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Western The Hard Ride Movie
The Hard Ride

Action and death follow a legendary gunfighter and his close friends to 1876 Deadwood, Dakota Territory....

English   2017   N/A   Western   2020-10-02
Western Purgatory Movie

A broken-down sheriff is forced to join forces with an obsessed Victorian vampire hunter to defeat an undead force consuming a small frontier town in 1892 New Mexico....

English   2016   N/A   Western   2020-09-20
Western Gallowwalkers Movie

A cursed gunman (Snipes) whose victims come back from the dead recruits a young warrior to help in the fight against a gang of zombies....

English   2012   90 min   Western   2021-05-06
Western Cowboys & Aliens Movie
Cowboys & Aliens

A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys and natives are all that stand in their way....

English, Apache languages   2011   119 min   Western   2020-08-01
Western Río de oro Movie
Río de oro

Sonora, Mexico, 1852. During war with the apaches and the invasion of the US in Mexico, a muleteer decides to leave home to find a better place to live. To do so he will have to cross the land of the Chiricahuas to find gold....

English, Spanish, Navajo   2010   100 min   Western   2021-05-14
Western Silo Killer 2: The Wrath of Kyle Movie
Silo Killer 2: The Wrath of Kyle

This time, the Silo Killer is hunted down by the brother of one of his original victims, a bounty hunter, Kyle and his sidekick The White Knight Ninja Of Sorts....

English   2009   90 min   Western   2020-08-22
Western Mexican Gold Movie
Mexican Gold

After the brazen escape from his sentence to be hanged, infamous outlaw Jack Barnett cons a crooked judge, local saloon gal and an old partner into partaking in the heist of a lifetime. ......

English   2009   95 min   Western   2021-05-07
Western Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler & Injun Joe Movie
Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler & Injun Joe

A has been Cowboy and Indian television duo struggle to make ends meet....

English   2009   100 min   Western   2021-04-10
Western The Battle for Bunker Hill Movie
The Battle for Bunker Hill

When former Wall Street executive Peter Salem is released from prison, he heads for the small town of Bunker Hill, Kansas, where his ex-wife and their children have started a new life. Soon......

English   2008   N/A   Western   2021-05-14
Western Appaloosa Movie

Two friends hired to police a small town that is suffering under the rule of a rancher find their job complicated by the arrival of a young widow....

English, Apache languages, Spanish   2008   115 min   Western   2021-04-16
Western Comanche Moon Movie
Comanche Moon

The adventures and love lives of young Texas Rangers Woodrow Call and Augustus McRae leading up to their retirement to the city of Lonesome Dove....

English, Shoshoni, Spanish, French   2008   360 min   Western   2021-04-04
Western Blood Loss Movie
Blood Loss

Jake Reid's father died in a bloody massacre 15 years ago in Covelo, California, after participating in a botched robbery-the loot from which was never found. Jake comes to this small ......

English   2008   90 min   Western   2021-05-07
Western Australia Movie

Set in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a stock-man in order to protect her new property from a takeover plot. As the pair drive 2,000 head of cattle over unforgiving landscape, they experience the bombing of Darwin, ...

English, Aboriginal, Chinese, Japanese   2008   165 min   Western   2020-09-08
Western Shoot First and Pray You Live (Because Luck Has Nothing to Do with It) Movie
Shoot First and Pray You Live (Because Luck Has Nothing to Do with It)

Tale of vengeance -- outlaw style -- as Red Pierre hunts down legendary gunman Bob McGurk to avenge the murder of his Mother and Father....

English   2008   110 min   Western   2021-04-28
Western The Burrowers Movie
The Burrowers

In the Wild West a rescue party sets out to find a family of settlers that has vanished from their home under mysterious circumstances....

English, French, Sioux   2008   96 min   Western   2020-09-01
Western Dual Movie

The winner of Best Independent Action Film* DUAL follows drifter Luke Twain in the late 1800s when he discovers a town where all the inhabitants has been brutally murdered. Making a choice ......

English   2008   89 min   Western   2020-09-27
Western Three Priests Movie
Three Priests

Seething with familial conflicts and yearnings, Three Priests offers a powerful journey of affection, fear and fate....

English   2008   89 min   Western   2020-09-29
Western The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Movie
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Robert Ford, who's idolized Jesse James since childhood, tries hard to join the reforming gang of the Missouri outlaw, but gradually becomes resentful of the bandit leader....

English, Danish   2007   160 min   Western   2020-08-31
Western Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Movie
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

A historic chronicle based on the book by Dee Brown explains how Native Americans were displaced as the United States expanded west....

English   2007   133 min   Western   2021-05-01
Western Ghost Town: The Movie Movie
Ghost Town: The Movie

Dean Teaster's GHOST TOWN "The Movie", is a unique "Eastern" Western. It is N.C. native Dean Teaster's tribute to his father Robert Doyle Teaster and "Ghost Town In The Sky" theme park. The......

English   2007   115 min   Western   2021-05-20
Western Undead or Alive: A Zombedy Movie
Undead or Alive: A Zombedy

Elmer Winslow is a soldier on the run from the Union Army, and Luke Budd is a cowboy with a broken heart. When the two misfits rob the corrupt sheriff of an old west town, they have no idea that a plague of zombies is sweeping the country, or that Geronimo's sexy niece may be their only hope of surv...

English   2007   91 min   Western   2021-04-12
Western Sugar Creek Movie
Sugar Creek

A stylish, supernatural thriller, set in the wake of the Civil War....

English   2007   95 min   Western   2021-04-23
Western 3:10 to Yuma Movie
3:10 to Yuma

A small-time rancher agrees to hold a captured outlaw who's awaiting a train to go to court in Yuma. A battle of wills ensues as the outlaw tries to psych out the rancher....

English, Chinese   2007   122 min   Western   2020-07-12
Western Shiloh Falls Movie
Shiloh Falls

Shiloh Falls is an exhilarating tale of good versus evil set in the untamed wild west. Gritty lawman John Gaffney has finally tracked down the murderous Dalton Taggert and his gang to the ......

English   2007   90 min   Western   2021-04-19
Western Montana Sky Movie
Montana Sky

The wealthy stock dealer bequeaths his Montana farm to the three daughters provided they would live there together at least for a year....

English   2007   96 min   Western   2021-05-27
Western Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa Movie
Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa

Don Diego de la Vega opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro....

Spanish   2007   45 min   Western   2021-05-15
Western Moondance Alexander Movie
Moondance Alexander

Moondance (Kay Panabaker) is faced with her father's passing and her overprotective mother (Lori Loughlin). When she finds a lost horse and discovers his abilities, she convinces his owner (Don Johnson) to train them to compete....

English   2007   94 min   Western   2021-05-05
Western Fighting with Anger Movie
Fighting with Anger

Ray, a young female master assassin with dark past, is hired by a mysterious aging hitman, Will. When she kills an innocent person by mistake and botches the job, she become the target of Will's deadly boss and the Korean government....

English   2007   90 min   Western   2021-05-04
Western The Quick and the Undead Movie
The Quick and the Undead

Eighty-two years ago a viral outbreak turned three quarters of the world population into the walking dead. Now, Bounty Hunters are humanity's only salvation....

English   2006   80 min   Western   2020-10-06
Western Love's Abiding Joy Movie
Love's Abiding Joy

The continued Westward journey of settlers Missie and Willie Lahaye. Their roots now firmly planted as they set up homestead in the far West, Missie begins to realize her passion for ......

N/A   2006   87 min   Western   2021-04-05
Western The Far Side of Jericho Movie
The Far Side of Jericho

Jericho. In the 1880's. Three women of the wild West, widows of an outlawed gang of brothers recently hanged, find themselves running for their lives from a corrupt posse of vigilantes, ......

English   2006   99 min   Western   2020-09-14
Western Bandidas Movie

In turn-of-the-century Mexico, two very different women become a bank-robbing duo in an effort to combat a ruthless enforcer terrorizing their town....

English, Spanish   2006   93 min   Western   2020-08-06
Western Unauthorized Cinnamon Movie
Unauthorized Cinnamon

A meeting of the elders occurs with surprising results, Doc's absence is noted by Swearengen, Alma battles her addiction, and Sol offers Trixie something she never expected....

English   2006   50 min   Western   2020-11-17
Western Seraphim Falls Movie
Seraphim Falls

At the end of the Civil War, a colonel hunts down a man with whom he has a grudge....

English   2006   115 min   Western   2020-09-25
Western The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided Movie
The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided

Joshua Steed returns to Missouri a wealthy man with a beautiful wife; however, the past has a way of catching up. Soon Joshua is tangled in a web of rumors, deception and betrayal that ......

English   2006   89 min   Western   2020-09-11
Western A Two-Headed Beast Movie
A Two-Headed Beast

Tolliver looks for a representative, the Captain calls Dan out, Swearengen continues to be perplexed by Hearst's moves, and Alma and Ellsworth's relationship takes a turn....

English   2006   53 min   Western   2020-11-17
Western Requiem for Billy the Kid Movie
Requiem for Billy the Kid

Requiem for Billy the Kid recounts the life of Billy the Kid. The premise of the film is an investigation into the often-challenged circumstances that led to the death of the 21-year old ......

English   2006   90 min   Western   2021-05-22
Western The Purgatory Movie
The Purgatory

The plot is an original subject of director Leonardo Corbucci for a feature. it is a sort of Purgatory that repeats like a cycle, in order to be able to redeem the worst of sins. The desert......

English   2006   12 min   Western   2021-05-10
Western Tell Your God to Ready for Blood Movie
Tell Your God to Ready for Blood

Elections are just days away, and Bullock lets his temper get away from him. Alma's pregnancy is not progressing as expected, and Swearengen baits Hearst....

English   2006   53 min   Western   2020-11-17
Western The Decoy Movie
The Decoy

A deputy must escort a longtime friend to be hanged for the crime of murdering his wife's parents. Along the way he discovers the startling truth about the murders, and is forced to face the real danger....

English   2006   109 min   Western   2020-10-03
Western Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine Movie
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine

English   2006   N/A   Western   2020-09-07
Western Leviathan Smiles Movie
Leviathan Smiles

The letter is published, Wyatt Earp hits town, delays continue with the theater, and Hearst makes a move....

English   2006   53 min   Western   2020-11-17
Western Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy Movie
Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy

Three boy scouts, one a great-nephew of Butch Cassidy, and their pretty girl friend hunt for the lost treasure of the legendary bank robber in 1950s Utah. A modern gang of outlaws wants to ......

English   2006   90 min   Western   2020-09-29
Western I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For Movie
I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For

Campaign speeches are rescheduled, Sol makes an investment, Alma's condition worsens, and Hearst starts a deadly game with Swearengen....

English   2006   52 min   Western   2020-11-17
Western Texas Ranch House Movie
Texas Ranch House

A group of young men and a California suburban family agree to live and work on a typical Texas cattle ranch for two months, according to the customs and technologies of the 1860's....

English   2006   N/A   Western   2021-04-05
Western Venice Knights Movie
Venice Knights

Bobby and Harry are the best surfing instructors in Venice Beach but still poor...and struggling...one day three mysterious young surfing students leave them a special box with a situation which forces them to go through adventures out of the country in order to save a loved one....

English   2006   82 min   Western   2021-04-15
Western Broken Trail Movie
Broken Trail

A veteran cowboy and his nephew save five Chinese girls from prostitution while trekking from Oregon to Wyoming....

English, Mandarin, Crow   2006   184 min   Western   2020-09-27
Western Desolation Canyon Movie
Desolation Canyon

Following a bank robbery, the responsible gang stops by the home of one of their members and kidnaps his son. The sheriff enlists the aid of a retired gunfighter, who is the boy's ......

English   2006   80 min   Western   2020-09-14
Western The Bride Wore Blood Movie
The Bride Wore Blood

A bounty killer is hired to protect a bride-to-be in this contemporary Western. When secrets reveal the past, blood is shed and a deadly mystery unfolds....

English   2006   60 min   Western   2021-05-16
Western A Rich Find Movie
A Rich Find

Hearst's feathers are ruffled, Aunt Lou's son comes to town, and Bullock and Swearengen make a decision....

English   2006   52 min   Western   2020-11-17

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