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 Short Landscape with the Fall of Icarus Movie
Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

English   2016   26 min   Short   2020-04-01
 Short Disaster! Movie

Turkish, English   2015   N/A   Short   2020-04-04
 Short Eloise Movie

Eloise's husband, Leo, is on the verge. His relationship-triangle between Eloise and a little girl named Dawn becomes severely blurred....

English   2014   11 min   Short   2021-05-13
 Short Edie: Girl on Fire Movie
Edie: Girl on Fire

Model, film star, muse, socialite, icon. Edie Sedgwick was the very first "it" girl of the Andy Warhol Factory scene. The arc of her life traced the rise and fall of the 1960s recklessness.......

English   2010   28 min   Short   2020-05-15
 Short Death of a Nation Movie
Death of a Nation

A powerful film that examines the "progress" of our present day culture through the eyes of the oppressor....

English   2010   26 min   Short   2020-07-05
 Short Turning It Over Movie
Turning It Over

English   2010   N/A   Short   2020-07-10
 Short Seed Movie

N/A   2009   12 min   Short   2020-06-15
 Short The Watch Movie
The Watch

An unappreciated and disliked TV station worker has a reversal of fortune with the impulsive purchase a mystical watch....

English   2009   22 min   Short   2020-07-12
 Short Proinhibition Movie

The head of a futuristic treatment center must battle his own return to the bottle while obsessing over a dominatrix who is one of the center's patients....

English   2009   30 min   Short   2020-08-02
 Short Dawnland Movie

A young Abenaki chief in 1774 loses his family in an attack and attempts to redress his loss by taking a young white girl prisoner. She, too, is without a family, for very different reasons. What they discover surprises both of them....

English, Italian   2009   N/A   Short   2020-09-13
 Short Chubby Killer Movie
Chubby Killer

Scary tales featuring bloodthirsty supernatural forces, a séance gone wrong and bloodthirsty psycho killers....

English   2009   8 min   Short   2021-03-27
 Short The Chronicles of Hollow Earth: The Next Race Movie
The Chronicles of Hollow Earth: The Next Race

Mankind has lost a 300-year war against a genetically enhanced race they created and tortured. Now the descendants of that race -- known as the "ghen" -- control the planet from advanced ......

English   2009   38 min   Short   2021-04-09
 Short Pink Eye Movie
Pink Eye

Today was supposed to be a very big day for William, until he woke up with pink eye. Can this dreaded infection change the course of his entire life?...

English   2009   10 min   Short   2021-04-25
 Short The Crooked Eye Movie
The Crooked Eye

A day in the life of Sharon as she struggles with a recent divorce and a current perception problem....

English   2009   18 min   Short   2021-05-18
 Short Shadow of a Candle Movie
Shadow of a Candle

Set during the 1930's, a young woman is haunted by the spirits that live within her room....

English   2008   N/A   Short   2020-04-04
 Short The Rules Movie
The Rules

A lonely, bored housewife gets in over her head in a game with a mysterious woman. When boundaries get crossed, consequences ensue....

English   2008   29 min   Short   2020-07-30
 Short Here Comes Dr. Tran Movie
Here Comes Dr. Tran

English   2008   8 min   Short   2020-08-02
 Short Reaper Movie

When the Grim Reaper suffers a mid life crisis, his good pal Jesus is at the ready with a therapy referral....

English   2008   26 min   Short   2020-08-13
 Short Cargo Movie

Spanish   2008   13 min   Short   2020-09-02
 Short Soccer Mom Detective Movie
Soccer Mom Detective

Anita Forcucci juggles the duties of motherhood with her career as a private detective on the case of a kidnapped cat. But the deeper she digs, the deeper it gets....

English   2008   7 min   Short   2020-09-24
 Short Thinking Grande: Creating California's Mexican Wonderland Movie
Thinking Grande: Creating California's Mexican Wonderland

A documentary film about Jose Luis Bonilla--immigrant, businessman, folk artist, inter-cultural ambassador, visionary--and his unfinished 'Mexican Disneyland' in the heart of California....

N/A   2008   30 min   Short   2021-03-27
 Short Life-to-Go Movie

English   2008   N/A   Short   2021-03-29
 Short Adventure Time Movie
Adventure Time

Pen and his trusty dog, Jake, have their peaceful day interrupted when they discover that Princess Bubblegum has been kidnapped by the Evil Ice King. They immediately come to her aid. What time is it? Adventure time....

English   2008   7 min   Short   2021-04-05
 Short Beautiful Movie

English   2008   7 min   Short   2021-04-18
 Short Reflections Movie

When Carol looks into a mirror -- any mirror -- she sees images that horrify and repulse her. She's not a Medium, she's not a Ghost Whisperer, she's a frightened young woman on the edge of ......

English   2008   16 min   Short   2021-04-23
 Short Paperboat Movie

What do you do when following your dream means closing the door on your past? Melanie must choose between a lifelong love in Greece and a blossoming career in America....

Greek   2008   18 min   Short   2021-04-29
 Short Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk Movie
Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

A documentary about a 15-day river-rafting trip on the Colorado River aimed at highlighting water conservation issues....

English   2008   44 min   Short   2021-05-26
 Short Served Cold Movie
Served Cold

Set in the neo-noir/future-noir world of "the city," SERVED COLD is the story of Hank Grey, a man with a lot of irons in the fire, and haunted by a tragedy that took him to the end of his ......

English   2008   7 min   Short   2021-05-30
 Short Journey Across India Movie
Journey Across India

Actress Aishwarya Rai narrates and re-enacts aspects of the life of Mumtaz, the inspiration for the construction of India's Taj Mahal....

English   2007   40 min   Short   2020-06-19
 Short The Hatching of Spider Baby Movie
The Hatching of Spider Baby

Documentary focusing on Jack Hill's classic film, Spider Baby. Featured on the new Special Edition DVD....

English   2007   32 min   Short   2020-07-23
 Short Revolver Movie

Isolated and surrounded by a desolate and forbidding landscape, the abandoned mill town should have been perfect. The plan was so simple. Afterward, he'd meet them here, divide up the loot,......

English   2007   17 min   Short   2020-08-04
 Short Room Service Movie
Room Service

A disinherited heiress winds up taking a hotel job so she can pay off her huge debts....

English   2007   17 min   Short   2020-08-24
 Short Wanted Movie

A man finds unexpected hope in a dead and haunting world....

English   2007   N/A   Short   2020-09-04
 Short The Forest Hills Movie
The Forest Hills

Michelle and Elaine Torrance, co-founders of the hottest horror website,, go on a trip through Prestonsfield, Kentucky in search of an urban legend deep within 'The Forest Hills'....

English   2007   16 min   Short   2020-09-05
 Short Silent Night Movie
Silent Night

A dramatic piece about a dysfunctional couple who in the midst of a major argument, make decisions that will change their lives forever....

English   2007   11 min   Short   2020-09-09
 Short The Land Before Time Movie
The Land Before Time

The further adventures of Littlefoot and his gang learning about the world of dinosaurs....

English   2007   23 min   Short   2020-09-21
 Short Saving Angelo Movie
Saving Angelo

Based on a true story by Dominic Scott Kay, "Saving Angelo" is the heartwarming story of a boy who discovers an abandoned dog left for dead on the side of the road who he ultimately brings ......

English   2007   N/A   Short   2020-09-24
 Short Matters of Life and Death Movie
Matters of Life and Death

Three siblings struggle to maintain control of their lives after the unexpected death of their parents thrusts them into an uncertain world of adulthood....

English   2007   28 min   Short   2020-09-25
 Short Below the Fold Movie
Below the Fold

This documentary tells the little known story of how, in 1984, a group of young journalists battled institutional prejudice to forever change the newspaper industry becoming the first ......

English   2007   20 min   Short   2020-09-25
 Short The Spare Room Movie
The Spare Room

English   2007   8 min   Short   2020-09-26
 Short The Terrorist She Freaks of Texas Movie
The Terrorist She Freaks of Texas

Post-millennial America was supposed to be a futuristic utopia marked by progress and optimism. Who could've known that a group of crazed reactionaries would take over the United States ......

English   2007   25 min   Short   2021-04-16
 Short El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera Movie
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

The daily adventures of a 12 year old Mexican superhero dealing with bizarre enemies, as well as his own superhero father and villain grandfather....

English   2007   N/A   Short   2021-04-20
 Short My Friends Tigger & Pooh Movie
My Friends Tigger & Pooh

A girl and her dog have adventures with tigger and pooh in the hundred acre woods...

English, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Abkhaz   2007   30 min   Short   2021-04-20
 Short The Eyes of Samir Movie
The Eyes of Samir

An American Journalist awaits her execution by beheading, from terrorist sleeper cell....

English   2007   N/A   Short   2021-04-21
 Short Fortune Hunters Movie
Fortune Hunters

A fortune cookie writer accidentally sends a love letter to his ex-girlfriend out into the world as fortunes, leading the city's lonely hearts to converge on his romantic rendezvous....

English, Mandarin   2007   20 min   Short   2021-04-21
 Short Flatland: The Movie Movie
Flatland: The Movie

Based on Edwin Abott's book "Flatland", this is an animated film about geometric characters living in a two-dimensional world. When a young girl named "Hex" decides to "think outside the ......

English   2007   34 min   Short   2021-04-25
 Short Sanity or Survival Movie
Sanity or Survival

English   2007   15 min   Short   2021-05-06
 Short This Is My Friend Movie
This Is My Friend

English   2007   30 min   Short   2021-05-06
 Short The Singer Downstairs Movie
The Singer Downstairs

She was a singer with cheesy music down on her luck. Her dog Buster hadn't eaten and was pissed. Then a little a bit of luck came knocking and changed everything....

English   2007   15 min   Short   2021-05-09
 Short 00:01:18 Movie

English   2007   N/A   Short   2021-05-17
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