard-driven to crack one last headline-grabbing case, even if it means breaking the rules to get it done....

English   1976   48 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-01
Alvin Boretz My Brother, My Enemy Movie
My Brother, My Enemy

Rick Daly is a young, trigger-happy cop with good intentions to help people. In response to a knife-killing, he is too quick on the trigger and winds up killing a preteen boy. Kojak ......

English   1975   48 min   Alvin Boretz   2021-01-01
Alvin Boretz But When She Was Bad, ... Movie
But When She Was Bad, ...

English   1971   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-12-26
Alvin Boretz The Witch Doctor Movie
The Witch Doctor

A young woman is admitted to Blair and discovered to be suffering from a subdural hematoma. Fearful of hospitals, she asks to be released, though Kildare tells her she needs to be operated ......

English   1962   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-11-23
Alvin Boretz Holiday Weekend Movie
Holiday Weekend

The staff at Blair prepares for an influx of accident victims on the holiday weekend, but they are not prepared for one of the victims being one of their own interns, who is critically injured....

English   1961   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-11-23
Alvin Boretz The Thin Line Movie
The Thin Line

English   1961   30 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-10-31
Alvin Boretz Chelsea D.H.O. Movie
Chelsea D.H.O.

Dr. Sam Delaney a caring physician in charge of a District Health Office in Philadelphia, treats his patient as well as the patient's illness....

English   1973   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-09-10
Alvin Boretz Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies Movie
Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies

A catholic nun tries hard to protect and integrate in society a number of young women with a past in reform schools or even prisons. Lack of funds, troublemakers in the group, outside ......

English   1987   100 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-03-30
Alvin Boretz Crisis in Sun Valley Movie
Crisis in Sun Valley

Semi-follow up to "The Deadly Triangle" dealing with a sheriff and his deputy in a sleepy ski town involved with a group of urbanites planning a dangerous mountain climb as well as ......

English   1978   100 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-03-29
Alvin Boretz Brass Target Movie
Brass Target

In 1945, General Patton sends Germany's confiscated gold reserves to Frankfurt, but the Army train is robbed by plotters who also hire a Swiss hitman to kill the General....

English, German, Russian   1978   111 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-03-29
Alvin Boretz Corey: For the People Movie
Corey: For the People

A wealthy socialite is accused of killing her husband. She claims self-defense as a battered wife, and the district attorney plans to go along with that. However, an assistant district ......

English   1977   73 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-03-29
Alvin Boretz Spider-Man Movie

When an extortionist threatens to force a multi-suicide unless a huge ransom is paid, only Peter Parker can stop him with his new powers as Spider-Man....

English   1977   92 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-03-29
Alvin Boretz Lights Out Movie
Lights Out

A toymaker develops a method to create dolls that kill....

English   1972   60 min   Alvin Boretz   2020-03-29
Alvin Boretz

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