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 Mystery Wazir Movie

A grief-stricken cop and an amputee grandmaster are brought together by a peculiar twist of fate as part of a wider conspiracy that has darkened their lives....

Hindi   2016   103 min   Mystery   2020-05-27
 Mystery Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge Movie
Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge

Ali, his younger brother, Azaan alias Munna, his girlfriend, Mehak and childhood friend, Inder Saxena hangs out. Ali and Inder are marks-man target shooters who never misses their aim which......

Hindi   2002   160 min   Mystery   2020-05-24
 Mystery Vadh Movie

Dr. Arjun Singh (Nana Patekar) is a leading doctor specializing in psycology. His wife Jyoti (Anupama Verma) is much younger in age than him. Not completely fulfilled, this leads her to ......

Hindi   2002   N/A   Mystery   2020-05-26
 Mystery Raaz Movie

Sanjana and Aditya decide to give their marriage one last chance. They plan a holiday in Ooty, but they don't know that a strange figure is waiting for them to come....

Hindi, Tamil   2002   151 min   Mystery   2020-05-22
 Mystery Ajnabee Movie

Bobby Deol and Kareena Kapoor play a new couple who get married and move to Switzerland. They make friends with their new neighbours Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu. Life seems perfect until one day when Bobby Deol wakes up in Akshay's house and finds out that Akshay's wife has been murdered. Bobby De...

Hindi   2001   165 min   Mystery   2020-05-01
 Mystery Style Movie

In an attempt to woo the rich women, two prankster-loving men becomes prime suspects of a murder of a woman....

Hindi   2001   157 min   Mystery   2020-05-21
 Mystery Shirdi Sai Baba Movie
Shirdi Sai Baba

This is the story of the great saint of India, Shirdi Sai Baba. It starts from two immigrants in modern America, one very devotional, one an atheist. It then goes back to Shirdi in the days......

Hindi   2001   150 min   Mystery   2020-05-13
 Mystery Kasoor Movie

Shekhar appoints Simran, a lawyer with an impeccable record, to represent him as he was accused of murdering his wife and soon she starts falling in love with him. Little she knows that Shekhar has some darker intentions....

Hindi   2001   151 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Pilots Movie

Bobby has to solve the mystery of Megha Mathew who is hiding in the convent as Sr. Cindrella....

Malayalam   2000   N/A   Mystery   2020-05-05
 Mystery Tarkieb Movie

A CID inspector tries to crack the murder case of a young woman....

Hindi, Urdu   2000   156 min   Mystery   2020-04-13
 Mystery Crime File Movie
Crime File

Malayalam   1999   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-15
 Mystery Bindhaast Movie

Mayu and Vaiju decide to play a prank on their aunt....

Marathi, Hindi   1999   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Kaun? Movie

While alone in the house, a woman hears news of serial killer on the loose. And then a stranger rings the doorbell......

Hindi   1999   90 min   Mystery   2020-04-06
 Mystery Achanak Movie

Arjun (Govinda) lives a charmed life, surrounded by the family he loves and working at his family's thriving business. Then he meets Pooja (Manisha Koirala), and his life gets even better. ......

Hindi   1998   160 min   Mystery   2020-05-07
 Mystery Sidhartha Movie

Malayalam   1998   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-11
 Mystery 2001: Do Hazaar Ek Movie
2001: Do Hazaar Ek

Following the brutal slaying of a call-girl named Julie in Bombay city, two police inspectors, namely Anil Sharma and Rajat Bedi, are assigned to investigate and bring the culprit(s) to ......

Hindi   1998   149 min   Mystery   2020-04-28
 Mystery Harikrishnans Movie

Harikrishnans are investigating the murder case of Guptan...

Malayalam   1998   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-11
 Mystery Janathipathyam Movie

R D Nayanar, the former Asst City Police Commissioner of Trivandrum, comes back to the city after a gap of seven years. Not as the police commissioner.....

Malayalam   1997   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-28
 Mystery Swabhimaan Movie

'Swaabhimaan' is a sizzling saga of our supercharged times. Every afternoon viewers meet the most exciting people in town - Svetlana, Rishabh, Ranjana Devi, Devika, Mahen, Nishi and Ronnie.......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Mystery   2020-05-22
 Mystery Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary Movie
Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary

Malayalam   1995   129 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Dulaara Movie

Raja's adopted father, James Joyner was once a career-criminal who was gun down by the police; thus when there are killings in and around the city Raja became a suspect by the police - only......

Hindi   1994   N/A   Mystery   2020-03-31
 Mystery The Cloud Door Movie
The Cloud Door

A very clever parrot lives in a Hindu palace, surrounded by many beautiful girls, but the parrot escapes, and is trapped far from the palace. One day, when its new owner is sleeping, the ......

Hindi   1994   29 min   Mystery   2020-03-31
 Mystery Brahma Movie

Suraj a painter who is called to paint Asha's adult image who was lost in her childhood but the housemaid requests him not to do as there is motive of killing behind this so to bluff the culprits Suraj paints image of his dead wife Chanda....

Hindi   1994   N/A   Mystery   2020-03-31
 Mystery Pehla Nasha Movie
Pehla Nasha

Uncredited remake of Brian De Palma's "Body Double"...

Hindi   1993   131 min   Mystery   2020-04-04
 Mystery Manichitrathazhu Movie

When a forbidden room in an old bungalow is unbolted, the spirit of a vengeful dancer is unleashed....

Malayalam   1993   169 min   Mystery   2020-04-08
 Mystery Maya Movie

A beautiful, wealthy woman's insatiable appetite for romance leads to tragedy and a police investigation....

Hindi   1993   130 min   Mystery   2020-04-02
 Mystery Byomkesh Bakshi Movie
Byomkesh Bakshi

An intelligent detective from Kolkata solves many mystery that unsolved by police without any weapons....

Hindi   1993   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-03
 Mystery Khiladi Movie

Two friends wage bets for money and fun. There comes a time where they race to win the biggest bet, for they know that their lives depend on it....

Hindi   1992   157 min   Mystery   2020-03-31
 Mystery Marupuram Movie

The movie revolves around two unemployed friends which ended up in troubles finding a way for the living....

Malayalam   1990   139 min   Mystery   2020-05-02
 Mystery Mukham Movie

A police officer tries to uncover and stop an unknown serial killer who sniped three victims and plans for a fourth one....

Malayalam   1990   N/A   Mystery   2020-05-02
 Mystery Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu Movie
Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu

When an elderly and socially well-respected judge is found murdered in a series of gruesome killings involving elderly victims......

Malayalam   1990   140 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Ee Kannikoodi Movie
Ee Kannikoodi

Investigation story of a prostitutes murder and path leading to it....

Malayalam   1990   138 min   Mystery   2020-04-08
 Mystery In Harihar Nagar Movie
In Harihar Nagar

Four unemployed men try to impress a new neighbor. Hilarity ensues, until the antagonist puts in an appearance....

Malayalam   1990   133 min   Mystery   2020-05-01
 Mystery Utharam Movie

One fine morning, not any different from every other day, a promising poet shoots herself. Leaving no trace of motive, her husband's best friend and journalist, Balu embarks on a journey to find the truth....

Malayalam   1989   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-14
 Mystery Jagratha Movie

Sethurama Iyer and the CBI investigate the mysterious murder of a famous actress....

Malayalam   1989   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Adikkurippu Movie

A captain of a ship shows kindness to Basheer, a homeless man, and wants to take him to his relatives in Kochi. However, when a stranger tries to kill Basheer, Advocate Bhaskara Pillai investigates...

Malayalam   1989   99 min   Mystery   2020-04-10
 Mystery Naqab Movie

Imran is a professional freelance photographer. He accepts an assignment from wealthy Nawab Dada Sarkar from Alipur, and travels there by train. When he alights at Alipur, he has problems ......

Hindi   1989   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-09
 Mystery Gawahi Movie

Hindi   1989   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-08
 Mystery Khoj Movie

Ravi gets a call from Father Anthony saying that his missing wife is with him in the Church.But when he meets her claims that she is not his wife. Inspector Balbir finds all the proofs are against Ravi but why is Ravi not ready to face it?...

Hindi   1989   113 min   Mystery   2020-04-19
 Mystery Vachanam Movie

The movie revolves around a monastery run by the Spiritual Head Vishnuji and the mystery behind the murder of Ravi....

Malayalam   1989   122 min   Mystery   2020-04-18
 Mystery Namumkin Movie

Hindi   1988   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-10
 Mystery Honee Ahonee Movie
Honee Ahonee

Hindi   1988   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-23
 Mystery Aparan Movie

Viswanathan, new in town, soon learns that he is being chased by enemies of his look-alike, who is a con man. Vishwanathan tries to find out Uthaman before its too late, but things don't go as planned....

Malayalam   1988   115 min   Mystery   2020-04-11
 Mystery Oru CBI Diary Kurippu Movie
Oru CBI Diary Kurippu

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) led by Sethuram Iyer investigate an unnatural death....

Malayalam   1988   137 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Woh Phir Aayegi Movie
Woh Phir Aayegi

Aarti is possessed by the evil spirit of Asha who wants revenge on her killers. Aarti's husband tries everything possible to free her from the evil spirit....

Hindi   1988   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-09
 Mystery Thanthram Movie

The mysterious demise of her husband sees the widow fighting against his family who are after his enormous wealth....

Malayalam   1988   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Oru Sindoora Pottinte Ormaykku Movie
Oru Sindoora Pottinte Ormaykku

A police officer and a criminal helps each other to catch a gang of big criminals....

Malayalam   1987   124 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Vetri Vizha Movie
Vetri Vizha

An amnesiac trying to put his life back together is increasingly suspicious of his own past....

Tamil   1987   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-02
 Mystery Avam Movie

Indian Army Captain Amar Kumar lives with his father, Ram, and mother, Saraswati. Ram has been associated with top freedom fighters during India's struggle for independence from the British......

Hindi   1987   156 min   Mystery   2020-04-03
 Mystery Qatl Movie

A blind man plans revenge on his adulterous wife.... by murder. A taut thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat....

Hindi   1986   141 min   Mystery   2020-05-19
 Mystery Kariyila Kattu Pole Movie
Kariyila Kattu Pole

Deputy Superintendent of Police Achuthankutty tries to solve the mystery of film director Harikrishnan's death. Three women are the main suspects....

Malayalam   1986   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-11
 Mystery New Delhi Times Movie
New Delhi Times

When a politician is killed, a journalist discovers that a member of parliament had the man assassinated. As his editor digs deeper, the complicity of higher-placed politicians comes to the......

Hindi   1986   123 min   Mystery   2020-03-30
 Mystery Chantabbai Movie

A comedy about the famous (Self-proclaimed) detective - James Pond - as he tries to find the lost son of a famous industrialist...

Telugu   1986   134 min   Mystery   2020-04-10
 Mystery Moonnu Masangalkku Munpu Movie
Moonnu Masangalkku Munpu

Moonnu Masangalku Mumbu is a 1986 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Cochin Haneefa and produced by Muhammed Mannil. The film stars Mammootty, Urvashi, Nedumudi Venu and Ambika in lead ......

Malayalam   1986   135 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Oomai Vizhigal Movie
Oomai Vizhigal

A resort 'Picnic Village' used to abduct young girls and serve them to satisfy powerful politicians .When a newspaper media gets hook of it , they were attacked.By then honest police ......

Tamil   1986   176 min   Mystery   2020-05-22
 Mystery Khamosh Movie

When a starlet is murdered on a film location, her detective brother arrives there to solve the mystery....

Hindi   1986   101 min   Mystery   2020-03-30
 Mystery Aayiram Kannukal Movie
Aayiram Kannukal

Anu started foreseeing some murders to be happened through her dreams and the resulting incidents that leads to the murderer forms the plot of the movie....

Malayalam   1986   121 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Insaaf Main Karoonga Movie
Insaaf Main Karoonga

Ravi makes a second attempt at killing the culprit who drove his wife to suicide. But, he is under army officer's watch in hospital....

Hindi   1985   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-10
 Mystery Aa Neram Alppa Dooram Movie
Aa Neram Alppa Dooram

Watch the full movie, Aa Neram Alppa Dooram, only on Eros Now. Aa Neram Alppa Dooram is a 1985 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Thampi Kannanthanam and produced by EK Thyagarajan. The ......

Malayalam   1985   122 min   Mystery   2020-04-27
 Mystery Vasantha Sena Movie
Vasantha Sena

Malayalam   1985   N/A   Mystery   2020-04-30