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 Action Wazir Movie

A grief-stricken cop and an amputee grandmaster are brought together by a peculiar twist of fate as part of a wider conspiracy that has darkened their lives....

Hindi   2016   103 min   Action   2020-05-27
 Action Aman Ke Farishtey Movie
Aman Ke Farishtey

Hindi   2016   137 min   Action   2020-06-30
 Action Action Jackson Movie
Action Jackson

In order to escape crime and clutches of a ruthless mafia, a Bangkok based hit man seeks the help of his lookalike, a Mumbai based goon....

Hindi   2014   144 min   Action   2020-07-28
 Action Cowboys & Aliens Movie
Cowboys & Aliens

A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys and natives are all that stand in their way....

English, Apache languages   2011   119 min   Action   2020-08-01
 Action Stalin: Man for the Society Movie
Stalin: Man for the Society

The story is about how an ex-army officer brings change in society by making people to help each other....

Telugu   2006   168 min   Action   2020-07-01
 Action Anniyan Movie

Ramanujam, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, works as a lawyer by day and a vigilante at night. He uses tips from the 'Garuda Purana' as his tools to expose various antisocial elements....

Tamil, Telugu, French, Hindi   2005   181 min   Action   2020-07-08
 Action Elaan Movie

Kantilal Shah a Mumbai based businessman is killed by underworld Don Baba Sikander after he fails to pay him the extortion money,Karan adopted son of Kantilal Shah had advised him not to do......

Hindi   2005   159 min   Action   2020-08-06
 Action Dus Movie

A team of specialist must catch a terrorist before he carries out an attack....

Hindi   2005   152 min   Action   2020-08-05
 Action Vajram Movie

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-10
 Action Andhrawala Movie

A young man fights the mafia in his town for better life to his people but this leads to chain wars between the mafia and him....

Telugu   2004   180 min   Action   2020-08-03
 Action Anji Movie

Orphaned Arjun lives a poor lifestyle in an ashram along with his mentor, known simply as Guruji, and several other younger orphans in a forest region, Shivgiri which is accessible via ......

Telugu, Hindi   2004   148 min   Action   2020-04-10
 Action In the Shadow of the Cobra Movie
In the Shadow of the Cobra

In the vein of Raiders of the Lost Ark, this action-packed thriller takes us on a roller-coaster ride from the bone-chilling cold of Moscow to the mystical beauty of India. An ancient ......

English   2004   109 min   Action   2020-05-10
 Action Bardaasht Movie

A young man gets wrongly framed for drug trafficking and killed in a fake encounter by corrupt police force, the victim's brother vows to bring the killers to justice and to end the tyranny of their corrupt system....

Hindi   2004   155 min   Action   2020-08-01
 Action C.I. Mahadevan 5 Adi 4 Inchu Movie
C.I. Mahadevan 5 Adi 4 Inchu

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-30
 Action Bose Movie

Bose is recruited as security head for a minister after he saves him from kidnappers. However, he shoots at the minister when he misbehaves with a girl, due to which his family is abducted....

Tamil   2004   165 min   Action   2020-08-09
 Action Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin Movie
Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin

Ajay gets married to his childhood friend Durga; who is illiterate unable to differentiate between the style of these days and that of long time ago. When Ajay is given the post as police ......

Hindi   2004   150 min   Action   2020-04-06
 Action Aan: Men at Work Movie
Aan: Men at Work

DCP Patnaik and his team's fights against corrupted politicians and mafia rule Mumbai city. However their faith in law and order is tested with serious outcomes....

Hindi   2004   149 min   Action   2020-06-30
 Action Suno Sasurjee Movie
Suno Sasurjee

Mr. Raj K. Saxena is known for his parsimony. Everything he does and thinks is valued with money, and ways he can accumulate it. His daughter, Kiran, is the opposite, a spendthrift. Mr. ......

Hindi   2004   169 min   Action   2020-07-27
 Action Asambhav Movie

When the President of India is kidnapped by Kashmiri terrorists in Locarno, Switzerland, an Indian secret agent is sent to find him and set him free. With the help of an Indian singer he will make the "Impossible" to complete the mission....

Hindi   2004   139 min   Action   2020-07-03
 Action Natturajavu Movie

Pulikattil Charly (Mohanlal) is a honest man who is forced to spend most of his time trying to sort out the mess left behind by his late father Pultikattil Mathan...

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-25
 Action Kismat Movie

Tony works as a hit-man for gangster, Vikas Patil, who owes his allegiance to wealthy Raj Mallya. Raj Mallya is involved in marketing spurious and out-dated drugs, and as a result is the ......

Hindi   2004   143 min   Action   2020-07-19
 Action I Proud to Be an Indian Movie
I Proud to Be an Indian

I is an Indian. He travels to London for a family wedding and finds his family live in fear of the terrorism by National Front Skinheads and finds he has to become involved which escalates the situation....

Hindi, English   2004   129 min   Action   2020-07-11
 Action Runway Movie

Unni, who his family thinks is an NRI, is actually a smuggler known as Walayar Paramasivam. Problems arise when his finance finds out his identity and his brother becomes a police officer who is in pursuit of Paramasivam....

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-18
 Action Rudraksh Movie

Healing powers that science cannot explain and voodoo practices that defy all logic are just some of the instances of paranormal activity that Dr. Gayatri [Bipasha Basu] is busy ......

Hindi   2004   143 min   Action   2020-07-02
 Action Run Movie

This action movie is filled with romance and adventure. As Abhisek fights for his life against the forces of crime and injustice, he meets Bhoomika, who captures his heart....

Hindi   2004   137 min   Action   2020-08-02
 Action Ghilli Movie

Velu, an aspiring kabaddi player, goes to Madurai to participate in a regional match, where he rescues Dhanalakshmi from Muthupandi, a powerful man keen on marrying the girl against her wish....

Tamil   2004   160 min   Action   2020-08-10
 Action Arul Movie

Arul is a normal labour in factory. continuous problems with politicians, he works against politicians and elections....

Tamil   2004   162 min   Action   2020-08-09
 Action Vamanapuram Bus Route Movie
Vamanapuram Bus Route

Lever Johnny is a bus conductor/thug with a heart of gold/mad MGR fan/"Prathikarikkunna Kili". He is hired by Gopalan Nair, president of Vamanapuram to clear a bus route problem, caused by ......

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-21
 Action Plan Movie

To pay off their gambling debt, four best friends kidnap an organized crime figure having mistaken him for a wealthy businessman....

Hindi   2004   149 min   Action   2020-06-30
 Action Ab Tak Chhappan Movie
Ab Tak Chhappan

An honest encounter specialist's life begins to change with the arrival of a new police commissioner who has ties with a local don....

Hindi   2004   129 min   Action   2020-07-26
 Action Mayilattam Movie

Malayalam   2004   142 min   Action   2020-07-25
 Action I'm Always Here Movie
I'm Always Here

An army major goes undercover as a college student. His mission is both professional and personal: to protect his general's daughter from a radical militant, and to find his estranged half-brother....

Hindi   2004   179 min   Action   2020-06-18
 Action Venky Movie

Venky and his friends are accused of murdering a girl's father and sister...

Telugu   2004   162 min   Action   2020-08-06
 Action Lakshya Movie

An aimless, jobless, irresponsible grown man joins the army and matures into a battlefield hero....

Hindi, English   2004   186 min   Action   2020-06-01
 Action Black Friday Movie
Black Friday

A film about the investigations following the 1993 serial Bombay bomb blasts, told through the different stories of the people involved --police, conspirators, victims, middlemen....

Hindi   2004   143 min   Action   2020-07-25
 Action Nenunnanu Movie

Hindi, Telugu   2004   N/A   Action   2020-08-06
 Action Adavi Ramudu Movie
Adavi Ramudu

A poor man from a small village attends an urban college and wins the heart of a woman from a wealthy and powerful family. Her relatives disapprove. Eventually, the pair flee into the forest and are pursued by her angry family....

Telugu   2004   N/A   Action   2020-08-05
 Action Garv: Pride and Honour Movie
Garv: Pride and Honour

An honest and decorated police officer is arrested on charges of mass murder and trapped in a corrupt political system, where he finds himself sinking in deep trouble....

Hindi   2004   162 min   Action   2020-08-04
 Action Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo Movie
Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo

Major General Amarjeet Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) is a dedicated officer for the Indian army. His son Lieutenant Commander Vikramjeet Singh (Bobby Deol) follows in his footsteps and joins the......

Hindi   2004   193 min   Action   2020-07-24
 Action Deewaar: Let's Bring Our Heroes Home Movie
Deewaar: Let's Bring Our Heroes Home

A group of Indian POW (Prisoners Of War) rebels against Pakistani army and tries to escape from their captivity during India-Pakistan war in 1971....

Hindi   2004   163 min   Action   2020-07-17
 Action Charas: A Joint Effort Movie
Charas: A Joint Effort

A police officer gets embroiled in a deadly game with drug mafia, while searching for his long lost friend from London....

Hindi   2004   140 min   Action   2020-08-02
 Action Mulan II Movie
Mulan II

While preparing for their wedding, Shang and Mulan are suddenly sent off on a secret mission. Mushu starts to meddle, and a surprise attack by Mongolians doesn't help either....

English   2004   79 min   Action   2020-05-03
 Action Udayam Movie

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-30
 Action Dhoom Movie

A mysterious gang of bikers is on a robbing spree. ACP Jai gets Ali, a mechanic, to assist him in the case. With the clock ticking, it's up to them to nab the thieves red-handed....

Hindi   2004   129 min   Action   2020-08-09
 Action Inteqam: The Perfect Game Movie
Inteqam: The Perfect Game

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Uday Dhirendra Thakur, is a rogue cop, known for his relentlessness in pursuing criminals, and bringing them to justice, failing which, killing them in ......

Hindi   2004   127 min   Action   2020-06-20
 Action Ranga (S.S.L.C) Movie
Ranga (S.S.L.C)

An auto driver Ranga, who fails to pass SSLC (10th Standard) even after repeated efforts. The enmity between Bomb Naga and Ranga continues and the story revolves around love, death and sentiments....

Kannada, Hindi, Telugu   2004   N/A   Action   2020-08-08
 Action Virumandi Movie

A temperamental farmer gets embroiled in a bloody clan feud in a southern Tamil Nadu village....

Tamil   2004   175 min   Action   2020-06-30
 Action Yuva Movie

Michael, Arjun and Lallan, three men from three different strata of society, cross paths one morning in Calcutta and change one another's lives forever....

Hindi, Bengali   2004   161 min   Action   2020-07-13
 Action Chot [Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko] Movie
Chot [Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko]

Corrupt Mumbai policeman aids local property developer to force two brothers who own a dairy farm off their land....

Hindi   2004   N/A   Action   2020-08-07
 Action Khakee Movie

A team of police force escorts an alleged terrorist from Chandangarh to Mumbai. However their trip turns into a deadly survival when an ex-cop tries to stop them to reach Mumbai....

Hindi, Urdu   2004   174 min   Action   2020-06-18
 Action Samba Movie

Violence breaks out in rural India when a good-hearted leader is killed and his son seeks revenge....

Telugu, Hindi   2004   162 min   Action   2020-08-06
 Action 4 the People Movie
4 the People

A group of college students take the law into their own hands to fight against the corruption in the government/society....

Malayalam   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-25
 Action Police Force: An Inside Story Movie
Police Force: An Inside Story

Senior police officer Pandey is called in to train a new batch of trainee officers that the Indian police force wants to recruit. He does manages to induct some sense of fair-play in these ......

Hindi   2004   138 min   Action   2020-08-05
 Action Engal Anna Movie
Engal Anna

Prabhakar and Bhavani are deeply in love with each other. However, lovers turn enemies when Prabhakar's father is falsely accused of killing Bhavani's father....

Tamil   2004   N/A   Action   2020-07-23
 Action Parwana Movie

A con-man/thief robs a suitcase containing explosives belonging to terrorists....

Hindi   2003   112 min   Action   2020-07-02
 Action C.I.D. Moosa Movie
C.I.D. Moosa

The adventures of a private detective CID Moosa, who's luck and wit helps him to solve the cases....

Malayalam   2003   160 min   Action   2020-07-09
 Action Janasheen Movie

Lucky Kapoor (Fardeen Khan) lives in Australia and has no interest in taking over his father's business in India. Saba Karim Khan (Feroz Khan) has a great interest in the property, but Mr. ......

Hindi, English   2003   162 min   Action   2020-07-02
 Action Nijam Movie

Eddy (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a powerful mafia leader whose right hand is Devudu (Gopichand). Devudu has a lover called Malli (Raasi). Reddy - who also like Malli - takes her to the bed, ......

Telugu   2003   196 min   Action   2020-07-03
 Action Guru Movie

Hindi, Oriya, Bengali   2003   N/A   Action   2020-07-13
 Action Qayamat: City Under Threat Movie
Qayamat: City Under Threat

CBI officer Akram seeks to nab three terrorists, Ali, Abbas and Laila, who have held 213 tourists as hostage in Elphinstone Jail. For this, he seeks help from Rachit, a former associate of the trio....

Hindi   2003   156 min   Action   2020-06-30